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Product Updates

Product Updates

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October 2023

October 11, 2023—Phoenix Patch Notes [PRODUCTION]

The previous two Product Updates (10/6/23 + 10/10/23) have now made it to the AI Dungeon Phoenix Production environment, available at You can read more about this process here:

Scroll down to read about these bug fixes and other changes ↓

October 10, 2023—Phoenix Patch Notes [BETA]

We pushed some changes to the Beta environment today. You will find these updates at

Various Changes and Bug Fixes Now in Beta:

  • Fixed several issues where in rare cases users wouldn't have appropriate access to features.
  • Fixed an issue where story cards tied to a scenario option would not be duplicated when the parent scenario was duplicated.
  • Improved performance for starting adventures from scenarios with lots of story cards.
  • Improved performance for duplicating scenarios and adventures with lots of story cards.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not shown the correct banners on the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard would close and open again on IOS when selecting a different action mode.

October 6, 2023—Phoenix Patch Notes [BETA]

We pushed a lot of fixes to the Beta environment today! You will find these updates at

Bug Fixes and Changes Now in Beta:

  • Fixed an issue where tags were not clickable.
  • Improved clickable appearance of tags.
  • Fixed scrolling on discover page.
  • Fixed discover native content under switches.
  • Fixed an issue where the rewards menu was showing too small of an image on redemption.
  • Fixed profile editing on native apps.
  • Fixed an issue where when searching on the profile, removing the user filter would not perform a general search with the same search term.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing scales ran the transaction twice. Fixed an issue where purchasing scales showed an invalid number of credits.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't tip scales.
  • Fixed an issue where it would take a long time for subscription options to load on iOS and Android.
  • Changed the default model for new subscribers from AI21 Dragon to ChatGPT.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI safety setting screen wouldn't always display the current safety setting without a refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where your model would automatically change when your promo actions reach zero, rather than waiting for you to make a choice.
  • Fixed an issue where players could end up with a model set to ChatGPT and a safe mode setting of mature.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not be prompted to change models when changing safe mode to mature.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not be prompted to change safe mode from mature when changing model to ChatGPT.
  • Fixed an issue when signing in, the login page flashed again without credentials, then redirected to home.
  • Search bar on mobile is now at the top with the back button.
  • Added better error handling on the search screen.
  • Fixed multiplayer start modal for Android and iOS.
  • Fixed an issue that was breaking undo/redo on Android and iOS.
  • Fixed the retry menu for selecting past retries on Android and iOS.
  • Fixed an issue where the retry menu was broken on desktop.
  • Fixed an issue where some special characters (such as &) could not be used in a search query.
  • Fixed an issue where you could set a blank username.
  • Usernames are now required to be at least 3 characters long.
  • Fixed an issue where you could submit the change email form without entering any details.
  • Submitting the change email form without a new email or password now results in an error message.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating adventures copied one action at a time, resulting in slow performance for large adventures.
  • Duplicating adventures now copies all actions at once, resulting in much faster performance for large adventures.
  • Increased the action limit for duplicating adventures from 10k to 100k.
  • Fixed an issue where players other than the host in a multiplayer adventure could not add, change, or remove plot details.
  • Fixed an issue where the share modal for content sometimes would have the wrong visibility state.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't search your trash.
  • Fixed an issue where removing the user filter when searching bookmarks from your profile resulted in a broken state.
  • Fixed an issue where removing the user filter when searching trash from your profile resulted in a broken state.
  • Anonymous users are no longer able to tip scales.
  • Take a turn action mode is now a sticky setting.
  • Fixed an issue with Android and iOS apps where it would point to the wrong environment server in some cases causing a number of issues such as adventures and scenarios not loading.
  • Fixed a number of issues on Android and iOS related to keyboard covering input fields.
  • The banners carousel will no longer be shown if no banners are available.
  • General performance improvement when navigating between tabs and screens. Note: there is still a lag on tab initial load.
  • Fixed an issue that made it so you couldn’t exit an adventure or click on the premium button.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile bottom sheet buttons sometimes trigger bottom tab navigation when pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI gets pushed into the camera area of Android screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard covers the “create new” modal in story cards.
  • Fixed an issue where you can’t access full edit story card modal due to a scrolling issue.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a story card and then going to the details tab caused a blank bottom drawer to appear requiring an app restart to fix.
  • Fixed an issue on Android where scrolling memory or author's note moves the modal at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard would block your profile description.
  • You might see some additional helpful messages appear on the top of the screen more often.
  • Performance improvement for game screen on lager screens.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't read adventures on Android.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to select a past retry from the retry menu.
  • Fixed several issues with managing multiple choice options in multiple choice scenarios.
  • When configuring multiple choice options on Android and iOS, you can now go back and not get stuck.
  • The title of the parent scenario displays the left of the child scenario title when configuring the child scenario.
  • Fixes a display issue with the comment box.
  • Fixed styling issues on some modals.
  • Fixed an issue where text clipped on the AI safety settings switcher.
  • Unified safety switch affordances between the game screen sidebar and user settings.
  • Quick starting a character creator scenario no longer requires the basic story cards.
  • Fixed some issues with popups being too large for the screen on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where participants of adventures could edit adventure details.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't create multiple choice scenario options.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick start prompt color was black on mobile apps.

Known Issues:

  • The iOS beta app has some issues with menus opening in unpredictable spots on screen. We are working on a fix for this.
  • The iOS beta app also experiencing general speed issues. We are working on improvements for this as well.
Phoenix Native App Status: We are still in an early access period for the mobile apps, and players should expect to encounter issues. We are fixing bugs regularly and actively working towards a fully stable experience. Players who don’t want to use the Phoenix apps should follow these instructions to revert back to the Legacy app: Or, players can always use the more stable Phoenix web experience from their mobile browser. Thank you for all the feedback you’ve given and bug reports you’ve logged so far!

October 4, 2023—Read Your Own Adventures, Linked Accounts, & Release Channel Now Live in Phoenix PRODUCTION + Bug Fixes and Other Changes

Last week’s Product Update (9/29/23) has now made it to the AI Dungeon Phoenix Production environment, available at You can read more about this process here:

Scroll down to read about these features, bug fixes, and other changes ↓

September 2023

September 29th, 2023—Read Your Own Adventures, Linked Accounts, & Release Channel Now Live in Phoenix BETA + Bug Fixes and Other Changes

Three new features are available in the Beta environment! You will find these updates at and the Phoenix native apps, which are still in beta.

Read Your Own Adventures Players can now Read their own Adventures without going into the game screen! Use the three dots ··· in the top right corner of an Adventure’s content card to open a popup menu. “Read” can be found below “Publish” and above “Duplicate”. You can also tap or click on an Adventure to open it full screen. On mobile, you’ll use the same three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the popup menu. On desktop, you’ll need to click on “More” to open the popup menu and choose “Read” from there.

Linked Accounts Managing Linked Accounts is now available in Phoenix Beta. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking or tapping on your profile picture at the top of AI Dungeon’s main screens. Choose “Settings” from the popup menu, then choose “Linked Accounts”. Here you can connect or disconnect a Google of Apple account to your AI Dungeon account.

Release Channel Release Channel is a Phoenix native app-specific feature. You will find it under your in-app Account Settings below "AI Safety" and above "Guidebook". This setting allows players to choose between a Stable or Beta version of the app for testing purposes. You can read more about this process here: Switching between Release Channels may not reliably change the environment yet, and players should expect to find bugs. Please create a bug report in the bugs-feature-request channel on Discord when you do.

Phoenix native app status: We are still in an early access period for the mobile apps, and players should expect to encounter issues. We are fixing bugs regularly and actively working towards a fully stable experience. Players who don’t want to use the Phoenix apps should follow these instructions to revert back to the Legacy app: Or, players can always use the more stable Phoenix web experience from their mobile browser. Thank you for all the feedback you’ve given and bug reports you’ve logged so far!

Lots of fixes were also pushed to the Beta environment today! You will find these updates at This is the first time we’re using this release channel since making Phoenix the default web experience. You can read more about this process here:

Bug Fixes and Changes Now in Beta:

  • Navigating to play scenarios or adventures on will now correctly redirect to playing that scenario or adventure on
  • 'Read' option is now available for your own adventures in the ··· context menu
  • Fixed an issue where scenario prompts were not being properly limited and increased the limit to 4000 characters
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t view other players' published adventures
  • Fixed a crash on Android when you try to go back from the pricing screen
  • Fixed an issue where sign in error messages were overflowing from their box
  • Added messaging throughout the app to help communicate the merging of worlds into scenarios
  • Changed old Guidebook links to the new URL
  • Other small adjustments behind the scenes for wording and better 404 handling
  • iOS and Android apps now have a setting where you can choose if you want to use the beta or stable release
  • Fixed a display issue for the text counter on the scenario prompt
  • Fixed a crash on native apps when trying to view plans on the pricing screen
  • Google and Apple account linking are now available in the user settings
  • Fixed an issue with Apple sign in
  • Fixed an issue where story cards couldn't be updated
  • Fixed an issue causing the adventure to not show the scenario it was created from.
  • Improvements to story card editing.
  • Made improvements to the scenario template selector.
  • Fixes to story card size and alignment on native apps.
  • Improved the story card editing experience on native apps.
  • Fixed reading adventures screen on native apps.
  • Fixed native app crashes
  • Fixed an issue that covered the bottom of the game settings sidebar on desktop.
  • Images can now be seen when using the read feature on an adventure.
  • Fixed an issue where players other than the host could access AI settings in a multiplayer adventure.
  • Fixed some bugs that would sometimes appear when creating a new scenario.
  • Fixed the game menu when starting a scenario on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where you could only edit story cards you created.
  • Fixed an issue where editing your own story card could change copies of that story card attached to other scenarios or adventures.
  • Fixed an issue where new story cards didn't show up without a refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where updates to story cards didn't show up without a refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a story card didn't show the result without a refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where story cards had an inconsistent sort order. Story cards should now always be sorted with the most recently updated at the top.
  • Fixed an issue where recent changes to story cards would not be included in the export file.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new story card from the character creator would not show a default title.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a story card had a slight delay.
  • You can now import story cards with the same keys as long as they have different types.
  • Fixed padding issue causing styling of navigation buttons to be slightly off.
  • Fixed transparent buttons on the game screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the accordions were not opening the game settings menus.
  • Fixed styling on premium page.
  • Fixed an issue where the story card modal was not opened after creating a new story card:
  • After creating a new story card from the character creator
  • After creating a new blank story card from the story details view
  • After creating a new generated story card form the story details view
  • After duplicating a story card from the story card menu
  • Fixed accordions not opening game settings.
  • Fixed an issue where players other than the host could access AI settings in a multiplayer adventure.

September 19th, 2023—Even more bug fixes

Pushed even more bug fixes today:

  • Added Story Card count to Story Card tab when editing an Adventure
  • Story Card tab count now updates when you add a new card or delete one
  • Cleaned the flow from new scenario template to editing a new scenario up a bit
  • Added basic screen reader accessibility to editing scenarios and adventures
  • Fixed some crashes on the native apps when editing scenarios or adventures
  • Fixed a native app crash when creating story cards
  • Fixed an issue where text would appear, then disappear, then animate into the game screen
  • Fixed September avatars. They should now be usable for your profile image if you have claimed them previously.
  • Fixed an issue where your available avatars wouldn’t always load the first time you open the profile image selector
  • Fixed an issue where your available avatars were missing on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue where some plot details wouldn’t appear when editing an adventure on desktop
  • Improved performance for Adventure autosave

September 18th, 2023—More bug fixes

Pushed more bug fixes today:

  • Scrolling in the game text input area will now work
  • Fixed an issue with Adventure save spam
  • Updated sort order for AI Versions based on internal priority score
  • Fixed access controls for creating world info on content
  • Added empty trash option to card menu when in the trash
  • Better performance on the home page
  • Removed header from titles on edit story and generated images modal
  • Corrected issue that prevented newly created scenarios from appearing on user profile without a refresh
  • Fixed an issue where the search back button takes you back one search and not to the previous screen
  • Fixed an issue where your search results populate over the top of whatever you last searched for
  • Removed broken image options from image selection modal
  • Game menu will now automatically close when multiplayer invite modal is opened
  • Story model accordion should now be open by default
  • Fixed an issue where Google would try to search random text elements on Android devices

September 14th, 2023—Story Card Import & Export is Now Live in Phoenix! + lots of bug fixes

You can now use outside tools to create Story Cards and then import those cards into AI Dungeon Scenarios or Adventures. You can also export current Story Cards from one Scenario or Adventure and import them into another, so you can use the same information across different content. Find this feature at the bottom of the ‘Details’ tab of the Scenario and Adventure editors. Read more here.


Bug Fixes

  • Improved scrolling behavior on the game screen.
  • Increased text limits on story card fields.
  • Added length indicator to the story card entry.
  • Added error handling when editing story cards, including a warning if you exceed the recommended 1000-character limit on the story card entry.
  • Fixed an issue where the game screen text input would sometimes overlay the text of the previous action.
  • Fixed multiplayer scrolling behavior
  • Fixed an issue where actions would sometimes get out of order.
  • The exit game button is no longer a dangerous red
  • Fixed an issue with scenario multiple choice creation where it wouldn't navigate you back to the parent option after all options were removed.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple-choice options would keep changing their order.
  • Fixed an issue where you could only see story cards you authored
  • Fixed an issue causing adventures not to load if they were new adventures
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling when "take a turn" was open
  • Text Size accessibility slider now snaps at each size
  • Fixed an issue where setting a custom type in Story Cards didn't show it was selected
  • Fixed an issue where if no type is selected on story card generation, the continue button will appear disabled
  • Fixed an issue where lengthy types on a Story Card would push the ellipsis menu off of the card
  • Fixed an issue where long Story Card titles would cover the cancel and save buttons
  • Fixed an issue where story card types flexed to fill the whole row instead of containing just the text
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile bottom sheet for story cards was hiding text input controls and buttons
  • Fixed an issue where settings sliders would shake when moved on certain platforms
  • Fixed helper text display on scenario edit multi-choice options as well as crashes on native
  • Disabling game screen animation breaks gameplay, so this was removed. Preventing text animation is still an available feature.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't exit a scenario you just started
  • The range slider for text size is now a segmented switch
  • Fixed an issue where the plot details wouldn't load when editing your adventure
  • Fixed an issue where editing an adventure would crash on mobile
  • Added better error handling when editing an adventure
  • Once all plot details have been added to an adventure, you shouldn't see the plot details button anymore
  • Fixed some spacing on the pricing page lists
  • Fixed plan selector layouts
  • Prevented looping back to pricing from checkout and vise versa
  • Fixed an issue with sticky game input where it was basically behaving the same as not having the setting enabled
  • Fixed an issue where Google search comes up frequently on button text on Android phones
  • Prevented Android Google word search on character creator cards
  • Fixed an issue where backing out from checkout and then to the pricing page will cause you to go back to Stripe
  • Fixed an issue where the filter menu shows sorting by “New” when it’s actually sorting by “Trending”
  • Fixed issue where profile wasn’t showing recently created adventure without a refresh
  • Fixed share links when sharing content
  • Fixed progress buttons for Character Creator
  • Fixed an issue where starting an adventure from a simple start scenario would result in a duplicate adventure being created
  • Fixed an issue where multiple adventures would sometimes get created when starting a new adventure

September 12th, 2023—New Game Screen Sidebar Settings + more bug fixes

We have updated the sidebar settings in the game screen to include Story Cards! We also reworked some of the components and simplified the layout:

Adventure This section contains all of the information for your current adventure. Under the ‘Plot’ tab, Memory, Author’s Note, Banned Words, and Third Person are now components you can add or delete. The ‘Story Cards’ tab lets you add or delete character, location, or item information as Story Cards (the Phoenix version of World Info). The ‘Details’ tab lets you update the title, description, tags, visibility, and NSFW status of the adventure.

Gameplay This section now contains AI Model and Appearance settings, including accessibility. It maintains a similar functionality as before.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback as you start to use this new feature! If you run into any bugs, please make a post in Thank you!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed retry button text alignment
  • Fixed an issue where trying to edit an adventure from the view screen would result in a loading modal
  • Fixed clipped background on text input
  • The submit button on game text input now sticks near the bottom
  • Prevented text input from expanding past the screen
  • Fixed following other players
  • Improved the display of rounded items on mobile browsers
  • Fixed an issue where the follow button would follow the player but would not update the button.
  • Fixed an issue where saving content would not immediately add the content to the saved section of the profile.
  • Fixed an issue where generating images in a multiplayer adventure used the settings and credits of the player instead of the host. Generating images in a multiplayer adventure should now always use the settings and credits of the host, and only the host can change the image settings for the adventure.
  • Fixed an issue where modals opened from the game menu wouldn't close the game menu
  • Free players will now see a premium CTA in the game menu when playing an adventure
  • Fixed an issue where the game menu players list had sharp corners on the bottom
  • Fixed an issue where the game menu had an unnecessary divider
  • Fixed an issue where the Erase to Here action had slow performance when erasing several actions at once
  • Fixed an issue where (in rare cases) the retry action could erase more actions than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the adventure tab contents would flash in and out while scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where story cards text cursor would jump to the end of text box
  • Fixed settings sidebar scrolling on native apps
  • Fixed a bug with subscriptions in the beta native apps
  • Removed the banner that points players back to Legacy
  • The updated game settings sidebar is complete

September 8th, 2023—Story Cards (World Info), Character Creator, Adventure Read Screen, and Scripting Now Live in Phoenix! + lots of bug fixes

Four new features are now available in Phoenix! With this release, we are officially FEATURE COMPLETE on!! This means that we're now more focused on feedback and bug fixes going forward.

Story Cards (World Info) World Info is now known as Story Cards in Phoenix! All Legacy World Info is backwards compatible with this new system. You can find this feature by creating or editing a Scenario and clicking on the 'Story Cards' tab in the middle of 'Setup' and 'Details'. Try it out and let us know what you think!


Scenario Character Creator We've added a new Character Creator for Scenarios! This new flow lets creators have even more control over the initial start of their Scenario. There are now built-in ways to setup multiple choices that lead to the character creator, and we've added fields that let you create custom options beyond classes, races, locations, factions, etc. You can find the Character Creator by creating or editing a Scenario and clicking the gear icon under the 'Setup' tab.


Adventure Read Screen You can now read published Adventures in Phoenix! Clicking the ‘Read’ button on a content card will open a brand new screen that lets you scroll through the published transcript of an Adventure. You can also change the text size in this view with the ‘Aa’ buttons in the top right corner, but right now, this will also change the text size in the game screen as well. We are working on a fix for that issue.


