About Premium Benefits and Our Trial Period

About Premium Benefits and Our Trial Period

Premium Benefits and Our Trial Period

When you sign up for an AI Dungeon subscription, we provide a one-week trial that lets you start using premium benefits before payment begins. However, our trial period works a little differently than other subscriptions: premium benefits end when a trial is canceled.

Because we are an AI-driven game experience, we have extremely high costs to maintain. Per-user costs for premium AI models are 10-100x traditional games, so many AI-based experiences don't offer a free-to-play version of their app like we do.

Signing up for an AI Dungeon subscription is a commitment to paying for the higher costs of premium benefits, which is why those benefits end when you cancel during the trial period.

We recommend that you don’t cancel the trial early, as doing so will result in the loss of premium benefits. If you forget to cancel and don’t keep using AI Dungeon, we offer a discretionary refund option.

Read About Our Refund Policy →

Read Our Refund Policy →

Please email support@aidungeon.com with questions or concerns about this policy.


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