Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Getting Started
What are the basics of AI Dungeon?
What things should I know?
How does AI Dungeon even work?
Why do I need an account to play?
Can I play AI Dungeon on my phone?
Can I play AI Dungeon for free?
Can I play AI Dungeon offline?
Can I search for content on AI Dungeon?
AI Dungeon 101
How to avoid/fix repetition in my story?
How do I create pictures in AI Dungeon?
How do I know what everything means in AI Dungeon?
How do I play AI Dungeon?
What is the Do mode and how do I use it?
What is the Say mode and how do I use it?
What is the Story mode and how do I use it?
What is the See mode and how do I use it?
Where do I find my old Adventures or Scenarios?
What are Adventures?
What are Scenarios?
What is the “Initial Prompt” of an Adventure?
What is “Erase to Here”?
Adventure Awaits
Understanding AI Dungeon System Settings
What are Plot Components?
What is Memory?
What is Author’s Note?
What’s the difference between Published, Unlisted, and Private Visibility?
How do I use Scripting in AI Dungeon?
Creating Complex Scenario Setups
How do I mark content as NSFW?
What are Story Cards?
Editing Adventures and Scenarios
Why use Banned Words?
About the AI
What are the different AI language models in AI Dungeon?
What are tokens?
How are AI responses generated?
What are image credits?
Why isn’t the AI isn't generating anything.
AI Versions and Updates
Why does the AI forget or mix things up?
What triggers the AI filter?
What are Advanced AI Settings?
What are the AI Safety Settings?
What is “Improve the AI”?
Can I play AI Dungeon for free?
How do I verify my email?
Help! I can’t access my subscription!
Why did my account get banned?
Can you help me cancel my membership or get a refund?
Why isn’t the app working?
How do I change my password?
Why can’t I log in using my username?
I don’t know what email is associated with my account
How do I change the AI model I’m using?
Memberships & Benefits
Can you help me cancel my membership or get a refund?
How do I change the AI model I’m using?
Why is the Dragon model only available to Premium users?
How can players spend Scales?
When do I receive my Credits for a membership?
Why are old plans being migrated instead of grandfathered?
Membership Plan Overview
What happened to Steam and the Travelers tier?
Privacy & Security
What is your Privacy Policy?
Does the team behind AI Dungeon read my unpublished content?
Do you share my personal information with third parties?
What kind of information does the AI gather?
Do you store any of my personal information?
How does AI Dungeon encrypt player data?
Unauthorized Access of S3 Buckets on August 15, 2022
2021 API Vulnerability
Taskup Data Incident
OpenAI and Filters
How do I contact the AI Dungeon team?
Is AI Dungeon only available in English?
What content is not allowed on AI Dungeon?
How does content moderation work?
Where can I read about recent AI Dungeon updates?
What does excessive usage mean?
Managing content safety in AI Dungeon
Is there an AI Dungeon Discord server?
What are the Discord Server Community Guidelines?
How do I become a Discord Moderator or Helper?
Is AI Dungeon on social media?
Where can I watch others playing AI Dungeon?
Can I be part of the AI Dungeon community if I don't publish my content?
What are your Community Guidelines?
Do you support Multiplayer?
Feedback & Bugs
I have an idea for a feature in AI Dungeon!
How do I report a bug?
How do I test Beta features?

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