Scripting (Desktop Only) Players can now use Scripting to modify the player experience beyond what is supported in the Phoenix Scenario Editor! You can find this option at the very bottom of the ‘Details’ tab when creating or editing a Scenario. We’ve added a Guidebook article to explain this functionality and migrated past examples from the Scripting repo. You can read that here:


Scripting Fixes:

  • The Scripting Editor now includes an Inspect button in the top navigation that opens a modal with the most recent model context and game state. Only turns from adventures where the owner of the adventure is the owner of the scenario will update the contents Inspect modal.
  • Breaking Change: Having multiple story cards with identical `keys` is no longer supported. When scripting runs in an adventure, any story cards with a `keys` field identical to another card earlier in the list will be removed.
  • Contents of the Inspect modal now expire in 15 minutes instead of 2 minutes
  • Console log panel in scripting now updates in real time
  • Inspect modal in scripting now updates in real time
  • When you open scripting for the first time, it no longer shows the files as having unsaved changes
  • Made several small improvements to the default text for scripting
  • `CTRL+S` and `CMD+S` now save changes when used in the Scripting Editor. Note that in some browsers, these keyboard shortcuts may be used for other purposes. When there is a conflict, the browser shortcuts take priority.
  • Updated memory format in the default input for scripting
  • Fixed an issue where logging an object or array in scripting would log the value at the end of the script instead of the value at the time of the log
  • Fixed an issue where going back from the Scripting Editor with unsaved changes and selecting Discard did not actually discard the changes
  • Fixed an issue where the output panel in the Scripting Editor was not scrollable
  • Fixed an issue where the message set by scripting would not be displayed to the player
  • Fixed an issue where the formatting for console logs was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the console log window wouldn't scroll
  • Fixed a case where `updateWorldEntry` broke backward compatibility
  • Fixed an issue where story cards could not be created
  • Fixed an issue where story cards would be updated when there were no changes
  • Fixed an issue where story cards created through scripting were not available in scripting
  • Fixed an issue where `addStoryCard` could create duplicate story cards
  • Fixed an issue where story cards could not be deleted using scripting
  • Fixed several errors in the default text for scripts
  • Fixed an issue where updating a story card in a script would update the story card on the scenario instead of the adventure
  • Improved performance when removing multiple story cards from an adventure using scripting
  • Improved performance when updating a few story cards in an adventure with lots of story cards

Other Fixes:

  • Added a few minor native Android and IOS accessibility improvements (More to come!)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing story cards from being deleted (there is sometimes an issue on mobile web that will bring you to the discover page after deleting).
  • Fixed scenario start on Android and IOS
  • Fixed an issue where global banned words weren't getting updated properly
  • Fixed an issue where a scenario would get stuck its prompt contained a globally banned word
  • Fixed an issue which prevented access to unlisted scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where custom Story Card types in the character creator wouldn't sort to the bottom
  • Fixed an issue so that story card generation names will be limited to 4 words
  • Fixed an issue where adventures didn't start scrolled to the bottom
  • Fixed an issue where, after loading a new action, the game screen wouldn't scroll to the bottom
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor jumped to the end when editing image prompt
  • Fixed an issue where premium features popup add close button and fix font size
  • Fixed an issue where a scenario with an error in the initial script would fail to load
  • Fixed an issue where vote and save buttons weren't operating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where safety settings button text was cut off
  • Fixed an issue where menus would auto-close when another modal opened
  • Fixed an issue where story card menu styling would load behind the underlying content (and fixed other places that problem occurred)
  • Fixed the share url in the share modal
  • Shortened the word "Multiplayer" on the content cards to "Multi" for better spacing
  • Added errors that will show when story screen editing doesn't load

Reading Adventures is now available. Here are some known issues:

  • Changing text size in the reader view will also change it in the gameplay view
  • Currently, images do not display
  • There is no scroll indicator or way to read the story page by page

Other known issues we are working on (in addition to reported bugs):

  • Upvoting and bookmarking isn't working as expected
  • Formatting issue at the top of character creator screen
  • Clicking finish or using the back arrow in story cards can result in the page refreshing

September 1st, 2023—Multiplayer is now live in Phoenix! + other bug fixes

We have officially built Multiplayer into Phoenix web! Everyone can now start or join a Multiplayer game from This flow is very similar to Legacy, but the implementation looks a little different during gameplay. There's a known bug on the native apps, so a fix for those will come soon.

Start a Multiplayer Game To start a new multiplayer game, open the ‘Play’ menu, select ‘Multiplayer’, then ‘Create Game’. This goes to a Quick Start-like setup with various settings to choose from. After selecting one of these options, the game screen will load.


Opening up the game menu (flame icon) in the top left corner presents a new option: ‘Invite Players’! Select this to generate the eight digit join code, then share that with other players. Remember: anyone who has the code can join, so make sure you’re only sharing it with people you want to play with.


After another player has joined your game, their avatar and name will show up in the game menu under yours! Selecting the three dots next to their name gives you the option to ‘Kick’ that player from the game or ‘Block’ them completely. Only the host—whoever started the Multiplayer game—can Kick or Block other players.

  • ‘Kick’ temporarily removes a player from the game, but they can rejoin.
  • ‘Block’ means a player can’t rejoin.

Currently, there is no set limit for how many people can join a Multiplayer game. The ‘(1/4)’ next to ‘Invite Players’ is simply a suggestion—Adventures can get a little crazy with overlapping actions when there are tons of people playing together! But that can also be part of the fun, so we’ve left this limitless for now and welcome feedback.


Everyone’s avatar will also appear above the command buttons in the game screen, and when players Take a Turn, three dots will show up on their picture as they’re typing.


The host’s AI model settings will apply to all players who join a Multiplayer game. If the host has a premium membership, all players can benefit from the premium settings selected by the host. We know this has been unclear in the past, so we’ve included specific language under popups in the game screen to ensure players are aware of how this works.


Join a Multiplayer Game To join someone’s Multiplayer game, make sure you get the eight digit code from them, then open the ‘Play’ menu, select ‘Multiplayer’, type or paste the join code, and select ‘Join Game’. You’ll go right into the game screen and can start playing!

To leave someone’s Multiplayer game, select the three dots next to your name in the game menu. This brings up the options to ‘Edit Character Name’ or ‘Leave’. Leaving the game is different from using ‘Exit Game’ at the bottom of the game menu:

  • ‘Leave’ removes you from the Multiplayer game. You will have to rejoin with the code to begin playing that game again.
  • ‘Exit Game’ keeps you in the Multiplayer game and just takes you back to the home screen. You can select ‘Continue’ from the content card to keep playing.

Once you’ve started or joined a Multiplayer game, those content cards will show ‘Multiplayer’ instead of ‘Private’ or ‘Public’.


Multiplayer Fixes (from alpha)

  • Fixed an issue where free users could not access the player management menu.
  • Added the name of the player being kicked or blocked to the confirmation modal message.
  • The player management menu now stays close to the trigger on small screen, rather than opening from the bottom.
  • Multiplayer adventures are now labeled as Multiplayer instead of Private on content cards. Published multiplayer menus are still labeled as Public.
  • Fixed an issue where blocking a player only kicked them instead, which allowed them to rejoin.
  • Fixed an issue where the player management menu didn't show up for other players on small screens.

Other Fixes + Additions

  • You can now use /eth or /erase as shortcuts for /erase-to-here.
  • Added new September avatars.
  • Changed the font weight of inspect input text.
  • Disabled ability to report content if a player is not logged in.
  • Error message will appear at the top of the edit modals for Adventures and Scenarios when attempting to add more than 10 tags.
  • Removed limit on global banned words.
  • Horizontally aligned icon in ChatGPT beta modal.
  • Adjusted icon offset to be consistent on affected web browsers and platforms [Android, iOS, macOS, Windows] [Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge].
  • Avoided settings bottom sheet to auto open on page resize [Web Desktop].
  • Avoided sliding down animation when first time opening game play page [Native App].
  • Fixed settings gear icon being not visible for free users.
  • Made bottom sheet slide down more smooth on mobile web (disabled text select on non input).

August 2023

August 31st, 2023—Global Banned Words, Erase to Here, and other various bug fixes

Lots of updates today!

Global Banned Words is now in Phoenix. You can find this under the ‘AI Safety’ section of your main User Settings:


Erase to Here

Yesterday we shared that “Undo to Here” wouldn’t be implemented as part of the Phoenix transition. Since that announcement, many players have shared that they use “Undo to Here”, and requested we do include it before retiring Legacy. Because of that feedback, we circled up yesterday as a team to explore how we might implement “Undo to Here” in Phoenix and already came up with a new solution:

Now in Phoenix, players can go to any point in their story, select the text to edit it, clear the text area and replace it with /erase-to-here. Confirming that edit will erase all the actions and outputs below that text area. Then, changes made using “Erase to Here” can be undone and redone like other actions.

Click here to read more about why we’ve gone in this direction.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with displaced text (blurring) in the gameplay screen
  • Fixed crashes on Android app
  • Accessibility text size slider shouldn't just jump but should now slide
  • Bottom sheet in gameplay screen is now scrollable
  • ‘Inspect Input’ modal is wider
  • Performance improvements on various components

August 30th, 2023—Changes to Voyage, Steam, bug reporting, and more

We just published a new blog post outlining some changes we’re making that enables our team to put more focus on the future of AI Dungeon. Click here to read more.

August 29th, 2023—Patch Notes and Bug Fixes for Phoenix

Patch Notes

  • New native release version for Android and iOS beta apps.

Bug Fixes

  • Scenario templates now work on mobile devices.
  • Cancel button only available when creating a new scenario.
  • Fixed scrolling issue inside Inspect Input.
  • Fixed text color on native apps
  • Fixed an issue that prevented scenarios without variables or options from being played.
  • Fixed an issue where memory and author's note were not saving changes correctly
  • If user has mature selected for safe mode, and switches to ChatGPT the UI now correctly displays the current state.
  • If user is on ChatGPT and selects mature, the UI now correctly displays the current state.
  • Fixed issue with shiny animation not working properly when claiming rewards.

August 28th, 2023—Accessibility updates, Scenario Creation and Editing, Stacked Retries, Undo/Redo, and other various fixes now in Phoenix

We have been working on improving the AI Dungeon Phoenix beta experience!

Accessibility Updates

Players who use screen readers will find various improvements throughout the beta site, especially on the game screen.

We have also added new game screen settings to change Text Size and toggle one of two High Contrast modes. These can be found under the ‘Appearance’ tab and ‘Accessibility’ accordion:


Scenario Creation and Editing

You can now create and edit Scenarios in Phoenix! This flow feels a little different than Legacy, but the functionality is still the same:


Stacked Retries

We heard from players that they’d like the ability to Retry an AI generation multiple times during gameplay and then pick the best option. Now you can!

If you use Retry in your story, a number will appear next to the button. You can tap or click that to open a pop-up and scroll between stacked retries with the left and right arrows, then ‘Select’ your favorite option to show up in your story:


Undo / Redo

Undo and Redo are now in Phoenix! You can find these buttons at the top of game screen next to the Settings button:


Other Various Fixes

We’ve done a number of other bug fixes, including fixing a crash issue that was impacting the native beta iOS and Android apps.

August 11th, 2023—Phoenix iOS and Android Apps ready for early beta testing!

Over the last few months, we have been working on building brand-new mobile apps to accompany our latest beta release, Phoenix. We are excited to announce that these apps are now ready for early beta testing!

Some Legacy features are still not built into Phoenix yet, but the mobile apps were one of our top priorities after launching the beta site. Now, we are ready to start getting feedback about the apps while we work on the remaining Legacy features.

Please follow these instructions to access the beta apps.

June 2023

June 19th, 2023—Azure content filters, Dragon Updates, and various bug fixes

We’ve received access to additional controls for ChatGPT Azure and will be experimenting with adjustments to Azure’s content filters. Our goal is to reduce instances where the filters are being unexpectedly triggered. Please continue to provide feedback during the beta period of ChatGPT by turning on and submitting feedback with “Improve the AI” and normal support channels.

We initially launched Dragon J2 with up to 4096 tokens for Legend subscribers. AI21 has since informed us that there was a miscommunication during the J2 rollout, and trained models don’t support the larger context size yet (the larger context is supported on their vanilla models). After consulting with AI21, we have decided to limit context back to 2048 max token length until they have implemented full support of larger context size for trained models.

ChatGPT will continue to have a max of 4096 on the Legend plan.

Also, as previously announced (, AI21 is discontinuing its J1 models. As a result, players who haven’t yet migrated from Dragon J1 to Dragon J2 will be automatically migrated by the end of the day, Wednesday, June 20th.

Recent bug fixes:

  • Following on AI Dungeon Phoenix now functions as expected
  • Anonymous players who haven’t yet made an account are now presented with a link to login when after their initial actions
  • A few players were in a weird state with an empty array of banned words that caused an error. This has now been resolved.

June 13th, 2023—See Mode, Dragon J2 v2.1, and other bug fixes for Phoenix

See Mode is now fully available on Phoenix, including retrying and sharing generated images.

Dragon J2 v2.1 is also available with an improved dataset. This reduces some specific instances of repetition from the previous version. Subscribers can try it out by selecting ai21-dragon-v2.1 in their settings.

We’re also fixed a number of bugs, including:

  • Advanced settings reset now works more consistently
  • Occasionally, players were getting duplicated text when editing the last generation
  • Players now have the option to keep the text box open between generations (using an option in display settings)

June 6th, 2023—AI Updates

We’re introducing an updated version of Dragon J2. This version has performed better in Train the AI testing and reduces overused phrases from the previous version of Dragon J2. Subscribers can try out this version by selecting `ai21-dragon-v2.1` as the version under Dragon J2 in their sidebar settings. We’ve also fixed the bugs related to World Info generation in AI Dungeon production. As part of the transition from AI21 J1 to J2 models, we trained a model for world info, and it wasn’t being called as it should have been. Instead, it was defaulting to the vanilla engine and outputting writing prose instead of world info description. We’ve resolved this issue, and world info generation is running normally. Thank you to those who shared bug reports and feedback about AI as we iterate and improve the models. Turning on “Improve the AI” helps us troubleshoot these issues more quickly.

May 2023

May 31st, 2023—Dragon J2 to Replace Retiring Wyvern & Dragon Models

We have some upcoming premium model changes with the launch of new and improved models from AI21. Read more at

May 22nd, 2023—Phoenix Beta release and product updates

The next release of AI Dungeon, Phoenix, is now available in Beta at Read more about this release at

April 2023

April 6th, 2023—Try a New AI and other fixes

We have a new system called “Try a New AI.” One shortcoming with Train the AI is that because it only evaluates a single action, the measurement doesn’t help us understand how models perform over an entire adventure. It also didn’t include any way for users to give more qualitative feedback on why they liked or didn’t like an AI version.

To address this, we’re adding a new evaluation method where users with “Improve the AI” enabled can opt into a “Try a New AI” test. These tests will be offered periodically to users. If users opt-in, they are randomly assigned to one of two models without knowing which one they’re on. They can opt out and switch back to their normal models at any time. When they finish the test, they will be asked to rate the AI across the different aspects of AI quality.

This new system will give us greater confidence in our ability to measure all the different aspects of AI quality.

We’ve also released Griffin 2.0, as was mentioned in an update last month. All players can test out this new Griffin model. Read more in our blog post at

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where certain app clients showed the model dropdown spacing incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where the scripting console wouldn’t show the correct output

March 2023

March 10, 2023—New AI Models and Infrastructure for AI Dungeon!

AI quality is one of the most important things users want us to improve. After several months of work, we’re releasing a new and significantly improved Wyvern 2.0! A new Griffin model based on similar changes will follow soon after.

We’ve also made several significant improvements to our AI model infrastructure to enable faster, more stable, and more continuous improvements to the AI. Read more in our blog post at

March 9, 2023—Updated language for the “Improve the AI” setting + various fixes

We’ve updated the language describing the “Improve the AI” setting to clarify that players are opting into experiments that help us evaluate AI versions and models, including new models we’re evaluating for AI Dungeon. We’ve also clarified that model data, including inputs and outputs, may be shared with current or potential AI providers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about this change.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the settings icon would load off the screen for some iOS players on the first game screen load
  • Fixed an issue where the iOS app wasn’t updating consistently
  • Fixed an issue where Steam players were seeing the wrong membership management page

February 2023

February 2, 2023—AI Feedback, Raw Output Setting, and Bug Fixes

We’re introducing a new feedback mechanism to learn more about AI performance. You’ll see a thumbs up/thumbs down after the most recent AI output. These buttons will periodically appear during an adventure. Responding will help us learn how the AI performs throughout an adventure. The “Improve the AI” setting must be enabled to use this feature.

We’re also introducing a “Raw Model Output” setting, a frequently requested feature. With this enabled, you’ll receive the full AI response without any of our post-processing applied. This setting may give you longer answers but could also result in outputs ending in incomplete sentences.

This update also includes several minor bug fixes.

December 2022

12/14/2022—Unchained + Various Bug Fixes

Unchained is Live!

We've made some significant updates to AI Dungeon. These changes include:

  • Unlimited AI Dungeon play without ads
  • AI Dungeon is FREE on Steam
  • Image generation available for everyone
  • AI model speed and version improvements

Read more about these changes at

Other Fixes

  • Steam app now loads the splash screen consistently
  • Fixed an issue with icon styling in the model selector
  • Fixed an issue with speed boosts and light mode
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would take longer than expected to respond when an empty output error occurred
  • Fixed an issue causing boosts not to work for some players
  • Fixed an issue where premium popups were being presented on advanced settings for some premium players

November 2022

11/29/2022—Improve the AI + Follower/Friend Count Return

  • “Improve the AI” is a new toggle that players can opt into if they want to share their data and help us improve the AI over time. Players who opt-in occasionally get a prompt to choose the best of multiple possible AI responses (previously called Train the AI). Also, their model data, including inputs and outputs, will be logged anonymously so we can detect and fix issues in how the AI works. If players previously had Train the AI enabled, they will have to re-opt in to Improve the AI.
  • Follower/Friend counts have returned to profiles. We have plans to bring back seeing a list of followers/friends in a future release.

11/18/2022—Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed several reported bugs and made other minor enhancements in AI Dungeon:

  • Added a link to the sign-in page so players can go back to all sign-in options from the email sign-in
  • Sort order for comments on AI Dungeon is now chronological
  • Updated information in the “forgot password” email
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer undo/redo wasn’t updating for all players
  • Fixed a broken link on the AI Feedback submission form
  • Fixed an issue when moderated content is blocked so the player sees a message from the moderator about why the content was blocked. Any questions about moderation can be sent to
  • Fixed formatting issues on the “Buy Credits” page for specific iOS devices
  • Fixed login error that displayed when a player clicked on “Steam” Login, then back, then “Apple” Login
  • Fixed an issue where free players couldn’t use the free “See” mode if their credits went to 0
  • Fixed an issue with the iOS update modal popping up continually
  • Various AI Art Studio fixes

11/2/2022—Fixes and Updates

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where players who left AI Dungeon open for an extended time would encounter a 400 error when they tried to resume play. Now auth tokens will refresh automatically, so players don’t have to refresh to continue.
  • We fixed an issue where new players weren’t receiving the verification email when playing on the mobile apps.

Other Updates

  • All players are now using the new login system.
  • A login link was added to the message players receive when they play with an anonymous account and need to log in to keep playing.
  • Various updates to our event logging to help us see which buttons players use in the app. This will help as we update the design of AI Dungeon.
  • We updated the page design for the email verification confirmation page.
  • We have a new Product Updates page at

October 2022

10/6/2022—Next Steps on AI Dungeon, New Login, + Other Updates Next Steps on AI Dungeon: We have a new blog post ( outlining upcoming plans for AI Dungeon. We will focus on stability efforts over the next couple of months which will help get AI Dungeon ready for new features (like Story Styles) and a design refresh. New Login System: We have fully rolled out a new login system based on Firebase (backed by Google) to solve some of the ongoing login issues, especially on Android devices. In this new system, players will now need to authenticate using email (we can’t support username login anymore). Contact if you have any questions or issues. We have also ended support of Steam login. Steam purchases can still be linked to your AI Dungeon account to verify the purchase, and your Steam benefits can still be enjoyed on all platforms you use. Other Updates: - We have a new app update in the Google Play and Apple App stores. The iOS update fixes the update bug that some players have encountered. - We’ve fixed various issues reported by players with the new login system, including unexpected page refreshes and Do/Say/Story modes not switching - All players should see the “Restore” and “AI Feedback” buttons in their command buttons - Profile editing is now live for all players in AI Dungeon (previously editing happened only in Voyage)

10/3/2022—Wyvern Now Has Double Memory! The max context size for Wyvern has now doubled from 1024 tokens to 2048! That means more of your story will be "remembered" by the AI. Read more in our blog post— Increased context size on Wyvern is available for all members. Other features and fixes: - Profile editing is back in AI Dungeon! Currently enabled for beta testers and will be released to everyone soon. - Fixed a bug where player typing status was not showing properly on multiplayer - Provide a more helpful error message when a scenario won’t load its initial prompt due to users’ banned words being present in the initial text - Fixed occasional black images returning from stable diffusion + refunded impacted players - Fixed an issue where Stripe trials could have a gap in access while waiting for the first payment to go through - Fixed an issue where PayPal subscriptions could not cancel in the app

September 2022

9/27/2022• Server Issues Resolved + Other Fixes: We had some issues with our Heroku servers last week that caused intermittent downtime. We worked with Heroku to figure out the problem and made the needed adjustments. We apologize and have awarded 200 credits to members / 200 scales to free players impacted by the intermittent outages. Other bugs fixes and enhancements: - Fixed the command buttons settings so that commands now stay updated and are more reliable - Various login bugs have been fixed. We’re still working through the last issues as we fully migrate to the new login system. Please report any issues you have at - Select Premium players using Griffin who didn’t see 2048 context length now have it restored - “That Action wasn’t a Train The AI Action” error has been fixed when using Train the AI - Fixed an issue where the settings tabs would get stuck - Added the ability to jump to a page in your adventure when viewing your adventure

9/9/2022• Memory Field Character Limit Increased, Raw Model Output, New Login Rollout, + other fixes: Memory Field Character Limit Increased (Live): The memory field character limit has been increased from 1k to 4k. Players can add more to the memory field (though need to realize that adding more in the memory textbox means less of the story will get added to the model context). Raw Model Output (Beta): Players now have an option in story settings to enable Raw Model Output. This bypasses the current output cleaning. Players with this option toggled on will see more output tokens but may also encounter issues such as incomplete sentences. New Login (Rolling Out): We have now rolled out our new login system to 50% of players. This has worked well for those who were having issues logging in on Android. Please let us know if you’re experiencing any issues with login at As a reminder, players need to use email (not username) + password or 3rd party login. We will be enabling Apple as a 3rd party login option for the new login shortly. Other adjustments and fixes - Some players may get 20 actions per ad watch as a product experiment currently running - Players may see some styling changes on the pricing as part of experiments to make the flow more intuitive - Fixed an issue where featured scenarios from creators were being re-featured when edited - Fixed an issue where memory length showed as 2048 tokens for new users who had never set their memory length. The actual memory length was still correctly 1024 tokens. - Fixed an issue where some users were unable to login to Voyage because of a 500 error or an endless loading page - A bug with scenarios and bookmarked content showing on player profiles has been fixed - Found that some users experiencing frequent empty outputs were able to solve the issue with the "Reset All Settings" button. We are digging in to handle cases like this in the future automatically.

9/2/2022• Trading Resources + Bug Fixes: Players can now trade resources within AI Dungeon. You can buy credits with money, trade credits for scales (1:1), and trade scales for actions (now also at a rate of 1:1). Scales are still awarded as a part of daily rewards. Actions are given for watching ads. And credits are granted as a part of memberships and Steam players. Gold is coming soon as a members-only resource that will function as the method for using Dragon. Those who want to build up their hoard will also be given bonuses for retaining different amounts of Gold. We also recently launched a new AI Dungeon Guidebook with helpful tips and answers to FAQ. You can now find it in the side menu within AI Dungeon. Bug Fixes: - Saving scenarios and adventures no longer throws the banned-word error and saves data correctly - Fixed several issues with world info - Daily rewards now load as expected - Trading resources works even if you have barely enough resources - Subscription access has now been correctly migrated for new accounts during the restore purchases workflow for native providers - Select worlds that could not be played now work - Totals now show correctly on the confirmation overlay when trading resources - Fixed an issue where it was showing the credits icon instead of the scales icon when trading scales for actions - Fixed an issue where some users got stuck in See mode - Fixed times where the “You discovered a premium feature” overlay was the wrong size - Fixed issues where Steam users using the Steam app could see the membership button in account settings when it wasn’t relevant and where Steam users not using the Steam app could click on the membership button and it wouldn’t do anything

August 2022

8/30/2022• See mode is now live for all players, new login available for testing, and other fixes: `See` mode is now live for all players: In addition to `Do`, `Say`, and `Story`, players also have `See` as an option to include images in your story! Free players have access to the Pixel Image Cache. Members and Steam players can use Credits to generate unique, high-quality images with a new image model called Stable Diffusion. Also included are advanced features for Stable Diffusion generation. Members can adjust the size, quality, and other aspects of image generation. Image generation is a Member/Steam benefit. If you’re using the free version of AI Dungeon and purchased Credits to generate images, please contact support, and we’ll be happy to process a refund. New Steam players will be granted 500 Credits with their purchase, and existing Steam players will be granted 500 Credits this week. New Login Available for Testing: We have had issues with React Native Auth across multiple platforms (especially Android) and haven't been able to find a fix that solved the issue for everyone. We've made the decision to move to Firebase Auth as our login provider, which will provide a much more stable login experience. We've completed our internal testing and have turned this on as an opt-in experience for players with issues with the old Auth system. Those who get to the Retry screen will see a button to use the new auth system. We will also have a toggle in account settings. If you’ve been having issues, please let us know if this works better for you. Other updates + fixes: - You can now “cancel” when editing to remove the “…” - BETA: players can now buy Scales with Credits - BETA: players can now buy any amount of Actions with Scales from the Action page - Fixed an issue that caused some new subscribers not to get access immediately - Fixed the [Cannot read property '0' of null] that some players saw when generating world info - Adjusted the premium modal on certain older devices where the buttons were pushed off the screen

8/26/2022• Image generation on AI Dungeon using `SEE` mode + other updates and bug fixes (Updates from this week): Image Generation using Stable Diffusion: Players can now generate original images on AI Dungeon! Now it BETA in addition to `Story` `Do` and `Say` modes, there’s a new `See` mode. Select either the pixel cache (free) or the Stable Diffusion (which costs credits), and then type in what you want to see. Read more in our blog post at Membership/Credits Adjustments: - Non-members will now see `Wanderer` as their subscription status. Tapping `Wanderer` will open the pricing page. - We’ve discontinued Voyage subscriptions. Active Voyage subscriptions will continue to work until canceled. AI Dungeon Hero and Legend subscription tiers also give access to Voyage. - Added a `Membership` button in the Account Settings to make updating your membership status more intuitive - Added the full current credit count and information link to the credit store screen - As part of the transition to the updated economy, we’ve removed the scales history from the scales store. We’ll be removing the scales store itself as soon as you can buy scales with credits. Other Updates: - When using an image style, we’ll now add a space before the image style if it doesn’t already start with a space or a comma to ensure the last word of the prompt doesn’t get combined with the first word of the image style - When a player tries to delete an image, they are warned that they won’t be able to recover the image - In see mode, the `pin` button will now open the image style instead of the memory - A link to the new AI Dungeon Guidebook has been added to the side menu. The Guidebook includes support help, suggestions to get the most out of the AI, and FAQ. Bug Fixes: - Spacing is now normal after deleting an image - Fixed issues with actions counts where actions counts weren’t updating, spending scales resulted in incorrect balances, and ads weren’t correctly awarding credits - The Pixel Image Cache doesn’t pop up the credits modal on use - A few players had a previous image model selected, so they couldn’t see the Art tab, which has now been fixed - The search screen now updates the search term every time a filter is applied, instead of every time you hit enter in the input bar. The functionality now mirrors typical search experiences. - Fixed an issue on the World Builder Page where the save button in the navigation was showing on irrelevant categories. Now it only shows on the summary page. - Fixed an issue where daily rewards were incorrectly locked for some users - Some rare cases where players had incorrect credit balances have been fixed - Fixed an issue where the world events modal would appear even when world events were turned off - Visual credits have now been correctly converted to credits for all users - Fixed an issue where daily reward scales were not awarded correctly

8/20/2022• High Quality Image Generation Coming to AI Dungeon!: We're prepping to launch high-quality image generation on AI Dungeon with Stable Diffusion! As a part of this change, today we are adjusting how image credits work on Voyage and AI Dungeon, including multiplying existing credits + prices by 20 to account for the cheaper cost of newer models coming out (aka, you'll be able to generate more images soon!). Upcoming adjustments will include granted image credits to Adventurers ($10 plan), adjusted image styling on AI Dungeon, a new `see` mode, and more! You can find more information on our blog at as well as our help article at If you notice any issues with the conversion happening this morning, please email

8/19/2022• 3rd Person Finetunes are now open for Beta (+ other bugs fixes): We are excited to announce that our new 3rd person finetune is available for testing in beta for both Wyvern and Griffin models. These will work best in "Story" mode (not "Do" or "Say"). Shout out to Bran for assembling the data for this! Other Bug Fixes: - Opening the settings drawer using the "Memo" command button now focuses on the memory input and highlights the current text. - Fixed a bug in search that caused errors when pressing multi-word tags and another that caused the search field to occasionally not update when pressing search tags - "Add a new scenario option" button option on the Scenario Edit Screen will now show the option created without refreshing - Undoing to and editing the initial story prompt using the edit command button no longer errors

8/11/2022• Griffin Beta Feedback and Fixes: Thank you for feedback about Griffin Beta. We have removed it for now as we continue to work on improvements. Other Fixes: - Scenario placeholders now work in Author’s Note in addition to the prompt and memory - Fixed an obscure bug where Custom Scenario text wasn’t being shown during editing - Fixed link to Google Play Store on the Manage Actions overlay - Fixed a bug where users could send excessively long chat messages in multiplayer. The limit is now 4000 characters, similar to other text boxes in the app. - Fixed an issue where safe mode for inputs was incorrectly enforced when safe mode was turned off - Cleaned up a commenting bug where pressing enter quickly in succession could cause duplicate comments on the web version.

8/9/2022• Product Update—Aug 9. 2022: - Changed the design of the profile information in the main menu, and added action counts for free players. Clicking the count takes you to the Manage Actions screen. - Fixed an issue where subscribers weren’t getting immediate access to their membership benefits - Resolved several performance issues - Fixed select mobile crashes with scenarios and world info editing

8/8/2022• New Plans Rolling Out + Bug Fixes: New AI Dungeon Plans AI Dungeon Plans and mobile payments are out of Beta and are being rolled out to all players. You can see the new plans at Android bug fix awaiting approval We’re still waiting for Google to approve the fix for an issue that broke the Android App. We identified the issue on Saturday, submitted a fix the same day, and are still awaiting approval (which usually takes less than 24hrs). For those who have updated the app and are unable to launch AI Dungeon, we suggest playing in your browser for now until the fix is approved. Other Fixes - Single-sentence custom prompts will now work more consistently - We’ve simplified the styles to no longer include gradients between two different colors. Instead, each style has a single primary access color. - Fixed an issue where wouldn’t load on older safari versions - Profile content now responds better to delete/restore - Manual world entries no longer reduce your action count - When creating world info from the "active" tab, your info is automatically added to "active" - Fixed various mobile crashes in world creation and at times when Griffin repetition penalty settings were adjusted - Fixed some accessibility issues on the Scenario screen for those using screen readers

8/5/2022• Product Updates: Aug. 05, 2022: This week the team has been cleaning up our code base to make the platform more stable, and make it easier for us to improve future versions of AI Dungeon. This work inadvertently caused some minor issues, which have all been resolved. In addition, the following issues affecting some players were fixed: - Action gauge no longer mistakenly appears for members. - Text now reliably moves left to right on larger screens when AID2D is enabled. - Inspect Input overlay now works on across edge-case Android devices. - Steam Users now have access to “Response Length” in Advance Settings. - The bottom of the Scenario Starting screen now consistently shows proper padding. - Those Stripe subscriptions mistakenly showing “Canceling” now show “Active”. We’ve updated the language for Subscription Status in AI Dungeon: If you have an ongoing subscription, it will now show only the subscription tier (Traveler, Adventurer, Hero, Legend). If you have subscription access but it’s scheduled to end, you’ll see “until” followed by the date when membership ends. If you don’t currently have access, you’ll see a status explaining why, such as “Paused”, “Payment Failed”, or “Trial Canceled”. Additionally, 6-month subscription plans through Stripe are now renewing subscriptions instead of one-time payments. As a result, they are now compatible with free trials. We’ve addressed a bug in our icon system. As a result of the fix, icons now display at their configured sizes (which may not always be their intended size). We’ve properly sized as many offending icons as we could find — please let us know if you find more!

8/1/2022• New Help Guide + Bug Fixes: We've launched an updated help guide, now at! More play guides will be added to the existing resources in the coming weeks. Bug Fixes: - All premium memberships + Steam don't require actions to generate world info - World info navigation now works more consistently - Models for Multiplayer Adventures: Whenever you start a multiplayer game, the access level of the model will be at the host’s level, even for players without a membership. - Fixed an issue where navigating to the old settings would crash the Android and iOS apps - You should see fewer crashes, especially on Android devices, as we continue cleaning up any remaining bugs we see in our crash reports

July 2022

7/30/2022• New plans beginning to roll out in testing, new AI Art model is live, and bug fixes: We've started to A/B test the new AI Dungeon plans with non-Beta players. Players without Beta features enabled may start to see the new plans when clicking on Premium. As a reminder, the Hero plan matches the existing Voyage plan for players interested in that subscription tier. Update for AI Art: We've launched a new visual model! This model excels at creating unique avatars by turning your text description into a portrait. We also have a few bug fixes that have launched: - Fixed a bug where opening the new settings panel on a desktop could trigger the screen to open on mobile devices as well, when using both at the same time - Previously, the adventure data wasn't updating properly when you would click inspect input, showing you stale data. This is now fixed. The expected behavior is that you take an action in the game and can immediately see it reflected when you click on Inspect Input in the settings drawer. - We’ve heard reports that the updates to the game screen seem to be causing lag on some Android devices, so we’ve bumped that back to beta for Android only. If you’re experiencing lag on Android, try turning beta on or off and let us know which version works better for you. Note that without the beta flag on, Android users with certain devices may be affected by a bug that causes the game screen to scroll to the bottom when editing actions earlier in the story.

7/28/2022• Product Update: JULY 28th, 2022: In addition to fixing several issues during today’s Steam launch, the following issues affecting some of our users have been resolved: - Accounts can no longer be created with an invalid email address. - Creating an account using an existing email now properly notifies the player. - Editing earlier actions in the story on native apps no longer auto scrolls the player to the bottom of the story. - Ads now load more reliably on native apps. - Game is now consistently responsive upon loading across devices. - Fixed a mobile crash impacting some players on the Manage Actions screen. - Older Android devices will behave properly on text input. The following updates to subscriptions are now live: - Beta Stripe subscribers may now edit their subscription plan and payment period directly in Stripe. - We’ve removed the Subscription button from Account Settings - All Premium Members will now see their Subscription status at the top of the Side Menu. - Subscription management has been significantly improved for Stripe, Google, Apple, and remaining PayPal subscribers. We have a new Griffin Beta model for players to try out! - We are testing a Griffin Beta model using AI21’s Jurassic Large model. We’re curious to hear what you all think of the model. We have no plans to move beyond Beta at this point, and will be gathering feedback for a couple of weeks.

7/27/2022• AI Dungeon Subscription Plans are in Beta: Back by popular demand, updated AI Dungeon subscription plans have returned! As a bonus, you once again have the ability to subscribe via the Google Play and Apple App Stores! Players can now subscribe as an AI Dungeon Adventurer, Hero, or Legend with the following perks: - ADVENTURER ($9.99/month) — Limited Dragon, Unlimited Wyvern - HERO ($14.99/month) — Limited Dragon, Unlimited Wyvern, 20 AI Art image credits, Voyage access - LEGEND ($29.99/month) — Unlimited Dragon, Unlimited Wyvern, 100 AI Art image credits, Voyage access In addition to monthly pricing, each membership tier has 3, 6, and 12-month payment options with discounts. Additional membership perks are coming, including custom finetunes, an ever expanding image library for AI Dungeon 2D, and more! Existing plans will be upgraded to these new benefits with no further action from players required! (*Silver plans will no longer be offered, but existing subscribers will be grandfathered) The new memberships are available in Beta and can be enabled in your Game Settings. More details regarding the membership tiers will be available when they leave Beta. We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new plans!

7/26/2022• Urgent Product Update: We fixed a bug that caused crashes for many players using Android today. If you are having trouble with the Android app, please update using the link in the main menu.

7/22/2022• Product Update — July 22, 2022: The following issues affecting some of our Android users have been resolved: - Button text in Create World no longer clipping with gradient. New Auth System Rollout A new auth/login system for AI Dungeon has been rolling out, and will be live for 100% of users today. This system reduces errors, increases security, and enables Steam login. (Steam version of AI Dungeon launches July, 28th!)

7/20/2022• Supplementary Update — July 20, 2022: Today we found issues with an advertisement partner’s API, and as such have gone back to static ads on web with a max of 30 saved actions. We will provide an update on this situation as soon as possible as we work toward another video ad solution.

7/20/2022• Product Update: July 20th, 2022: The following issues affecting some of our users have been resolved: - Legacy subscriptions in Google Play store can no longer be reactivated and create duplicate subscriptions. - Adventure text now correctly displays at the bottom of the screen when starting an adventure. - Scrolling now functions normally on native apps. - "Generating Story" text now appears in the middle of the screen to be more consistent with other loading text. New Settings: The new Settings Bar is now live for all users in the Production Release. This new settings feature should allow users much more convenient control over their stories — hop on our Discord and let us know how you like it!

7/18/2022• Product Update — July 18th, 2022: The following issues affecting some players have been resolved: - New Beta Settings bar does not impact interaction with the Game Screen. - Entering Banned Words now reliably alerts the player. - The Confirmation Screen now loads reliably after email verification. - Dark Mode toggle now triggers reliably in Beta Settings. - There is no longer a delay in Beta Settings when switching between Light and Dark Modes. - Beta Settings can no longer be scrolled while closed. - Improved display of Game Screen while Beta Settings are open on larger screens. - Improved padding for production Settings Screen. - Added improved measures to prevent players from creating duplicate subscriptions. - Editing actions earlier in a story no longer forces scrolling (BETA Release). Announcements Regarding Logins for AI Dungeon: We are currently testing an improved sign-in flow for AI Dungeon and Voyage which includes a design overhaul and more reliable 3rd Party login. As part of this update, we will be removing the Twitch login. This decision was made primarily due to the extremely low usage of the option, and so simplify our options for login. Twitch login users can create a new password in the AI Dungeon settings which will be linked to their Twitch email after it is reset. The Twitch login will be replaced with Steam login in preparation for the July 28th release of AI Dungeon on Steam. This update will only be rolling out to 10% of login requests initially — please let us know if you experience any issues!

7/15/2022• Product Updates: July 15th, 2022: Settings - We’ve added a “Settings” sidebar! Control your Model, Display, and other game settings in one convenient location without interrupting your story! If you’d like to try it, toggle on the “Enable Beta Features” listing in your Game Settings. AI21 Model Adjustment - We have excluded whitespace, punctuation, and “stop words” from Repetition Penalties. This will provide players with a more noticeable effect when scaling the Repetition Penalty in Game Settings without negatively impacting story flow. (We also plan to make Repetition Penalty exclusions configurable in a future Settings Update — stay tuned!) Subscriptions - We’ve swapped the default Subscription for Voyage from 1-Year to 1-Month. - We’ve improved the stability of the Subscription architecture. If you notice any issues, please report them at or email! Thanks for your help!

7/13/2022• Upgraded Ad Experience for AI Dungeon Web: We have launched video ads to the web version of AI Dungeon. It is available for players with Beta features enabled. As part of this change, you’ll notice that: - The limit for the number of actions you can store by watching ads on Web has been increased to 120 if Beta is enabled - Ads are skippable after 15 seconds if the video ad is longer than 15 seconds - Web action limit remains at 30 actions if Beta features are NOT enabled Please let us know if you have any feedback around these changes!

7/12/2022• Product Update: July 12, 2022: Auto-play Ads are moving from Beta to the Production Release for all non-subscribing players.

7/7/2022• AI Dungeon Coming to Steam on July 28th!: We’re excited to announce AI Dungeon is coming to Steam on July 28th, 2022! We have updated the original launch date to accommodate the Steam approval process (this is our first Steam launch and we’ve learned a lot), and to give us a bit more time to test the new authentication flows we built to support Steam. The Steam version will feature Unlimited Griffin, AI Dungeon 2D, Advanced Settings, and will be completely AD-FREE. If you purchase the Steam version, your entire account will be upgraded and you can enjoy the Steam benefits on all platforms—including mobile. The Steam version is a one-time purchase of $29.97 USD, with special launch pricing of $23.97 USD.

7/6/2022• Product Updates 06/06/2022: - An “Autoplay” feature has been added to AID Beta. Toggling this option in the Manage Actions screen will automatically play ads when you run out of actions. - We’ve optimized our databases to minimize lag and improve the general performance of AI Dungeon.

7/5/2022• Product Update: 06/05/2020: The following features are leaving Beta for the Production Release available to all users: - Players can once again Comment on Worlds, Scenarios, and Published Adventures. - AI Dungeon 2D is now available to Free and Subscribing players. - Actions gained from watching ads can now be stored for uninterrupted sessions of play. The Updated Community Guidelines are now being enforced. Please familiarize yourself with these standards here:

7/1/2022• The following statements of "Resolutions and Updates" have not been evaluated by the FDA. AI Dungeon is not intended to diagnose or treat disease.: *We’ve resolved an issue which caused a 10 minute down-time yesterday morning for all users; we’ve made updates to our development process in order to prevent this issue from happening again. The following issues addressing some of our users have been resolved: - Auto-scrolling is more consistent as the AI delivers additional text. - Web Ads are more reliable for players who weren’t receiving Actions. - Exiting a Web Ad prematurely no longer grants actions. - Removed mobile exploits allowing users to stockpile Actions without watching ads. The following updates are now live for all users: - The location and sizing of the Alter, Restore, and Remember buttons has been improved. - The “Popular” Search option now sorts scenarios and worlds based on both votes and number of times played. - The “Trending” Search option now sorts scenarios and worlds published in the past 30 days based on average daily engagement.

June 2022

6/29/2022• Reenabling Web Ads: The issue regarding action rewards has been resolved, and we’ve turned ads back on for free users. Learn more about recent changes to ads here: • Temporarily Disabling Web Ads: We’ve discovered an issue with action rewards, and have temporarily disabled ads on the web version of AI Dungeon while we work on a fix. In case you missed our blog post, learn more about recent changes to ads here: • Resolution, Performance, & Styling Updates: The following issues affecting some of our players have been resolved: - “Premium” badge now correctly shows for users. - Command Bar now displays correctly on IOS. - Keyboard no longer hides content when editing an Action on apps. - Avatars and Usernames now display properly in Adventure Chat. - Player Icon now displays properly in Adventure Menu. - Action Count no longer incorrectly prevents play in Worlds. - Improved clarity of “Empty Trash” button on Profile. - Navigation icons now correctly align while Editing and while restoring Actions. The following performance and UI/UX improvements have been made to the AI Dungeon experience: - Improved, consistent styling of buttons across platforms. - Improvements to Story scrolling across various game situations. - Improvement of Filters functionality in Search Screen. - Styling and performance has been improved for the Game Screen on small devices. If you’re still experiencing issues with any of the above, please let us know at!

6/28/2022• Changing ads and bringing back AI Dungeon plans: We want to thank everyone for the feedback we’ve gotten in the 11 days since we launched ads, and apologize for the bumps players experienced during the launch. We’re making several important changes to AI Dungeon, as well as the way we operate as a team. We’ve written a detailed blog post explaining each of these changes. Here are some highlights of what’s changing: Available today (in Beta): - Manage Actions—You can now watch ads and store up actions. - AI Dungeon 2D is now available for all users—free and subscribed - Comments are back! Coming soon: - New daily rewards screen to win free actions - Ability to exchange Scales for ad-free actions - Re-introducing AI Dungeon specific subscription plans - Re-enabling mobile payments for iOS and Android Learn more about these changes by reading our Blog. Read Blog here:

6/27/2022• Update your AI Dungeon experience with this ONE WEIRD TRICK: Resolved the following issues affecting some players: - Adventure upvotes now load the correct values across pages. - Button Styling is now more stable and consistent. - Content Card button spacing is now consistent across platforms. - AID 2D images now show more consistently across platforms. - Authentication stability has been improved. The following updates are live for all players: - Dates across platforms are now more consistent. - In-App notifications will now update live; the “Notifications Reload” button has been removed.

6/24/2022• The Fixin's: We’ve resolved the following issues affecting some of our users: - Some duplicate usernames have been updated - Worlds now load more reliably - Save and vote counts have been refreshed - “The End” no longer freezes AI output

6/23/2022• MOAR Updates?!: Product Updates: - Improved viewing for save and vote features on published content - Improved styling and layout for buttons on content cards and view pages - Reporting users and tipping scales are now available through the triple dot menu - Adventures now prioritized over scenarios in “My Stuff” The following issues affecting some users have been resolved: - Upvote and Save actions should now be more reliable and responsive - Upvote and Save counts on published content should now be correct

6/22/2022• Web Ads & Stability Updates: Updates to Web Ads: - Duration of web ads reduced to 10 seconds - Clearer messaging surrounding how/why ads may not load - Resolved an issue affecting some users which caused 2 ads to play in a row - Mobile users will no longer be blocked from playing if no ads are available to load - Drastically reduced the likelihood of users experiencing repeated ads Product Updates: - Reporting users and tipping scales are now available through the triple dot menu. Stability & Performance: - A number of updates & bug-fixes have been pushed to improve stability and performance of the *AI Dungeon* experience on Android devices. - AI21 has enhanced our Wyvern servers so we can handle the amount of growth on that model. Players should see fewer errors when using Wyvern.

6/20/2022Ads Changes, Bug-fixes, Optimizations, and Updates: Hey, all! Please note the following bug-fixes, optimizations, and updates to the AI Dungeon experience. Changes to ads based on player feedback: - Ads should be shorter and load less frequently - Fixed bug so that AI generations will happen in the background while ads are shown - Resolved several bugs including some that would cause the ads not to load or prevent gameplay - Broader changes to the ad system are being discussed. More to be announced later. Resolved the following issues affecting some of our users: - Output not shown following an action. - Story stopped scrolling when opening the keyboard on native apps. - Buttons in World Character Creation weren’t responding. - Profile Page loaded a new screen upon filter change. - Pressing “Enter” submitted an action instead of inserting a new line. - Action loading caused the story text to shift slightly. - Some user profile names not showing up on content cards. - Unsubscribe page unresponsive for certain Stripe Subscriptions. Optimization: - We’ve made a number of optimization improvements across AI Dungeon. You should see faster loading on the Home, Search, Profile, and Settings screens as well as smoother interactions with the sidebar menu and auto-scrolling on stories. Other Changes: - Profile edits now happen on Voyage. - “/commands” (/say, /do, /story, /remember, etc.) don’t require pressing “return” to work anymore and should feel more responsive. If you run into any trouble following these updates, please let us know in or the #aid-feedback channel on Discord.

6/17/2022• Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements: AI Dungeon players will notice two main updates: 1) We've fixed a couple of bugs that popped up yesterday related to custom prompts in quick start and multiplayer games 2) Game actions that don’t require a call to the AI model should be more responsive We are always working to improve the AI Dungeon Experience, and more changes are on the way! If you experience any bugs or issues with these recent changes, please let us know in or the #aid-feedback channel on Discord.• Moving Away From Energy: After months of user feedback, research, and development, we're excited to announce that Energy has been fully replaced with ads for all free players! Read more about that here: This was a highly requested feature by players who've supported AI Dungeon through their sheer dedication to creating amazing stories through Griffin, and we're thrilled to have ads as an asset to support their gameplay without the hassle of recharging Energy. Please post to if you run into any trouble with ads.

6/14/2022• Upgrades to Profile: We’ve made some adjustments to the profile to fix bugs, improve performance, and simplify the experience: – “Edit Profile” will now direct users to Voyage, which will be the permanent home for account management – Connection counts (i.e. followers, following) are not currently visible in AI Dungeon, and will return soon as part of Voyage alongside other social features – Your scales balance can no longer be viewed from the profile section. This is part of our efforts to streamline design. You can still review your scales balance in the sidebar menu. – Other various bug fixes and performance enhancements If you run into any issues following these changes, please report them in

6/13/2022• Bug Fixes: Profile, Search, and Filters: We have some updates to help with profile searching/filtering usability: 1. Sorting by "New" will typically sort by when the content was created — but when viewing published content, it will also consider when the content was published and sort if accordingly. 2. The Safe Search toggle will no longer appear when viewing your own profile. NSFW content will never be filtered when viewing your own profile. The Safe Search toggle will now accurately filter NSFW content when viewing someone else's profile. 3. For Adventures, the Multiplayer toggle will only show adventures with multiple players. 4. For Scenarios, the Multiplayer toggle will only show Scenarios with the Third Person setting turned on. 5. For Worlds, the Multiplayer toggle will not appear since Worlds do not currently have a multiplayer mode.• Updates: Icons, Command Displays, Sorting: Users will notice updates to the following features across AI Dungeon: 1. The small green icons next to player names are now retired; they will be replaced with new status indicators in Voyage soon. 2. "Show Command Buttons" has been removed for simplification. Players wishing to hide all command buttons can still do so using "Display Command Buttons" in their Game tab Settings. 3. Players can now sort content by "Most Played" — For adventures, this means sorting by most actions; for scenarios and worlds, it means sorting by most plays.

6/10/2022• Bug Fix: Sorting Content: We fixed a sorting issue in Profile so that selecting "New" now correctly sorts content based on when it was created.

6/6/2022• Multiplayer Worlds: You can now enjoy a more fluid exploration of worlds with your friends! When you start a new world, you will now notice a toggle to "Start in Third Person" that allows for more consistent POV text generation in multiplayer.

6/3/2022• Bug Fix: Autoscroll: We've fixed a bug where editing an action would break auto scrolling. If you run into any issues after updating/refreshing AI Dungeon, then please post to

6/2/2022• AI Dungeon on Steam: We're excited to announce AI Dungeon is now available on Steam! We've listened to user feedback and found that Steam fulfills some key requests shared by many users, including: 💲 A one-time payment (+ special launch pricing) 🚂 No energy, no ads; just unlimited actions powered by Griffin AI 🎁 You can gift AI Dungeon to friends on Steam We're excited for more community members to play AI Dungeon on Steam, add it to their Steam wishlist, and gift it to other players they know will enjoy immersing themselves in infinite adventures. Link to AI Dungeon's Steam page: If you have any questions, please ask away in #aid-general on Discord or email

May 2022

5/31/2022• Bug Fix: We fixed the issue reported by app users running into "TypeError: a is not a function. (In 'a()', 'a' is null" on some pages, including Profile, Search, Worlds, and My Stuff. If you're still running into this bug even after updating your app, please update us in

5/30/2022• UI Update: Profile & Search: We've updated the Profile and Search to make switching between content types easier. Instead of a drop-down box in each page's search bar, you'll now see tabs to switch which type of content you're viewing with a single click.

5/27/2022• Retiring My Stuff to Profile: For consistency and stability purposes, we have combined My Stuff into Profile. Additionally, we've removed Worlds from the sidebar menu. Players can manage their content and create new scenarios/worlds through Profile. Worlds can be found on the home page or by using search.• Bug Fix: Search Stats: We fixed the upvote, bookmark, and play count for Worlds that show up in search. We will work to backfill past information in the coming weeks.

5/26/2022• Content Type: Unlisted: Users can now mark their published content as "Unlisted" — this means a scenario/adventure/world will not show up on the content owner's public Profile screen or Search, but they can still share the link to it directly with other users. If you have any questions, please ask away on #aid-general in Discord or email

5/20/2022• AI Magic: What It Takes To Run AI Language Models: Blog alert! We get a lot of questions about how the AI language models work and why they cost what they do. We put together an article that breaks down compute requirements & costs connected to your go-to AI models.Check it out to learn more: — if you have any comments or questions, then we'd love to hear them in the #aid-general or #aid-feedback channels on Discord.• Bug Fix: App Login: We've released a new mobile app version that should fix some of the login issues reported by app users. Please report to if you run into problems logging in.

5/17/2022• Access to AI Art Studio: We've updated AI Art Studio so that it's available to any players who have credits in their account — This is awesome news for anyone (including non-subscribed players) wishing to generate art using the power of AI! To purchase credits, go to your user Settings ( and select the credits icon under your username. You'll find options to purchase three sets of credits from there. If you have questions, please email or ping us in the #voyage-ai-art-studio channel on Discord.• Bug Fix: Bookmarks: We fixed the bookmark indicator so that it now works on Profile and My Stuff.

5/16/2022• Search Filters: We've marked the funnel icon by the search bar with the word "FILTERS" to clarify that you can use it to mark criteria relevant to your search. The current indicators are "Published," "Safe Search," "Following," and "Multiplayer." We hope this clarification helps you get the search results you're looking for! If additional criteria come to mind, please share them with us in Discord or the Feature Requests forum in

5/12/2022• Bug Fix: Mobile Ads: We fixed an issue with ads not loading on mobile preventing users from getting more energy. If you're still running into issues, please let us know in #aid-general on Discord or email

5/10/2022• Wyvern: Temperature: After reviewing AI Feedback reports about Wyvern generating incoherent responses, we found that most users running into this issue had their model Temperature set to >=1.0. High Temperatures (>0.9) are likely associated with Wyvern's incoherent performance. To address this, we've reset the default Temperature for Wyvern users to 0.8. Additionally, switching to Wyvern or Wyvern-Hydra will automatically reset the model's Temperature to 0.8. If you're still running into issues after making these adjustments, then please report to or in #aid-feedback on Discord.

5/6/2022• Improved Performance: Repetition Detection: We've rolled out repetition detection to all users; this means the AI should no longer repeat exact input from the user, and it shouldn't repeat anything it had already recently generated in your gameplay. If you run into a case where the AI repeats either of those things, then please share additional details and examples with

5/3/2022• Wyvern-Beta is the new Wyvern!: After reviewing user feedback, we are officially graduating Wyvern-Beta to Wyvern. The feedback collected was from Train the AI experiments and a beta users survey; user reports allowed us to ensure similar quality to the current Wyvern model and generation time to be significantly faster. As always, let us know if you have feedback on Discord's #aid-feedback channel or at

April 2022

4/27/2022• Wyvern-Beta: We've made a new experimental model available for users on Gold tier subscription or higher, named Wyvern-Beta. This is a finetuned version of AI21's Grande, a language model with 17B parameters. Let us know how it works for you on Discord in our #aid-feedback channel or by filling out the survey here: • Voyage Payment Options: We've included a 6-month subscription option for Voyage that supports WeChat and other regional payment methods in addition to standard credit card payments.

4/26/2022• Bug Fix: The error "Cannot read property '0' of null" should be fixed now — thanks to everyone who reported it! Please let us know if you're still running into issues on the #aid-feedback in Discord or via

4/20/2022• Voyage: AI Art Studio: AI Art Studio is now available on Voyage! Voyagers can team up with multiple AI art generators to create fantastical illustrations inspired by various art styles. Check out AI Art Studio on You can also checkout this article to learn more and see what other Voyagers have created:

4/18/2022• Scenarios Upgrade & Fix: We fixed a bug with the Scenario Edit page that was causing a lag for some players. While we were at it, we've raised the limit in Scenario prompts to 3500 characters — we hope this will further enhance your experience as a creator in AI Dungeon!

4/12/2022• Web Platform Maintenance: We transitioned the web app host for to enhance performance and stability. If you run into any issues on web, please let us know through Discord #aid-general or message

4/8/2022• Bug Fix: Bookmark Indicators: We've updated the Bookmark feature to indicate when you have successfully bookmarked a scenario or adventure. If you're on mobile, please make sure your app is up to date for this fix to come through. If you're still running into issues, please email or let us know on Discord.

4/6/2022• Bug Fixes: – World Info Entries: We've added a character limit display so users know how much content can fit into their entries. Friendly reminder that too-long entries can interfere with the space in the AI's context. – Edit Adventure: We fixed a bug where clicking on it would direct to the View Adventure screen. – Daily Rewards UI: We fixed a bug where the icons were displayed outside of the Daily Rewards overlay on mobile browsers. – Search Crash: We fixed a bug that caused crashes when searching in Profile and My Stuff.

4/5/2022• Experimental Bug Fixes: Some users will run into the following fixes that we pushed to squish known bugs of an experiment: – We fixed the Worlds button on New Game to open the Worlds overlay. – We fixed an issue where Worlds overlay didn't close even after navigating to a different screen. – We fixed the Multiplayer button on New Game to open the Multiplayer overlay. – We fixed an issue where Multiplayer overlay didn't close even after navigating to a different screen. If you had run into bugs with these previously and notice any changes with this experiment, please share them in the #aid-general channel on Discord or in

March 2022

3/30/2022• Mobile Voyage: Medieval Problems: Medieval Problems is now mobile friendly! Voyagers can enjoy playing it on mobile web at We're excited to enable more mobile-optimized Voyage games & experiences. If you have any feedback on Medieval Problem's mobile experience, please email or share it on #voyage-medieval-problems.

3/28/2022• UI Experiment: Game Screen: We launched an experiment where some users will see an upgraded game screen when clicking Play. Players will be directed to a new page summarizing gameplay options. We'd love to hear your feedback — please share it with or on the #aid-ui-feedback channel in Discord.

3/24/2022• Bug Fixes: We fixed two gameplay bugs: – An issue that was causing command buttons to become unresponsive after submitting an action – An issue where player actions in third person "Do" mode were incoherent

3/23/2022• UI Experiment: Multiplayer Screen: We've launched a UI experiment where some users will see a consolidated screen for multiplayer adventures. We'd love to hear your thoughts in #aid-ui-feedback on Discord or through • Subscription Fixes: We fixed temporary issues reported by a few Premium users involving access to subscription features. All Premium access should be restored now. If you're still running into issues, please contact with details and we'll help you from there. • Bug Fix: Search: We fixed an issue that was causing Search to ignore search terms shorter than 4 characters long. Search will now accept any terms more than a single character in length.

3/22/2022• Model Updates: We've pushed fixes surrounding our AI model storage to stabilize AI Dungeon further. As part of the fix, we've replaced Griffin with Griffin-BETA, maintaining Griffin-BETA's features in the model. If you need a refresher on how Griffin and other models work, make sure to check out the FAQ surrounding our AI models:

3/21/2022• Mobile App Update: Ads for Energy: Instead of being limited to Scales, mobile app users on iOS now have the option to watch an ad to gather Energy to play. Some Android users should also be able to select ads; we plan to make this choice available to all Android users later this week. If we receive positive feedback from users switching to ads instead of Energy, we may try to make this option available to web users. As always, please share your feedback on Discord or by emailing it to

3/18/2022• Logout Bug fix: As we've been updating our login/authentication system, players might have noticed frequent log-outs more than usual. This has been fixed - thank you for your patience.

3/11/2022• Saving Scenarios: The Scenario Edit screen will now display messages at the top of the page indicating when you have unsaved changes to stabilize gameplay while creating scenarios.

3/10/2022• Temporary Model Removal: Wyvern-Vanilla: We're removing Wyvern-Vanilla from the Premium AI model rosters for now, but we may consider adding it as an option for other experiences. In the meantime, we're working on a model that will allow for a highly requested storytelling feature to be possible in AI Dungeon, so be on the lookout for future model announcements!

3/9/2022• AI Feedback: To improve everyone’s experience in AI Dungeon, we’ll be launching some experiments on how we gather feedback for the AI. A survey will appear to some users as a result of this experiment, and our hope is that users sharing their thoughts in context with the request will inform us on ways we can better the AI.If you are presented with the new AI feedback form, you will be given the opportunity to opt-in to authorizing our team to review your latest context + output from the current adventure to potentially be able to better understand any feedback you provide.We will not provide any of this data to third parties. We care about your privacy and will only request access to unpublished stories so we can understand your experience.Thanks for your feedback!• Model Name Updates: We have officially renamed Dragon-BETA to Griffin-Hydra to match our model-enhancement efforts. Additionally, we've made Griffin's model settings visible on the newly named Griffin-Hydra. This model will be available to Premium subscribers; please share your feedback on Discord or with

3/8/2022• Bug Fix: Wyvern-Hydra: We addressed an issue with our model naming conventions that caused Wyvern-Hydra to not perform to its planned potential. We resolved the issue and are encouraging users to check out Wyvern-Hydra at its peak —feel free to share feedback on Discord or with • Opting Into Ads: We receive frequent feedback about the energy system from users. Most free players suggested implementing an ad-based experience as an option instead of the energy system. We're actively listening to your feedback and will be testing an OPT-IN ad experience to allow unlimited text generation for free AI Dungeon users. If the ad experience proves to be positive, we will move forward with it. We appreciate your feedback to help us make any potential changes positive for everyone — please share your thoughts with us at and Discord. • Premium Plans: We are starting to transition Voyage subscriptions solely to the Voyage site ( Players wanting to subscribe to AI Dungeon only can continue to do so through the Subscriptions page ( • Planned Outage: Voyage: Voyagers, we have scheduled our first planned outage! We are migrating our database to help us continue to support the scale of various experiences available on Voyage. This will result in a brief maintenance period on Wednesday, 3/9/2022, between 7am – 9am PT; the games Pixel This, Things, and Medieval Problems may experience some downtime. If you have any questions, please email, or chat with the team & other users about it on Discord.

3/4/2022• Bug Fix: Negative Actions Count: We fixed a bug that caused negative actions to show up for users. For those who ran into this bug, loading an adventure that showed negative actions will now recalculate the actions beforehand.• Messaging Experiment: We've updated the messaging/words in user Settings for some players. We hope these clarify some of the language surrounding Settings and gameplay mechanics. If you have any feedback, please reach out to

3/3/2022• New AI Models Available for Gold Subscribers: Wyvern and Wyvern-Hydra models are now available for gold subscribers! Wyvern is based on the 20B parameter model recently released by Eleuther and uses the same finetune as Griffin and Dragon. Wyvern-Hydra is a composite model that picks the best of several responses using data we've collected from Train the AI (TTAI). Please share feedback on our official Discord and at

3/2/2022• Update — Voyage Payment Methods: It has been brought to our attention that WeChat Pay, Link, and Alipay were not integrated into our payment system as planned. Direct card payments are currently the only available method to subscribe to Voyage. Thank you for your patience as we explore feasible platforms, and please keep a lookout for updates on alternate payment methods.

February 2022

2/28/2022• New AI Models: Wyvern and Wyvern Hydra are new AI models now in BETA. Wyvern is based on the 20B parameter model recently released by Eleuther and uses the same finetune as Griffin and Dragon. Hydra is a composite model that continually improves based on Train the AI data. Today, both models are live for Platinum Subscribers. After we gather feedback and test, we plan to make these models available to Gold Subscribers. Please share feedback on our official Discord and at

2/28/2022• Griffin Update + Correction: We updated Griffin-BETA to a new finetuned version. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on it in Discord and Additionally, we became aware of a mistake in AI Model Settings where Griffin-BETA was set to use regular Griffin parameters since January 27. We apologize for any inconvenience this miscommunication may have caused in your gameplay. We hope the latest Griffin update makes up for it!

2/18/2022• Voyage Subscriptions: We've added WeChat Pay and Link as payment methods on Voyage to make it available to more users. Look out for announcements on additional payment methods in the future!

2/11/2022• World Creation Experiment: Some users can now immediately create new worlds after clicking Play through the Create World feature. • Bug Fix: We addressed a few issues with World Info, including the crash reported by some users attempting to use the Character Information dropdown menu. If you're still running into issues, please let us know at

2/9/2022• World Info Manager: We've launched an experiment aiming to help players to ease into using World Info. 50% of AI Dungeon players will default to a simplified World Info card that shows the keys and entry fields, in addition to a button on the top left to reveal the extended fields. Please post any feedback to or #aid-feedback on Discord. • World Info Manager: Pressing the return/enter key will now submit your search. • World Info Search: We have updated the search algorithm for world info so that it will hopefully work better for newly updated or created world info. Old world info will be unaffected by this change for now. Please report any issues you have with world info search at • Worlds: Fixed a bug that was preventing world info from loading when creating a character and playing a world. • UI Experiment: We are running an experiment on pointing people directly to world search instead of the old world screen on certain links within the app. Please feel free to share your feedback in Discord or

2/7/2022• Scripting Bugs: Players who use scripting should notice improvements in World Info after we fixed some bugs: – addWorldEntry now returns the index of the newly added WI in the WI list – updateWorldEntry will no longer add a new WI if it can't find one with the index you specify – Error handling should be improved to give better feedback Additional changes include: – Feedback now appears in the console log (brain icon) or as an error in adventures made from the scenario – Logging world info should only show ID, keys, and entry. You can still add or update other info, but it will no longer clutter your logs. If you run into any issues with this, please let us know in #aid-feedback or #scripting on Discord, or post to

2/3/2022• Bug Fix: We addressed an issue that could have caused AI Dungeon to use more memory and processing power than it should have. This fix should offer more responsive gameplay to players. • New Support Center: We're excited to announce the launch of! Whether it’s to file bug reports, submit feature requests, or to explore frequently asked questions, we hope this new platform will streamline your AI Dungeon & Voyage experience.

January 2022

1/31/2022• Publishing Limit: In order to prevent spam and platform abuse on AI Dungeon, we've updated the publishing limit to 5 pieces of content per hour. We will lower the limit further upon any recognized abuse of this limit.

1/27/2022• Griffin-Beta Updates: We've received feedback on the most recent griffin-beta changes and are reverting it to the previous griffin-beta and closing the survey.

1/26/2022• Game Updates: Instead of manually visiting the updates page on the home page banner, some users will see the pop-up for AI Dungeon's latest updates when they launch the app. • Griffin-Beta Updates: We’ve updated Griffin-Beta to improve coherence and are releasing a survey to gather feedback on how the model performs. Please try out the new model and send your feedback here: • Bug Fix: Our team resolved the issue of the blank black screen that kept some users from loading the app. Please email if you're still running into this bug after refreshing or un/reinstalling the app.

1/24/2022• UI Experiments: We removed the Home title for some users to test ease of navigation. Additionally, we plan to run an experiment that hides all page titles for some users to see if that helps simplify and streamline their experience on AI Dungeon.

1/21/2022• New Dragon Beta!: Since we changed the model provider from OpenAI to AI21 for Dragon, we know there have been a number of users that have been frustrated with some issues on the new Dragon. We’ve been working hard over the past couple weeks to fix those issues and we now have a new Dragon Beta model. All Dragon users should now be able to select the “Dragon-Beta” option in "Settings > AI Model" to test out the new model. Early testing and feedback has shown that it performs much better than Dragon. We’re excited to see how it improves your experience. • Default Temperature: Due to a change in how randomness (now called temperature) was being processed, the default for this setting has been reduced from 1.0 to 0.8. This new temperature value will be set for everyone, but premium users are still free to change it as desired. • Griffin Beta Available: Griffin Beta is now available for all users! It has an updated dataset for its training and early tests have shown that users consistently prefer it over the current Griffin. We're excited to hear what your feedback is.

1/19/2022• Model Availability: Griffin Beta is being taken down today as we prepare to roll it out to all AI Dungeon users. • AI Model Settings: We've moved the AI Model settings to their own page in Settings. Additionally, Randomness has been renamed to Temperature (with an updated explanation). You'll also find there is a wider range for this setting, up to 5.0. Sliders on mobile for the Advanced Model Settings should now be full-width as well. • UI Experiment: Some users will notice that we've removed the Home title on the home screen. Instead, they'll see the navigation bar split between the menu and search features on the left, while the rewards, login, and help features are on the right. We'd love to hear if this makes navigating the app more streamlined for you!

1/17/2022• Advanced Model Settings: We've added advanced model settings for Griffin and Dragon, accessible from the Game settings! Premium users can now configure settings like Top P and Top K, along with a selection of repetition penalty features on both models (AI21 has a few more options on offer here).

1/14/2022• Model Update: A new Griffin-Beta model is now available for users with beta testing features enabled (Premium only). This new model has been finetuned on much more and higher quality data than the last, with additional grammar, formatting and punctuation fixes to improve coherence. Try it out by switching to Griffin-Beta in your settings.

1/11/2022• UI Update: We've updated all the icons across AI Dungeon. Users will likely notice minor visual changes on most icons, but performance remains the same.

1/10/2022• Dragon Memory: We are continuing to work with AI21 to optimize the new Dragon model. With additional tokenizer improvements, the Dragon model will now use even more of you recent adventure text when generating the next action.

1/7/2022• World Info: We've fixed an issue relating to world info not showing up on adventures started from content you don't own. (public scenarios and worlds as an example) World info should fully show up now. • App Stability: We have multiple adjustments rolling out as part of our efforts to improve stability in AI Dungeon. This may cause the retry mechanic to slow down for some users — please message if you notice any issues.

1/6/2022• Adjusted Outdated Settings: We have removed the settings for playing music (which is no longer used by any scenarios) and full screen (which can now be toggled on the game screen itself). • Removing Narration: We plan to retire the narration feature at the end of this week. This is because the use of narration among players is low (0.01%) and does not commensurate with the cost of the technology associated with it ($1500/mo for Amazon Polly's text to speech). While narration will not be a default feature in AI Dungeon, there are some excellent free services that we recommend using, such as Natural Reader, for players who want their stories read to them.

1/5/2022• Bug Fix: A bug that was causing memory issues for some players related to World Info, Memory (Pin), and scripting has been fixed. This should improve story coherence moving forward.

1/4/2022• Reduced Repetition: Updated Dragon to have reduced repetition after testing it with Train the AI so it should loop or repeat sentences less often. • Added Retries: Added retries to reduce how often users get the "Technical Issue" error messages. • Removed Scripting Change Limit: Removed the limit for how much of the text you could change in scripting. • Test to Reduce Repetition on Dragon: We're doing a Train the AI Test on some new settings that should reduce repetition for Dragon. If the test turns out well we'll roll out the changes reducing how often the AI gets stuck in loops.


12/31/2021• More Dragon Updates: We have some updates for both Dragon models moving forward. We're continuing work to improve stories using Dragon-21. Starting in the new year we won't be able to offer Dragon-OA as a model. Read more about why we are making these changes at

12/29/2021• Dragon-21 Improvement Tests: We're running some Train the AI experiments on a new version of Dragon-21 that should have improved coherence and reduced repetition. (this will only have an effect if you have "Train the AI" enabled. If the test shows a positive improvement then we'll be rolling out the improved model in the next few days.

12/28/2021• Gameplay: Bugs with editing actions should now be fixed. If you find any other bugs, please report them to

12/27/2021• Third Party Login: Users can now log in and register using their Discord, Google, Twitch, and Apple ID accounts. These options provide easier use and enhanced security, so no additional email verification will be required for users who sign up using any of these accounts. If you have any questions, please email• Dragon-21 Improvements: We're continuing to work on improving Dragon 21. It should now be a few seconds faster and also have less times that it fails to generate a response. We'll be continuing to work on improving the speed and generation quality over the next couple weeks.

12/24/2021• Happy Holidays: Last year we held a story contest the winning video has finally been turned into an animated movie! Check it out at on the AI Dungeon channel on YouTube Big thanks to Space Zamboine for creating the video for us! • Infinite Loading: We fixed a bug that got introduced where the AI would load forever and not return a result when AI Dungeon 2D was turned on. If you have any further issues please send us an email at• Gameplay: We've added a setting to automatically add a line break when playing in Story mode thanks to feedback we received. Please reach out if you have any additional feedback!

12/21/2021• Profile: You can now filter by your published content on your profile.• Dragon21 Rollout: We officially got access to our dedicated AI21 replicas this morning. We will be starting to ramp up again, planning to open access to all gold + platinum subscribers over the next week. The Dragon model (now called Dragon-OA) will have an additional content filter in order to block content restricted by OpenAI. If you hit these restrictions you will get a message letting you know that you can change your prompt or switch to our new Dragon model, Dragon-21, which along with Griffin will be unaffected by these restrictions. Read more about this in our blog:

12/20/2021• UI Update: The scenario start has been updated to match the current game screen style. If you experience any issues, please report them to

12/18/2021• World Info Hiding: World info hiding has been removed due to its unnecessary complexity, bulk, and potential for abuse in published content, in addition to its frankly unfinished state - being implemented only on worlds, not scenarios.

12/15/2021• New Game Screen: AI Dungeon's new game screen is now live for all users. This transition improves our dev team's ability to keep AI Dungeon stable. • Gameplay: We've made some adjustments based on user feedback. Line breaks will no longer be automatically added or removed to Story or Continue actions. This gives more creative freedom to users with Story actions. You can manually add line breaks by pressing ⇧ Shift + ↵ Return. Please provide any feedback in the AID Discord or to

12/14/2021• Profile: As part of our continuing UI upgrades, we are pushing Profile live for all users. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the improved Profile and how it compares to My Stuff.• Login Update: We're upgrading our login and registration experience for easier use and enhanced security. In addition to email, users will soon be able to log in to AI Dungeon through their Google, Apple, Twitch, Discord, and Steam accounts.

12/10/2021• Experiment: We've noticed that a few accounts (0.2% of users) are generating a significant amount of traffic—a good number of which we believe are bots. The cost of that is being shared by all players, which we don't think is fair. We launched an experiment aimed at slowing down bots as they get to seemingly non-human amounts of actions. This is just a test. If you notice this impacting your normal experience, please let us know. • Dragon21: To help with manage the scale, we are slowing down the rollout of Dragon21. Keep a lookout for updates as we work to make the model available to all users this coming week. • Creators Program: Social links are no longer required to apply for the Creators Program. If you're interested in becoming a creator, make sure to read the requirements before applying here: • AI Dungeon 2D Clarification: We've better clarified how AI Dungeon 2D currently works in settings - Images are pulled from a large cache of pre-generated Pixray images (that we plan to grow further) and matched with your adventure to provide instant visuals for your experience. We have plans to improve this and eventually allow manual generation of unique images that you can read about in the questions section of the post:

12/9/2021• UI Update: We will be retiring the old game screen starting Monday, 12/13/2021. This week is your last chance to share feedback on the new game screen so we can optimize it for your experience in AI Dungeon. Please share feedback on the new game screen before then so we can continue to improve the play experience of the new screen. • AI Dungeon 2D Beta: Gold & Platinum subscribers now have access to AI Dungeon 2D! For every action you take, the AI will deliver richly detailed pixelated images within the context of your story. Check out our blog for details & examples: • Bug Fix: We squashed a login bug that was reported by some of our users on Android.• Bug Fix: Duplicating an adventure will no longer double the action count. • Update to Language Models and Dragon.: We have been working with AI21 to provide a new AI model for AI Dungeon. We are ready to start scaling up traffic and have several other model improvements on the way. The Dragon model (now called Dragon-OA) will have an additional content filter in order to block content restricted by OpenAI. If you hit these restrictions you will get a message letting you know that you can change your prompt or switch to our new Dragon model, Dragon-21, which along with Griffin will be unaffected by these restrictions. Read more about this in our blog:

12/8/2021• Bug Fix: We fixed an issue that was causing some Android devices to crash when using the "pin" command button. • Bug Fix: We fixed an issue that was preventing some adventures from being permanently deleted from the trash. • Actions: When viewing an adventure, the number of actions that load per page will be determined by your action window setting in the Display settings.

12/6/2021• Bug Fix: We fixed an issue that prevented users from deleting larger adventures. You should be able to delete your adventures without trouble now.

12/3/2021• Beta Testers: Happy Friday! We updated Profile content cards + search to have a similar style to general search in Beta. In addition to polishing up and shipping this new style of content card for Profile, we plan to redirect My Stuff to Profile given their matching styles. This will include all of the same metadata. We'll announce these updates once they've shipped. As always, you can reach out to us anytime with your feedback. Thank you! • UI Updates: Thank you all for your feedback on our UI experiments! We've decided to make the following changes for all users: – An update to the game button; now it just says "Play" on it. – Updated language on the new game screen. – User Profile moved to the sidebar. – The boxes on outputs in adventures are turned off. We'd love to hear your feedback on whether these updates are helpful to your experience on AI Dungeon. Feel free to reach out to to let us know what you think! • Game Bug & Scripting Fixes: Bug Fix: We resolved an issue that was causing commands preceded by a slash sign (/) on new UI to cause infinite loading. Bug Fix: We fixed the restore button, which previously displayed actions to restore in the wrong order. Bug Fix: Bug Fix: Search & filter in unused world infos will no longer cause active world infos to crash. Scripting: state.message should now show up on new UI when used.

12/2/2021• UI Test: We removed the boxes that were surrounding outputs based on user feedback. Please reach out to us anytime you'd like to share your thoughts!

12/1/2021• Bug Fix: We pushed an update to the new game screen that should drastically increase performance for adventures that have an above-average number of actions.

11/30/2021• UI Tests: We're experimenting with alternative navigation designs as part of our UI upgrades. Some users may notice the following changes in their home screen: – Your Profile (linked to your username) will now appear on the side menu – There is now one Play button available to minimalize content on the header – The messaging on the new home screen shows "Quick Start" instead of "Prompts"; "Join Multiplayer" instead of "Join" on its own; and "Search" in place of "Featured Scenarios". If you notice these changes, then we'd love to hear your feedback on how they impact your experience in AI Dungeon! You can reach out to us on

11/26/2021• Energy: Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause users who made actions more frequently than 1 per minute to have their energy recharge slower. Energy should now recharge at a consistent rate whether or not you are playing. Thanks for all the bug reports. Please let us know if you continue to run into any issues.

11/18/2021• Dragon-BETA: Some users reported that Dragon-BETA is being irresponsive. We advise users to switch from Dragon-BETA to Dragon while our team looks into & resolves this issue. We will announce when improvements are available.

11/2/2021• AI Dungeon Roadmap: Here is a list of exciting milestones & future plans we have in store for AI Dungeon! What’s shipped In the past few months we’ve shipped a number of updates to AI Dungeon. These include: - Launched World Sharing - Improved World Info management= - The return of content publishing and search (Explore is back!) - New Griffin (a fine-tuned GPT-J model) - Fine-tune Improvements (added more 3rd person story content) - Community Guidelines update with blog post explaining the changes - Images added to AI Dungeon (for premium subscribers) - Bug fixes and stability enhancements - New status page at What’s coming This is our tentative roadmap for the next few months. These plans may change, but here’s what we’re planning to work on: 1) Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements - iOS accessibility fixes - Updated login + 3rd party login options - Multiplayer stability - Improved home page recommendations 2) Social - Notification improvements - Instant sharing (be able to share a part of your story more easily to social media, including generated images, with links back to published adventures) - Launching a new official Latitude Discord - Multiplayer enhancements for a better social experience 3) Model Enhancements - Fine-tuning experiments including additional quality 3rd person content - Dragon-BETA for Gold subscribers - Launching new Dragon model - LMI (last model input) viewer so that players can see exactly what’s being sent to the model 4) Prototyping Some Future Concepts - New creation tools for characters - Updated creation tools for scenarios and worlds - Immersive Tales (a simpler CYOA way to start stories as an enhancement to scenarios) - Additional image generation options for premium subscribers (including pixel art and automated image suggestions) - Collectibles and achievements - A new way to subscribe to AI Dungeon (more to share soon)

11/1/2021• New Icons: We launched a new mobile app update that will enable using more icons in the app.

10/29/2021• Latest Tweaks & Bug Fixes: Happy Halloween! Here are some recent tweaks and bug fixes! UI Updates – We adjusted the text boxes for the Pin button (i.e. the remember command) so they are now larger and hide the list of buttons while opened. Users can have an easier time adding memory and styles to their adventures – The image toggle icon has been removed in story view – A label has been added for game screen modes in story view – We moved the search filter options into the option menu – Mobile users will now be prompted to update when a new release is available – Better recommendations on the home screen carousels – Adjusted interactivity for text boxes: They now resize with text content – Coming soon: Search UI updates Bug Fixes – The Report Bug button has been fixed so that it is no longer showing for players who are not logged in – Users who reported not being able to play any worlds should no longer be facing that problem – Overlays for search filters have replaced native alerts – We have fixed a bug where the AI was generating some irrelevant races, classes, factions, and locations for some users

10/27/2021• Dragon-BETA Fix: Due to high demand, we hit our quota with AI21 for Dragon-BETA faster than anticipated yesterday. We now have a higher quota and Dragon-BETA should be working again.

10/25/2021• AI Dungeon Halloween 🎃: We’re loading AI Dungeon with spooktacular treats! List “AIDhalloween” as a tag on your published scenarios so others can find your stories. The AI Dungeon team will give a shout-out to their favorite Halloween multiplayer scenario and play it on our Twitch livestream this Thursday!• Search: Search is now available to all users! Back by popular demand, ALL users can now use search will allow you to use keywords and tags to find relevant content in featured and published worlds, scenarios, and adventures. You can access search by clicking the search icon on the top navigation menu.• Beta: We fixed a bug reported by users that was causing content to not load after they had blocked a user.• Platinum Users: We are excited to announce Dragon-BETA featuring AI21's Jurassic-1 Jumbo model! Users on the Platinum subscription can activate Dragon-BETA under Settings > Game > AI Model Type.

10/22/2021• World Creation: We have refactored the world creation process! We improved the look and feel on mobile apps and reduced bugs. Additionally, we have been fixing bugs and plan to continue addressing them as they come along. We appreciate any bug reports you send our way. We hope you enjoy its latest version and share your feedback on these updates.

10/21/2021• Beta: We’ve added sort options for popular and trending content in search.

10/7/2021• Beta Testers: There is now a safe search filter in search that will hide nsfw content by default and will act independently of your Safe mode setting.

10/7/2021• World Creation: Beta Testers: We have rebuilt the world creation tool! We'd love your feedback on this improved experience. • Beta Testers: Search is back! Premium subscribers who turn on beta features can access it now, and within a month of beta testing we will ship it live for all users! Back by popular demand, search will allow you to use keywords and tags to find relevant content in featured and published worlds, scenarios, and adventures. You can access search by clicking the title for most of the carousels on the home screen. We are excited for this to add to your experience playing AI Dungeon as you discover more ideas for adventures you can play. For more information refer to the help screen accessible by pressing the ? at the top right of the search screen. • Avatars: Fixed a bug that was hiding user avatars from view.

10/6/2021• World Start: The world start screen has been updated to include more information including the author, tags, upvotes, tips, and reporting. This is more consistent with the way scenarios and adventures are displayed.

10/5/2021• Feedback from the Survey: Hello! A couple of updates since our survey we ran last weekend (Where we got over 1800 responses — thank you!). While we will be removing a couple of lesser-used features, we had a number of comments that helped us realize the value users find in certain features/modes. * We will be adding scripting, multiplayer, and quest completion to our roadmap to improve in the future * We will not be removing hardcore/adventure mode + death detection for now but may port those to another game/experience in the future * We will be removing skills, survival mode, and action scores from AI Dungeon in the next couple of days Thanks for the input! We're excited to share some more insights from the survey moving forward.

10/1/2021• Creators: Creators can now feature adventures in addition to scenarios and worlds. Featured adventures are not currently shown on the home screen, but will be available in search when search is available.

9/30/2021• Shift to the Walls Approach: Hi all, We've thought a lot about some of the concerns users have shared with us on our approach to moderation and what happens in unpublished stories and we've decided on new path that we think will resolve a lot of those concerns. Read more about it here: • World Info Library: All World Info has now been indexed and should be searchable in the world info library. If you are still having issues with searching for your world info in your library, please let us know.

9/29/2021• World Info Generation: World Info generation should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience! • World Info Generation: We're aware of an issue with world info generation. We should have it fixed within the next 24 hours and will post another update here when it's fixed. Until then, best not to waste your energy generating world info. • World Info Duplicates: We have removed over 21,000,000 world info duplicates as part of an effort to clean up world info. If you notice that any of your world info is missing, please contact and we should be able to retrieve it up to 30 days from now.

9/24/2021• Profile: Some users reported content not showing up in other's profiles. We have fixed a bug that was causing this problem. It is also helpful if you are not seeing some of your own worlds or scenarios on your profile to go into the account settings and press the "Reset Search Index" button. • Publishing Content: Sharing your profile and publishing content are now live! You can now publish any adventure, scenario, or world by using the toggle on the edit screen or from the triple-dot "..." menu. Once published, you can share the content through a link or with in-app friends. Searching published content will be released at a future date. The creator program is now also available to all users who have had an account with us for at least a month and have published at least 10 scenarios or worlds! This application can be found by going to or clicking the "Apply to be a Creator" button in your account settings. If you like to create high-quality content, we're excited to welcome you to the program! • World Creation: We've removed the Characters section from the world summary screen for now due to issues reported where it crashes the app. We will bring it back soon once we've finished with a refactor of the world creation tool that we're working on now.

9/23/2021• Beta testers: We’re launching our new creator program! If you’ve had an account with us for at least a month and have published at least 10 scenarios or worlds you can apply! This application can be found by going to or clicking the “Apply to be a Creator” button in your account settings. Once you apply, your application will be reviewed and if approved you will be able to Feature your scenarios and worlds in addition to Publishing. This will add it to the Worlds, Popular Scenarios, and Featured Scenarios carousels on the home screen for all users in AI Dungeon. If you like to create high-quality content, we're excited to welcome you to the program! • Notifications: Fixed a bug that was causing friends and followers to get notifications for unpublished scenarios. Notifications should now only be sent for newly published content.

9/21/2021• Upvoting: Upvoting should once again be available. Please upvote your favorite scenarios! • Published Worlds: Fixed an issue that would prevent published worlds from being viewed and played.

9/20/2021• Beta testers: Sharing your profile and publishing content are now live for beta! You can now publish any adventure, scenario, or world by using the toggle on the edit screen or from the triple-dot "..." menu. Once published, you can share the content through a link or with in-app friends. Searching published content will be released at a future date. To try this out, make sure beta features are enabled in your game settings.• Scenario duplication: Fixed a bug where world info was not being copied to the new scenario when duplicated.• World Info Attributes: You can now add an attribute to your world info without it generating a new one with the AI and consuming energy. We've also update the world info library help page to reflect this change.

9/16/2021• Mobile subscriptions: Some mobile subscriptions were having issues since yesterday. Those issues should now be fixed. • World Info Downloading: Fixed several issues with downloading world info. Public Id for world info should also be downloaded now allowing you to edit locally and then re-upload to overwrite existing world info instead of creating duplicates. • World info help: We've added more information on different fields to the help screen. Hopefully the helps to clarify the purpose of some of the fields in world info. We've also added a bit of clarification to the upload and download section. • Copy world info: We've added a button to the world info card on the active tab to save a copy. This should clear up some of the confusion we've been seeing and make it a better experience for users playing their own worlds as well as clarify that when you edit world info from a world that isn't yours that it will be creating a copy instead of editing the original.

9/14/2021• Bug fixes and improvements for World Info: - World info generation is now free for all users - World Info loads MUCH faster for most users - Edit more fields in the active tab (including attributes) - No longer create duplicate entries each time someone plays a world or scenario - Simplified generation options Power users may still see a lot of past duplicates in their World Info library causing slower loads and cluttering the library. We still plan to address this in a future update. Please report bugs you find to Today's fixes and updates should help you better manage World Info for the upcoming release of publishing on AI Dungeon to more easily share worlds with your friends!

9/13/2021• Bug Fixes: - Reduced the frequency of the AI returning empty output - Filter message and error message were the same due to a bug in the error message system - We also changed the message for when the filter triggers to be “The AI’s filter was triggered. Try taking the story in a different direction.” to make the message more clear • Data deletion clarification: We've added clarity on the account deletion page to confirm our approach to data handling: if you delete your account all of your data will be fully removed from our systems within 30 days. • Beta version of Griffin is available: Hey! We’re testing a new beta version of our Griffin model. It should be the same level of quality, but we want people to try it out before we make it the Griffin default. Test it out by changing your model on the settings page.

9/10/2021• Error messages: We've changed some of the error messages you will get during gameplay to what we hope will be more helpful messages. We plan to make more updates to this soon for different cases. We've also made improvements that will hopefully minimize errors you receive in the first place.

9/7/2021• Retiring the Classic Model: We have removed the "Classic" AI model type from game settings (aka GPT-2), as it is rarely used and provides a much worse game experience than our free-tier griffin models.

9/3/2021• Updated Default Prompts!: We're testing some small changes to our default prompts that we hope will help you get more interesting stories that start off in the style you expect.

9/3/2021• AI Generated Visuals are Here!: Dragon users can now create AI Generated visuals! To learn more check out our blog post: To use visual generation you need to turn on "Enable Beta Features" and the New Game Screen in the settings page and then click on an action and select "Generate Image." We're excited to see what everyone creates! • Fixes to the New Game Screen: We've fixed a number of bugs reported with the new games screen UI: - Multiplayer is now working with the new UI - Do/Say actions can be edited again - Auto scroll working consistently when displaying AI output - Text speed is respecting previous setting - 3rd person mode is fixed - Text no longer separates between sentences when playing story mode We're still working on a few other edge cases with the new update. Thank you to all of the players who have given feedback! We will also be launching a beta mode for premium users who want to check out early features and give feedback.

9/1/2021• Game Screen Rollout: The new game screen is back up and ready to try out! Turn it on using the banner on the home page or by going to settings under the display tab (revert to old design here as well). Improvements include responsive text size, improved readability, full screen toggle, and capability for future visuals for Dragon users. Bugs fixed: Android keyboard issue Remember, Author Notes, and World Info no longer disappears Text cutoff issues Train the AI not showing Centering of words during game play

8/25/2021• Rollback of Model Filter: Hi all, We recently implemented a system as required by OpenAI that will cause users content to be sent to Latitude models only if it triggers their filter too many times. We realized today after rolling it out, that there was an issue with the system that caused it to switch over far more users than should have been. Because of that we've rolled back the change and undone any users who were switched away from those models until we can fix the system. We've also heard feedback from users that they'd want to be notified if they are switched over. This was already visible in the settings menu, but based on feedback we've decided we will also implement an alert if the model type is switched over and also inform them that they can request a refund for the last month if they aren't satisfied. We apologize for any frustration this may have caused and welcome any additional feedback.

8/25/2021• New Game Screen UI: We've made some improvements to the game screen including a new UI design. This opens up new possibilities for the future development of Ai Dungeon gameplay. We encourage you to give this new screen a try and give us feedback on your experience. If you'd like to switch back to its classic design, you can find a toggle of game screens in your settings under display.

8/23/2021• Update to Story Experience: We've made some improvements to the user experience in AI Dungeon! Instead of being blocked from playing when input triggers OpenAI’s filter, those requests will be handled by our own AI models. Go into your game settings to see which AI provider you are currently using. Learn more at

8/11/2021• World Creation: World Creation is now free! No more need for Dragon energy to create a world unless you want to generate world info (and we anticipate making that free to use soon as well!).

8/6/2021• Upload World Info: We've fixed some issues with uploading world info in the world info library. Thanks for your feedback!

8/5/2021• Model Instability: We've been working on some infrastructure updates, which have caused a higher than normal number of AI responses to be empty. (From around 2 AM to 10AM EST.) Apologies for the issues, this should be fixed.

8/4/2021• New Featured World: We've added a new featured world "Penwick" to the available worlds. We hope you enjoy this Literary Fiction style world! Adding this new world has been a test for things to come...

8/2/2021• Profile: We've made some design changes to the profile screen to make browsing your content a bit easier. Please let us know if you have any feedback! • Recently Played : Users can now filter recently played adventures by day, week, month or all.

7/31/2021• Worlds Screen: We've received several reports that there are issues we need to address with worlds on the profile screen before we remove the worlds screen so we've brought it back until we can resolve those issues. Thanks for your feedback as always!

7/30/2021• Worlds Tab Removal: Now that worlds are available on the home screen and on profiles, we have removed the old worlds screen and tab in the hamburger menu. You can find the create world button in your profile. • Support for Subscription Issues: Hello! We've seen reports of some users being charged after they were canceled or subscription action not being successful. If this happens please let us know at and we will promptly fix the problem. Due to the way the payment providers, especially Paypal work, sometimes cancellations will not properly process. This is a rare occurence, but if it does happen please let us know so we can fix the issue and refund you.

7/29/2021• Reverted Margins For Adventures: Thank you to the users for the valuable feedback! We have reverted the margins on adventures so that the text now spans the screen. • Experiment Update: Currently half the users will experience a change in spacing on the adventure page to increase white space around the text. Please give us feedback on which version you all like more!

7/28/2021• Posts: We will soon be be removing the posts feature in AI Dungeon and want to give everyone a chance to download their posts before we do so. We have added an export feature under "my stuff" that you can now use to download your posts.

7/24/2021• Mobile Accessibility: We've heard your feedback and have reverted the change to the action input field. We're still reviewing some of the feedback received, but there was enough saying that it wasn't helpful that we decided to completely revert it for now.

7/23/2021• Mobile Accessibility: We've made a change for the mobile app that will now make it so that when you press enter on the mobile keyboard your action it will be submitted until of creating a new line. We're hoping that this will make it easier for mobile players to manage submitting actions while still allowing those who prefer to enter longer actions to do so on the web app. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

7/22/2021• Accessiblity: We just fixed a bunch of issues with accessibility labels throughout the app. Thanks for those who have reported these issues. Please let us know if you find any others we can improve.

7/20/2021• Active World Info Upload/Download: To avoid duplication we require publicId for each world info that users upload. In order to get publicId, users can download latest world info. That downloads world info with the publicId and use this latest downloaded worldInfo.JSON to upload world info.

7/20/2021• Worlds: Changed worlds to use a public id to make them more secure in preparation for publishing worlds. There were several issues with this this transition that broke several things with worlds for a few hours. These issues should now be fixed.

7/19/2021• World Creation: World saving was temporarily broken due to a change that we're working on towards publishing worlds. This issue should be fixed now.

7/15/2021• Filter Update: We’ve heard feedback from several users who have let us know about common false positives that the filter has flagged. We’ve listened to that feedback from the community and made several changes that improve the filter and will prevent many of those false positives. We realize the current filter is not as context-sensitive or elegant as we want it to be. We’re working hard on something that solves this complicated problem better, but it’s going to take time to build. As we continue improving the filter we want to hear about your experience and what we can do better. Please share any feedback you have on how the filter is working to and we’ll work hard to listen and improve. • Bug Fix: The app crashing on android devices is now fixed.

7/13/2021• New Profile Page: We've merged the My Stuff tab with Profiles for added convenience and have given the cards a new look. Now you can access all of your adventures, scenarios, worlds, bookmarks, and trashed items in one place. This aims to replace My Stuff and also replace the Worlds tab, which can now be accessed on either your Profile if it's your own world and the home page for default worlds. (Other player's content soon to come! Thank you for your patience!) • Experiment announcement: To make it easier to access different game modes on the home screen, we're trying out having new game, continued game, and join multiplayer game available side by side for users on web for some of our users to gain feedback on this feature. Currently on mobile, these features are already available when you select the button at the bottom of the screen.

7/6/2021• Command Buttons: Added the ability to customize the alignment of the command buttons in the game settings. • Command Buttons: Thanks for all the feedback from the recent experiment. You can now customize the order of the command buttons to your liking! Just go to the game settings and you'll find some new options for managing the command buttons. Along with this update all command button settings have been reset.

7/4/2021• Command Buttons: Running an experiment where we've reordered the command buttons to something that we believe makes more sense. 50% of players will see this new order. We'll be watching for feedback for the next couple days, so if you're seeing the new layout, let us know if you like it!

7/1/2021• World Info Generation: Improved the generation of world descriptions to better respect the genre entered. Try random words as genres and you may get some entertaining results!

7/1/2021• AI: We're always training and testing different versions of the AI with the goal of improving quality over time. In the last hour we launched one of these tests, but it caused a brief disruption of service. Things seem to be back to normal now, but we wanted to let everyone know what we're up to.• New Worlds Carousel: We've added a new carousel to the home page dedicated to worlds! Additionally, we have decided to make all the worlds that previously cost scales free to play.• Fixed Login Bug: Fixed an issue caused by the reward calendar resetting that prevented login.

6/29/2021• Bug Fix: The issue of too large buttons on the commands list has been fixed. Also, we've changed the 'do', 'say', 'story' buttons to have more contrasting colored text. • Performance Improvements: We've made some improvements to the home page that should improve loading times and make the overall experience smoother on both web and mobile. If you find things are still loading slowly or if there are any other similar issues, please let us know! Thank you!

6/25/2021• Feature Suggestion Fix: Due to a glitch with our feature suggestion system, Ideas reviewed by the admins have not been becoming visible since May 3. You can now see and vote for the hundreds of great new ideas submitted by the community after May 3 as expected on • Continue Button: Now you can easily continue your last played session again. For web, there's now a button on the navigation bar next to new game and for mobile you can simply click the new game button, now named "new game / continue" and it's the first option of the list.

6/24/2021• Experiment announcement: Currently we're testing out how the placement of the call to action button on the banner feels on the different themes, so half our users will have the new style where the button is to the right instead of the left.

6/23/2021• World Info Library: We've made some updates to the AI used for world info generation in the world info library. Try it out and let us know what you think. It seems to create even more interesting info with more variation, but will also still generate strange info as is to be expected from any AI at this point. The World builder is still using the old AI for now if you want to compare the two. When generating info it will also include the name and type of info as default keys as well.

6/21/2021• Color contrast changes: Made some adjustments to the new home screen to increase contrasts for buttons, text, and backgrounds as well as fixing light theme background/text color issues. • Moved New Game Button + text color fix: For players on web, the new game button on home is now up on the nav bar to be easier to find. Also, the text for buttons has now been updated to have higher contrast, especially for bright colored themes.

6/19/2021• Custom World Info: Generic world info generation is now live for all users. Try it out by going to the "Custom" tab in the World Info library and then generating any type of world info you want! We've had a lot of fun with this tool and hope you do too. • New Explore Page: Now the new Explore page is live for all users!

6/16/2021• New Explore Page: We know you have all been waiting eagerly for the return of the Explore page, and we thank you for your patience! Beginning now, some users will see a test of our new home screen / explore page experience. We welcome constructive feedback on the new page to Please begin the subject line with “Explore:”. For now, the new Explore experience will include a limited selection of scenarios to choose from, but this selection will be expanded very soon. Keep an eye out for more updates! • Report Bug: Users can now report bugs in the AID app. Click on "About", scroll down to the contact section and use the Report Bug button!

6/11/2021• Worlds: We have removed Add characters button on worlds summary page as we have the same functionality in World Info Library.

6/10/2021• Updates Page: Fixed an issue where the link to the updates page from the about page wasn't working (and crashed the Android app). You can now see all the past updates again.

6/9/2021• World Info Library: Users can now choose the number of world info entries per page. • Moderation Clarification to the Community: We've released an update to address questions we’ve received about moderation policies and privacy, and introduce our new Content Policy with specific guidelines about what content is allowed on AI Dungeon. You can read it at

6/7/2021• World Info Library: Fixed an issue with Default Race, Class, and Location Generation that was causing results to be empty. We're hoping that all World Info Library generation is fully functional now other than NPC generation which we are currently working to fix.

6/4/2021• Network Issues: You may have seen some network issues over the past day or so, those should be mostly gone now.

6/3/2021• World Info Library: Fixed an issue with Default Faction Generation that was causing faction generation results to be empty.

6/2/2021• World Info Library: Added Filter Unused World Info option to filter the list of unused world info(world info that aren't used in any adventures, scenarios and worlds) • World Info Library: Fixed an issue where world info would be lost when doing large uploads of world info data. Also improved the error for those uploading world info with problems in the data uploaded.

5/28/2021• World Info Library: We're still hard at work improving World Info. Fixed several bugs and duplicate issues. We've also updated the upload function so that it hopefully works better. We haven't stress tested with large uploads yet, so please let us know if large uploads are still dropping entries.

5/28/2021• Suspension System: As the next evolution of our safety strategy, we will begin to automatically suspend the accounts of the 5% of users who most frequently violate our content policies. The first suspension lasts 24 hours and subsequent violations will trigger a 7-day suspension. All suspensions will be reviewed manually by human moderators to ensure accuracy and remove incorrect suspensions. Most users have still never triggered the safety filter a single time, so we expect that most users will be similarly unaffected by this change. • Home Page: Fixed an issue preventing the home page from loading for some users.

5/27/2021• Voice Narration: Premium users now have the option to select Russian from our narration options. You can now also set a custom option! Enter any Name/ID from Amazon Polly into the custom text box to use any accent available through Amazon Polly. For a list of available accents please visit

5/26/2021• World Info Library: Bug Fix: Pagination issue is now fixed. • World Info Library: We noticed that some world info that belongs to a different race or class were showing up under Custom tab. So we have now added a dropdown to update the type of world info under "Custom" tab.

5/24/2021• World Info Library: We have added a new option to filter duplicate world info.

5/22/2021• Voice Narration Settings: For Premium users the Voice selection overlay has been improved for better accessibility on mobile phones and for those using a screen reader. Please reach out if you have any feedback or if you notice any problems. • World Info Library: Disabling the "Name" field on the active tab for now. It doesn't really do anything helpful yet...

5/21/2021• World Info Scripting: Thanks to your feedback, we have found a bug that still exists with the World Info scripting. We'll be working to fix the issue where the world info gets reset asap and will let you know when it's fixed. • World Info Library: UI update! Centered cards and adjusted padding. • World Info Scripting: World info scripting should now be working again. If you have any problems please reach out!

5/20/2021• World Info Library: UI update! Adjusted the styling for the search bar. • World Info: New UI Update! Adjusted text input widths for active tab entries to not cut off text. • World Info Library: New UI update! Now the active tab cards have similar styling to the World Info Library cards! You can also now edit anytime and the edit button toggle is now just the save button. • World Info Library: New UI update! Applied margin to expanded World Info card entries, adjusted unsaved message to stack better, fixed card getting wider on adding multiple lines of tags. • World Info Library: New UI updates! Updated entry cards for World Info data, fixed all elements going to one side, moved bulk delete button to swap with single delete button when prompted, changed Add button to a labeled plus, increased minus symbol for mobile, adjusted styling. More to come soon!

5/19/2021• World Info Library: Many issues have been fixed including adding world info manually under the custom tab and preventing duplicates when adding world info to your scenarios from your library. Also, we've added more info to the help screen. We're still aware of many bugs that we continue to work on. Thanks for the reports and for your patience as we iron things out. • World Info Library: Users can now create manual entries directly to their Active tab. Please use the Generation Options button under Active tab and enter the details.

5/18/2021• World Info Library: Created a new Help screen for world info which you can access by clicking the help icon on the top right of the World Info Library screen. We're actively working on adding and editing the information on this screen, but what's already there may help those who are currently confused by how World Info works. • World Info Library: World info should be visible now. We're still working on some styling and display issues on mobile among other improvements, but hopefully everything will at least be fully functional by tomorrow. • Login/Register: Fixed an styling issue where the login/register form wasn't displaying correctly on mobile.

5/17/2021• Hidden World Info: We're aware of a bug where active world info for older adventures is hidden. We're working on a fix and should have it ready soon. • World Info Library: Just pushed a major update to world info library. Consolidated world info management down to a single screen. Should help to simplify management of world info. Lots more work to do. We're expecting bugs and overall instability with World Info for a bit longer. Many more updates coming soon!

4/27/2021• Update to our Community: Yesterday, we released a test system to prevent the generation of certain sexual content that violates our policies, specifically content that may involve depictions or descriptions of minors, on the AI Dungeon platform. We did not communicate this test to the Community in advance, which created an environment where users and other members of our larger community, including platform moderators, were caught off guard. You can read more about this test here if you’re interested:

4/27/2021• Worlds: Fixed a bug where race options would display while adding blank entries to factions. • Worlds: Your feedback is valuable to us. In our last update we removed the faction requirement for locations, but most of the users were not happy with the last update. So we are introducing a new option called 'Require Faction' You can choose Yes, if you would like to bind your locations to the faction and choose No if you don't wish to bind your locations to the faction and locations will still be generated with a faction as the context. • Model Performance: We're continuing to tweak parts of the AI. Some changes may or may not be impacted by your settings or game content. If you continually experience the AI unable to create outputs, please contact

4/26/2021• Worlds: Fixed a bug where NPC Builder would display deleted factions

4/22/2021• Removed the faction requirement for locations: In order to provide more flexibility in worlds, we have decided to remove the faction requirement for locations. Locations will still be generated with a faction as the context, but will no longer be required when selected a location to play in. • Worlds: Fixed a bug where character selection wouldn't always allow select starting information

4/21/2021• Worlds: Fixed a bug where Quickstart wouldn't always work• World Creation: Fixed a bug where save and navigation components weren't always working • World Creation save button: Restored the save button for the world creation process. It seems to have been removed by mistake. • Improved Navigation Experience: Navigation should make a bit more sense as we reworked it to follow more common navigation paradigms. The menu is now always available in top-level pages and an indicator is visible to indicate what page you are currently on. Breadcrumb navigation is available on web for select pages.

4/16/2021• Train The AI Fix: We've discovered that "train the AI" was not working properly when the Adventure Display Mode was set to anything other than "Play" mode. We've temporarily disabled "train the AI" for the other display modes until this is fixed.

4/15/2021• Train The AI: Added a new game setting called "Train the AI," which is enabled by default. When turned on, the AI will occasionally return two responses for you to choose from. This will help us evaluate new AI versions and continue to improve the AI Dungeon experience. • Explore: We are working on building an entirely new Explore and social experience to enable users to create and find amazing AI generated experiences in a safe way. As part of this we are taking down the Explore page as currently implemented in order to rebuild Explore safely for the long run. We are looking forward to sharing new developments and a small taste of our future plans for the platform soon. Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. For now, we have kept a selection of scenarios available via the Featured Scenarios page. See our blog post at for details.

4/13/2021• Payments: Fixed an issue where the PayPal button wasn't working for subscriptions

4/10/2021• Scenarios: Everything should be working again. • Sub-scenarios: We're aware of an issue where you may not be able to start scenarios with options, we're looking into it. • AI Version Toggle: You can now toggle whether to use the newest AI for your model tier (Dragon, Griffin) available for your stories in Game Settings using the 'Newest AI Updates' toggle. Leaving it on allows you to utilize the latest AI improvements which may improve coherence, safety, and information retrieval along with associated testing. (This will not prevent changes which impact security or related infrastructure.)

4/7/2021• Consolidated save button with next for Create World: Consolidated the save button with the next button to simplify navigation in Create World.

4/6/2021• World Info Library: World Info Library text fields are now resizable on web. • Translation Feature Removed: We let the emoji translation feature from April 1 run a few extra days for fun but are pulling it down now! Happy April all!

4/1/2021• Server Downtime: We appear to be back up! • Server Downtime: Update: We're aware of a widespread Azure outage that appears to have been impacting our models for the last hour. There is no timeline yet for when it'll be back up. • AI Dungeon Translate: Emojify icon display can be toggled along with the other icons in settings now. • AI Dungeon Translate: AI Dungeon Translate is now live for a limited time! Translate your stories for a broader audience using the translate icon or within the edit menus. See for details. • April Rewards Calendar: It's April and that means a new reward calendar! Scales and new avatars available!

3/28/2021• Calendar Rewards: Fixed a bug where users were unable to claim rewards for the 29th.

3/27/2021• World Info Manager: Search is now a general search pattern instead of simply filtering on tags (it still prioritizes tag matches but also checks descriptions). We'll be working on improving options there.• Edit Mode: Improved the functionality of edit mode (Display setting) in the web browser so it properly scrolls on new inputs but doesn't scroll when modifying old inputs.

3/26/2021• World Info: Adventure/Scenario world info is now paginated/searchable

3/23/2021• Login Quality Improvement: Running experiment for added functionality to login/register form to allow submission on enter key after putting in password. • Holiday Event: The Trickster event is over and we've pulled the Card Game down to make some improvements. We had fun and hope you did too! • World Info Library: World Info Library is the beginning of our new iteration of account World Info Management. It combines generation of NPCs, factions, and even world descriptions into one place as a complement to the existing Worlds functionality. We'll be adding more models to it as we identify additional types of World Info. It is currently available via Adventure/Scenario World Info as well as • World Info: World Info Manager has been added to the adventure/scenario World Info screens. World Info Manager allows you to view and search all world info you've generated via Worlds and the World Info Library. You can access World Info Library to generate world info via the World Info Manager. You can use the AI to generate world info entries via World Info Library for 1 Dragon Energy or manually add entries without using energy. • World Info: NPCBuilder has been removed from the adventure/scenario World Info screens

3/22/2021• Holiday Event: Avatar backgrounds are now viewable on the card game avatar selection screen, see if they match what you expected! • Holiday Event: One more day to defeat the trickster and claim your avatars! Also, all avatars are now available for the card game for the event whether you earned them or not.

3/20/2021• Holiday Event: Whops! Fixed a bug where we weren't passing the custom themes up to the card game properly. Sorry about that! • Holiday Event: You can now influence the card descriptions by setting a game theme. The theme is displayed with your current health/energy and can be set to a string of up to 25 characters. The theme will then interact with the avatar description to come up with a unique title and description. Currently available in single player while the event lasts.

3/19/2021• Holiday Event: The card game is now accessible directly from the home screen for those that don't want to go through all the holiday quests to open it up. We still recommend doing the holiday quests for avatars which have strong abilities that may be helpful. Win against the AI and other players in multiplayer to win avatars before the event ends!

3/19/2021• Holiday Event: Added an avatar reward for winning your your first multiplayer card game. The avatar can have higher discard attacks.

3/17/2021• Holiday Event: We added a multiplayer option for the card game (the last step of the event). The card game can be accessed via the event screen.

3/15/2021• Holiday Event: Fixed a bug where a card's discard attribute could cause multiple cards to be discarded • Holiday Event: Something odd's going on in Larion. Find the trickster and beat him at his own game to earn scales and new avatars.

3/11/2021• Themes: The background theme has become a permanent fixture by default in AI Dungeon. However, you can always change back to the old themes you love by going to Settings -> Display and selecting the theme and colors you want. For those who want to see the image theme who haven't seen it yet, select the default theme.

3/10/2021• Themes: We've been running an experiment on a new theme for the Home and Landing page. Those who have already been on this theme will now be able to switch to a different theme in the display settings if you don't like the background image. Those who aren't on it, will have access to it soon and if you don't like it can change to a different theme in your display settings. Thanks for all the feedback and please keep it coming on Discord or

3/5/2021• Narration Fix: Fixed a bug where narration was not properly working with retry actions. • UI: You can now turn on a command icon that brings you directly to the help page. This icon is hidden by default for existing users and can be turned on or off in game settings like the other command icons. • World Creation: NPC Builder also has a prose option to generate prose descriptions of NPCs

3/4/2021• World Creation: Fixed a parsing error impacting some NPC generations when no name was provided. • World Creation: NPC Builder now can generate its own names. • World Creation: You can also access NPC Builder via scenario and adventure world information editors.

3/3/2021• World Creation: Fixed an issue where on some screens the text for buttons would not display correctly. • World Creation: NPC Creator now has a save button and saved status indicator for each NPC.

3/2/2021• World Creation: You can now add NPCs to worlds from the world summary page using the account-wide NPC builder. We're working on making World Info easier to keep track of and hope this is a step in that direction.

3/1/2021• IOS Buttons: Fixed an issue where buttons would not display the text correctly on IOS devices.

2/27/2021• Subscriptions: Fixed an issue where the subscription information shown on the Manage Subscription page would not always match the access to premium features. • World Creation: You can now delete worlds from WorldCreation in the info section.

2/26/2021• Settings: Settings now autosave on change!

2/25/2021• World Creation: Fixed the fix for world creation spending energy (world creation should be working again). • World Creation: Fixed an issue where generation results with just white space would still spend energy. • World Creation: Fixed an issue where new blank entries weren't immediately saved. • Dragon Energy: Fixed an issue where buying 50 dragon energy cost 0 scales instead of 100 scales as intended. Past purchases of dragon energy have been updated. • Scripting: Fixed an issue where saving scripts before they've loaded could reset scripts to default values. • World Creation: World Creation is back online and appears to be working much better now. Please let us know if you continue to have any major issues. Also consider visiting to upvote or add your own ideas for improvements.

2/24/2021• New Login/Register Form: We've heard your concerns about the confusing login/register form, and are taking steps to improve it. In this version, you choose a tab instead of a button to pick between logging in and creating a new account. The new form should be more accessible, too! We improved the color contrast, so it should be easier to read. We also added new accessibility labels to make the tabs clearer for screenreader users, and made the labels for the buttons that actually submit the form clearer. We're still planning to experiment with some different colors for the form. Let us know what you think by emailing or DMing @aidungeon on Twitter!

2/22/2021• World Creation Temporarily Disabled: Due to unexpected server issues we're temporarily turning off world creation until we're able to diagnose the issue. We'll work to fix it as soon as we can and bring it back online. • World Creation: World creation is here! Please read this blog post for more information:

2/22/2021• Carnival Ending: There's one day left to finish the Carnival quests for free scales and Carnival 2021 avatars! Also, we fixed the bug where it wasn't always completing quests properly.

2/19/2021• Scoring: Scoring's fixed. Sorry about that! • Scoring: We slightly broke scoring, should be fixed soon • Scripting: We've made some changes to the way that we store evaluation bot parameters. We think we caught all the edge cases but if we didn't this may cause some evaluation bots to return differently than they were previously. Please let us know if we missed any! We hope this lets us speed up the development of event detection capabilities. • Feedback: We've added the option to turn off the automatic AI Feedback popup that shows at random intervals during gameplay. The option is accessible in Game Settings. Remember - you can still access the Feedback button by pressing the three dots in the top right!

2/18/2021• Valentines: There's just one day left to complete the Valentines event to earn the scales and 2021 CupidBot avatar! Get it before it goes away!• Overlays: We've fixed iOS app overlays! :)

2/16/2021• World Info: Fixed an issue where world info visibility was not working properly. World info for worlds will be hidden by default in adventures, but will still be active in adventures. • Carnival: Carnival has come to Larion! Something's amiss though, and not all the sounds are screams of joy... complete the Carnival event for scales and avatars! Explore the quests from the events screen. • Scenario Options: You can now click the descriptions in scenario options rather than having to click the numbers. E.g. you can now click 'Fantasy' and then 'Knight' rather than having to click the '1' and then the '3' in the default prompt. • Avatars: The Goblin Slayer 1 avatar is now awarded when reaching 250 points in the goblin arena. • Events: Clicking on event tasks now brings you to the relevant scenario or world. • Icon Change: The heart for the valentines day event is now a fireworks for a more generic notification of global events/quests.

2/15/2021• Procavia: The world of Procavia has had an update to the location descriptions. Check it out!

2/12/2021• Valentines Event: Fixed a bug preventing Valentines quests & rewards from displaying properly on some Android devices.

2/12/2021• Valentines Event: We identified the cause of the CupidBot issue. Apparently SantaBot escaped again. From what we can gather, SantaBot seems to have run into CupidBot and then broken it into pieces which it then spread across the AIVerse. Check out the event to help us put CupidBot together again! • Scripting: We're receiving reports about CupidBot being unresponsive. We're digging into it and will update as we find out more. Other bots appear to be functioning normally at this time.

2/10/2021• Worlds: We've made some adjustments to world data that should improve adventures started through worlds. Some worlds will benefit more than others. While not expected, please report anything odd you might find as a result of this update.

2/9/2021• Android: The Android app update that fixes the crash that was occurring for everyone is now out on Google Play! It should be safe for everyone to update/reinstall the app.

2/6/2021• Android: We're experiencing a slight issue with the newest version of the app for Android (tl;dr it crashes immediately). Please do not update to the newest Android version until we get a fixed version approved. In the meantime, if you do end up updating, your account will still work in the browser. If you have any further concerns, please contact our support team at We apologize for the inconvenience.

2/5/2021• Avatars: Added some new avatars!

1/31/2021• Rewards Calendar: It's February and that means a new daily rewards calendar. The first two weeks are up so far while we figure out what'll be on it for the end of the month.

1/30/2021• Wiki: The AI Dungeon community wiki is now open to account creation and editing! However, all edits will be reviewed before either being approved or rejected. This is for basic quality control, as accurate info is key. The link is - but a clickable version can be found on the About page. We hope that this leads to a far larger and more diverse group of editors! • Tutorial: Fixed a bug where tutorials wouldn't always award scales. Retroactively awarding scales to all users who did not receive them from completing tutorial.

1/29/2021• Tutorials: We've added new tutorials to help you to learn how to use AI Dungeon and earn rewards! Click on New Game and then Tutorial to check out the new tutorial page. Expect improvements and updates to come!

1/28/2021• Added Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Links: Previously, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service were linked to from the landing page before you logged into AI Dungeon, but were kinda buried if you wanted to get back to them later. Now, they appear to the sides of the Latitude logo on every page for your ease of reference!• Automatic Story Summaries: We've updated the automatic story summary AI to hopefully be a bit smarter. The feature still uses 1 energy every 10 actions, requires Dragon, and is off by default: you can turn it on in 'Edit Adventure'. We're looking forward to your continued feedback!

1/27/2021• Email Notifications: If you have unsubscribed from "Important Updates" under emails in the notification settings, you should no longer receive emails when someone tips you scales.

1/25/2021• Premium: Fixed two issues that could cause premium users to not have access while a renewal payment is pending. • Reducing Repetition: We rolled out a change that we hope will somewhat reduce story repetition and the appearance of some of AID's more infamous recurring characters (cough Count Grey cough— don't worry, he'll still be around though, just perhaps less often.) • Notifications: A refresh button on the notifications screen

1/22/2021• Confetti: Confetti on quest completion!

1/19/2021• Scripting: Fixed a bug where InputBots sometimes wouldn't evaluate inputs. • Scripting: EvaluationBots - We've built out quite a few evaluationBots to help scripting evaluate game events. We're experimenting with a new type of bot to help provide constraints given characteristics such as being wounded or not having weapons, starting with SimplePossiblityBot. Check it out in the scripting repo! Happy scripting.

1/18/2021• Automatic Story Summaries: Automatic story summaries are back! In order to improve the quality of long adventures, we have a new AI model that will summarize the story as you play and add it to your memory automatically. This feature uses 1 energy every 10 actions, requires Dragon, and is off by default. Users can turn on 'Enable Experimental Features' in Edit Adventure to play with this experimental feature, and we're looking forward to your feedback. Thanks to everyone who helped by providing story summaries over the last few months!

1/17/2021• Scripting: We've added an option for calling the evaluationBots on the input as well as the output via state.inputBot. These can be useful for performing skill-checks and other input classifications. See scripting repo ( for usage. We're continuing to experiment with different evaluation functions. • World Price Update: Hello! We've dropped the price of several worlds to make them more affordable. Enjoy!• Scripting: We've added a stats overlay to display and update current stats (e.g. agility, strength, endurance) for scripting. See scripting repo for implementation.

1/15/2021• Scripting: We've opened up the simple skill tracking and interface from the survival arena to general scripting use. See scripting repo for implementation. Happy scripting.

1/15/2021• Feature Suggestions: We are moving our feature suggestion system away from Feature Upvote to our new system at We will be migrating all existing feature suggestions over to the new system soon so please do not add already existing suggestions again to the new system. • Scripting: We've opened up the evaluation/score bots for scripting use. The evaluation bots help convert text into machine readable format as well as provide textual summaries. See scripting repo for usage. • PayPal: Fixed an issue where some PayPal subscriptions were getting canceled while a payment was pending. • Scripting: We've opened up the item inventory display from the survival arena to general scripting. See scripting repo for usage. • Scripting: Scripting can now display game information in the score/status area. See scripting repo for usage.

1/14/2021• Android: The new version of Android should have all of the updates now, which means the story summary prompt problem should be resolved. • Android: A new version of Android is available in the store, but it doesn't have all of the recent updates yet. For example, Android users are still seeing the story summary prompt that was recently removed. We'll get the versions synced up today. • Scoring: SantaBot's finally been caught and banished back to the North Pole where it belongs.

1/13/2021• Comments: Fixed a bug that would sometimes let you edit someone else's comment. • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with the typing indicator for multiplayer games. • Command Buttons: Command button labels (undo, retry, etc.) can now be toggled on/off in game settings. • Story Summaries: The Story Summary experiment has ended-- thank you for those of you who opted-in to share your summaries! We're working on using them to train a new AI model for better memory.

1/12/2021• Navigation: Added the play button specifically back to the edit and view screens for adventures and scenarios. • Experimental Survival Challenge: The leaderboard is now on a rolling 1-week basis based on adventure creation date. To put your score on the leaderboard, you just need to publish your survival challenge adventure. The challenge remains an experimental feature for subscribers, thanks for your participation! We're continuing to learn from the AI's response to different stimuli and appreciate the feedback. • Navigation: Simplified and standardized navigation from content screens. You can now do just about anything you want to with content from the ellipsis (...) menu at the top right of each content screen. (This should also fix the annoying bug where the title overlapped with the buttons on smaller phones).

1/11/2021• Servers: We're seeing one minute downtimes whenever the servers update right now. Still looking into why that's happening, but if the servers go down briefly today, give them a minute and they should come up again. • Subscriptions: Fixed an issue where canceling subscriptions and changing your subscription plan weren't working for Stripe and PayPal subscriptions.

1/10/2021• Duplicating Scenarios: When you duplicate a scenario, any scenario options from that scenario (and options from those options) will be duplicated as well.

1/9/2021• Long Adventures: Fixed an issue where really long adventures sometimes wouldn't load. • Mobile Crashes: Fixed an issue that could cause Android or iOS crashes under unusual circumstances. • Energy: Fixed an issue where energy wouldn't update automatically when it was over 100. • Action Buttons: Fixed an issue where alter and undo buttons would be sometimes be active when there was nothing to alter or undo. • Chat: Fixed the annoying line break left over after submitting a chat message using the enter key on web. • Comments: Updated the comment box to submit on enter for web, just like the action bar.

1/8/2021• Achievements: Fixed an issue where achievements weren't being granted properly, and icons and avatars from achievements weren't being awarded. • Community Guidelines: We've finally added official community guidelines to Explore! They will be refined over the coming days and weeks, but they are in effect and will be enforced.

1/7/2021• SO MANY Infrastructure upgrades: We upgraded a bunch of the software we use. Hopefully, you won't notice any differences, but if anything breaks, please email us at so we can get that fixed.

1/6/2021• Experimental Survival Challenge: Fixed an issue where the equipment, skills, and scores weren't working for some users. The challenge remains an experimental feature available to premium users. • Experimental Survival Challenge: To help us test the skills, you now start off with 5 skill points and get an additional skill point every 3 turns. • Safety: When reporting AI content, you can how write a suggestion for what the AI should have written. This can help us improve the model. • Experimental Survival Challenge: Your highest level skills will now occasionally be used in the creation of new skills. • Trash: Fixed an issue where the trash area of My Stuff wasn't loading items correctly. • Energy: Fixed the issue where energy was still spent when the AI didn't know what to say. • Autoscaling: Added automatic scaling for the AI servers, which should help keep the AI servers up under heavy load.

1/5/2021• Tipping: You can now tip creators from their profiles, and you can tip for excellent comments from the comment options. • Energy: Redesigned the energy bar and energy page to make it easier to see differences between charging up to the soft cap of 100 and the hard cap of 2000. • Scripting: You've made amazing experiences using the scripting system, so we've decided to make it a free feature, available to everyone on the web version. • Why Energy?: Added a popup containing a summary of our reasoning to the app. It is viewable by clicking the "Why Energy?" text in multiple places, most notably on the Energy page.

1/4/2021• Recycle: Fixed an issue where redo and retry would not update the recycle bin for actions correctly. • Energy Bar: You can now see your energy bar below your subscription status in the sidebar menu. Whether the energy bar shows up on the sidebar menu currently follows the same display settings as for in game. • Energy: Fixed an issue where Griffin and Classic were using energy when they weren't supposed to. • Energy Bar: Added an additional option for the Energy Bar Display Mode to only show energy when it's relevant. Always will now always show the energy. • Classic: We've changed the classic model (original AI Dungeon GPT-2) to be unlimited for everyone for now. • Upgrade Issues: We believe we've fixed the issues where legacy subscriptions couldn't upgrade. If you're still having trouble upgrading after refreshing, let us know! • Energy Bar: Added an Energy Bar Appearance setting in the Display settings that lets you change the glowing energy bar to a number display. • Upgrade Issues: Fixed an issue where you couldn't upgrade from a legacy PayPal subscription. • Upgrade Issues: We've heard that some players on legacy subscription plans aren't able to upgrade. We're working on it, but for now, try to upgrade in the app and then send in an email to if you'd like to upgrade and it's not letting you. • Energy: The energy system is now live for all players, and all subscription plans have been rolled into the new Silver, Gold, Platinum framework. Thank you for helping us keep this amazing experiment going!

1/2/2021• Experimental Survival Challenge: We're continuing to experiment with the survival challenge for premium users. We've introduced skills which are available on the menu within the survival game. Every 5 turns you gain a skill point which can be added to an existing skill/spell or used to generate a new spell ability. We're continuing to tweak the system and appreciate the feedback! • Avatars: Fixed an issue where some event or achievement avatars were not available when updating your avatar. • Story Summary: You can now use the Story Summary feature on mobile and can trigger it on demand from the adventure menu on the right side while playing. • Energy Bar Display Mode: You can now control when the energy bar is visible on the game screen using the new Energy Bar Display Mode at the bottom of the Display Settings. Note that if the energy bar isn't relevant (such as for a Platinum subscription playing on Dragon), the energy bar will not be displayed regardless of this setting.

1/1/2021• Avatars: Fixed an issue where purchasable Avatars were not available. • Multiplayer: You can now edit your character name after starting from the Players menu. • Confetti: Confetti is back! (And should no longer crash the app). • Command Buttons: The alter, undo, redo, restore, and retry buttons will now be grayed out and disabled when they can't be used (rather than giving an error message after you try to use them). • January Rewards: The new rewards calendar is live! Log in daily to earn free scales, a premium avatar, and a premium world.


12/31/2020• Restore: Fixed an issue where the restore button wouldn't be available right away after undoing or retrying actions. • Adventure Display Mode: You can now choose a display mode that prioritizes what you care about most. View mode prioritizes a smooth reading experience with smart line breaks and no inline editing. Play mode prioritizes a convenient play experience with smart line breaks and inline editing, but can slow down for long adventures. Edit mode prioritizes a convenient creator experience, with line breaks between every action, inline editing, and better performance on long adventures. Accessibility mode prioritizes the screen reader experience, with individually accessible text elements and no typing behavior. • Action Window Size: Added a display setting that controls how many actions the app loads at once. Lowering this setting may be helpful especially for players experiences lag on the app. • Experimental Survival Challenge: Significantly reduced level 1 difficulty while tweaking algorithms.

12/30/2020• Typing Text: Fixed issue where the new inline editing wasn't compatible with the text typing. Text should now type again (and shouldn't flicker as much either). • Experimental Survival Challenge: Goblins now drop loot. Loot can be equipped via the side menu. We're continuing to experiment with improving the scoring and other events. • Missing Text: Fixed the issue where sometimes the text wouldn't display while playing. • Android: Fixed an issue that caused Android users to log in every time they open the app. As a bonus, this issue was likely causing other crashes for Android users as well, so hopefully Android will be more stable going forward. • Avatars and Icons: Fixed an issue where some premium or achievement avatars and icons weren't available when they should be. • Theme: Converted theme and colors to a setting that is saved with your account, so you'll now have the same theme and colors when you log out and back in or log in on a new device. • New Trash System: When you delete an adventure, scenario, or post it is now placed in the trash. Then you can restore it from the trash, permanently delete it or empty all the trash. To view your trash, click on the trashcan icon in My Stuff. Saved stuff is now under the bookmark icon. • Tippable Scales: Fixed an issue where scales received from premium subscriptions weren't tippable. • Adventures: Solved the mystery of the missing adventures, you should now consistently see the adventures you would expect to see in My Stuff. • Action Window: Fixed an issue where having a large number of undone actions could hide the actions that haven't been undone. • Action Window: Increased the action window size for mobile from 50 to 200 (now that it's also including undone actions). • Experimental Survival Challenge: We've been experimenting with some new features and are excited to offer an experimental experience to premium users. A new survival challenge is accessible via the 'New Game' menu where you can test your AI Dungeon writing ability to defeat growing hordes of goblins, ogres, and dragons (until your health runs out). Publish your survival adventure to get on the leaderboard. We're excited to find out what new experiences these features can open up!

12/29/2020• Undo to Here: You can now press on an action while playing and rewind to that action using Undo To Here from the options menu. • Inline Edit: Fixed an issue where the inline edit was causing spacing and layout problems on Android. • Restore Action Button: There is now a restore button that will let you find and bring back a specific action that was undone or retried. • Edit Story: While playing, you can now press on a piece of the story to edit it in place (rather than clicking the edit button and pressing the back arrow until you find the right part). • Rewards: Fixed a bug where daily rewards weren't always being awarded correctly. • Rewards: You will no longer get a notification dot after you've received all of the rewards for the month. • Redo: Reverted to previous redo behavior while we build a better way to recover outputs that you've undone.

12/28/2020• Redo: Redo will no longer redo actions that were undone before the most recent action (old behavior was sometimes useful, but was too confusing for many players). • #holiday2020: Last chance to vote for your favorite #holiday2020 adventures as we plan to make a decision on which story to use for our next animation video at the end of the week. • Banned Words: Fixed a brief issue where playing the game was broken unless you had at least one banned word.

12/26/2020• Anniversary Event: The anniversary event has concluded, though we're leaving the classic font and classic AI model added in the event as available for now. • Energy Bar: Added a display setting that allows you to control whether the energy bar is visible while playing the game.

12/25/2020• Loading: Fixed several issues with the initial loading screens; getting to the first page should be a much smoother experience now.

12/24/2020• Scripting: Scripting can now access the running score of the previous turn via state. Scoring's still an experimental feature. • Scoring: SantaBot's broken back into NSFW mode to spread holiday cheer. He's evading us for now but in the meanwhile (until we catch him) he's available to score actions for premium users with safe mode turned off. SantaBot remains a possible scorer for all users with a safe mode option on. • Multiplayer: You can again play multiplayer games without logging in (at least for the first 20 turns).• Login: Fixed issue where sometimes you couldn't close the login prompt. • Verification: Standardized email verification to focus on protecting the AI Dungeon community form bots and trolls. To protect from bots, email verification is required after playing for 20 turns in the game. To protect from trolls, email verification is required before publishing, commenting, upvoting, or reporting adventures, scenarios, and posts. • Profile: Updated creator pages to sort by published date (newest first) by default instead of by most upvotes. • Scripting: We identified an issue which was impacting script states. This should now be fixed. Happy scripting!

12/23/2020• Social: Fixed an issue where you couldn't follow, friend, or block other users.

12/22/2020• Sharing: Fixed an issue with share links for scenarios and posts.

12/21/2020• Lovecraft: The Lovecraft AI experiment has concluded and the AI has been shut down while we rebuild it for scale. If you haven't updated the app and select Lovecraft as your model, you will be redirected to Griffin instead. • Quests: Fixed an issue where you couldn't change the active quest. • Overlays: Did a visual overhaul for overlays to make them more consistent and more consistently accessible. • Scoring: Scoring is now limited to only actions where one of the safe modes is enabled; i.e. playing with scoring turned on while in NSFW mode will not generate new scores.

12/19/2020• Content Options: Added Delete, Save, and Share to the Content Options. • Scoring: Testing extending scoring functionality to Griffin users for a limited time. • Scoring: Premium users can now enable scoring regardless of safety mode. The scoring feature is still experimental and will continue to change as we develop it further. • Content Options: Added Play, Edit, View, and Leave to the Content Options (ellipsis at the top right of content cards). • Profile: You can now search and filter content on creator profile pages (just like Explore).

12/18/2020• AI Dungeon Livestream: Today, December 18th, at 4pm Mountain Time, the creator and founders of AI Dungeon Nick Walton and his brother Alan will do a livestream on Twitch with a tribute to the last year and a Q&A. Join us at

12/15/2020• Snowflake Confetti!!: We've added some fun snowflake confetti. Enjoy. • Lovecraft Model Update: Thanks everyone who tried the Lovecraft model and gave feedback! We're going to take down the model as an option on Dec 21 while we work on rebuilding it in a more cost effective way, but we plan on bringing it back in the future.

12/14/2020• Holiday Story Contest: Don't forget to tag your Holiday stories with #holiday2020 to participate in our holiday story contest! Check out our YouTube channel to watch the video from the Halloween story contest winner. • Premium Tiers: We've ended our experiment with Premium tiers having different names. In the end it seems that Silver, Gold, and Platinum wins by a hair. Thanks for all the feedback and support!

12/12/2020• Mobile Edit Adventure/Scenario Issue: Fixed issue where the keyboard would cover bottom sections on mobile when editing an adventure or scenario. • Scenario Options Page: Fixed issue with scenario options were getting cut off and not scrolling if the scenario description + options was too long. • Scoring: The current opt-in scoring metric awards points for honorable actions and deducts points for dishonorable actions. However, the AI point judge for each action has a bit of discretion and randomness in what to consider honorable depending on its temperament. We expect the scoring to evolve as we develop evaluation AI. Try it out! • Scoring: We're experimenting with a system to award points for actions within adventures for a running adventure score. This system is currently available as opt-in for premium users using Strict Safe Mode only. Premium users can opt-in by enabling Strict Safe Mode in Game Settings and then selecting 'Enable Scores' .

12/11/2020• Tip Scales: You can now tip scales to fellow payers for their scenarios, adventures, and posts! Click the "Tip" link on a content page and select how much you would like to tip. It is a great gift idea too.

12/10/2020• Paypal: We've once again enabled Paypal for subscriptions. Hopefully this time we have the bugs worked out and we will be able to compensate for messages not sent to our servers from Paypal. Please let us know if you run into any problems at • Disabled Stat System: Temporarily disabled stat system while we work on finishing a new and improved version of the stat system.

12/9/2020• Command Buttons: Fixed an issue where command buttons would take up two rows on small screens. • Keyboard: Fixed an issue where the keyboard would hide the text box when starting a new game. • Terms of Service: We've updated the terms of service to clarify that publishing an adventure created from a published scenario is encourage, but copying someone's scenario and publishing it as your own is not allowed. We've also moved the terms of service, privacy policy, and frequently asked questions inside the app for easier access.

12/7/2020• AI Dungeon Logo: Fixed AI Dungeon classic logo on mobile • Style: Cleaned up layout and spacing for settings pages across the app.

12/5/2020• Anniversary: Happy birthday, AI Dungeon! Today is our 1-year anniversary, and in celebration, we're adding two retro features! These are the original GPT-2 model, and a special terminal font. Both can be turned on from the Settings page. (Please note that due to a native release issue, the terminal font is unavailable on the mobile apps. There is also an issue with the classic menu image displaying on mobile, which we hope to resolve) • Small Screens: Updated all overlays to scroll, so they're more usable on small screens. • Paypal: We continue to experience many issues with Paypal not communicating with out servers when a payment is complete leading to players not getting what they paid for. We are disabling Paypal as a payment method until we can more fully address these issues. If you have a current Paypal subscription it should continue to work as expected. If you have paid with Paypal and haven't received anything please reach out to

12/4/2020• Black Mode: Fixed an issue where the app would crash if you used Black Mode and Pink colors at the same time. • Multiplayer: You can now join multiplayer games using short codes instead of links (similar to Among Us). To find the short code for an adventure, click Invite Friend in the right menu while playing. To join someone else's adventure, click Join Game from the Home screen and enter the short code.

12/3/2020• My Stuff: Fixed an issue causing crashes on Android for My Stuff and Scenario View pages. • Premium: New Premium subscription tiers are now available! Those already subscribed to the previous 1-tier Premium plan will keep existing benefits until January 1st, at which time it will switch to the equivalent price tier. • New Scifi World: Maelstrom!: Physics and fate have conspired to confine humanity to the solar system. The Universe has remained persistently silent and there is no hope for faster-than-light travel. Fleeing a warming and overcrowded Earth, wealthy families have constructed extravagant floating arcologies high in the clouds of Venus and domed cities across the slowly greening valleys of Mars. The asteroid belt is an annulus of hopes and dreams, of partially-constructed mining colonies and divergent ideologies, in which the large metal asteroid Psyche is the cultural and financial center. And here, tension is brewing.

12/2/2020• Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where the game would crash if two other people were typing at the same time. • Rewards: Fixed an issue where you could get the daily reward multiple times (if you had this happen and spent the scales, you may now have a negative total balance).

12/1/2020• Race Descriptions: Added Race Descriptions to Xaxas and Kedar. • Avatars: We've added a few new avatars! • Subscriptions: Fixed an issue which prevented subscriptions from being canceled. • Avatar: Fixed an issue where the text avatar was broken. • Daily Rewards: You'll now see a present icon at the top right corner of the home screen. Clicking it will open the daily reward calendar, which will give you a free reward once each calendar day. If you miss a day, don't worry, the calendar will pick up right where you left off. Current rewards include scales, premium avatars, and premium worlds.

11/30/2020• Paypal: Paypal should be back online. If you've been waiting for Paypal to get Premium or Scales you should be good to go now. • Theme Bug Fix: There has been a bug where dark mode was causing some users apps to crash. This should be fixed. If anyone still has the problem please report it to support. • Cool new avatars: We've added a few new avatars that can be purchased with scales! Keep an eye out for more avatars to come.

11/28/2020• World Information: Fixed issue where world information was difficult to edit using the mobile app

11/28/2020• Safe Mode Update: We are now evaluating three levels of safety. 'Strict' mode moderates both input and output to provide the most consistent experience. 'Moderate' mode provides less moderations of input while still guiding generation towards safer outputs. Users with safe-mode enabled were migrated to 'Strict' while users with safe mode disabled remain 'Off'. Check your settings to ensure it matches your preferred use! • Narration: You should no longer hear the "greater than" in the narration.

11/27/2020• PayPal: PayPal is current having an outage, so you may not be able to subscribe using PayPal until that is resolved. If you have a current subscription through PayPal, the renewal may fail, we'll get these fixed once PayPal is back up. • Display Modes Update: Dark mode colors changed to be easier on the eyes. Black mode added for those who like the high contrast. Light mode updated for less intense white

11/26/2020• Server Performance: Amazon is currently having a major outage which prevents us from adding additional server or making server updates. As a result, AI Dungeon may be slower during peak traffic than usual. We'll add additional servers as soon as we're able. • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where entering a link in the Join Game prompt wasn't working correctly. • New World!: The world of Proclavia is a dystopian cyberpunk world which takes place in a simulated reality after the time of the great Digital Plague.

11/25/2020• Safe Mode Update: Safe mode is now an account wide setting rather than adventure. It can toggled in settings. Multiplayer uses host settings.

11/23/2020• Friends: You can now friend other users from their profile page. And as their friend, you will be notified when they make a comment in AI Dungeon. • Multiplayer: Multiplayer will now show when another player is typing an action. • Multiplayer: The chat icon will now have a read dot when there are unread chat messages in a multiplayer game. • Notifications: You will now get a notification when someone follows you. • Notifications: You will now get a notification when someone send you a friend request or accepts your friend request. • Notifications: You will now get a notification when someone you follow publishes new content. • Notifications: You will now get a notification when one of your friends posts a new comment.

11/20/2020• Worlds Fix: Fixed issue with worlds not starting. • New Scifi World: Orbis!: Orbis is home to countless star systems and a variety of alien cultures. Three distinct factions war for control of the Unclaimed Territories, each with their own noble and morally-grey reasons: the United Planets of Earth who seek to end violent conflict, the Hand who gain strength from chaos, and the Empire of Order whose will is imposed by military might.

11/20/2020• World Wording: Changed wording on worlds from Kingdoms and Towns to Factions and Locations to be more genre agnostic. • Notifications: When you have new notifications, there will now be a red dot in the side menu next to Notifications. • Comments: Comments on comments now link back to their parent comments page. • Most Played: You can now sort Adventures in My Stuff by Most Played. Only new and updated adventures will sort correctly for now, to backfill all of your old adventures, you can reset your search index at Settings -> Account Settings. • Placeholders: Placeholders now work properly even if they are only in the memory and not in the prompt. Placeholders also no longer require the player to enter something (they can leave it blank).

11/19/2020• Comments: Added a link from the comments page back back to the parent Adventure / Post / Scenario (still working on this for comments on comments). • Fixed Cthulhu Model Setting: Fixed issue where non premium users couldn't turn on the Cthulhu model. • Placeholders: Placeholders (such as ${What is your name?} are now respected in memory as well as in the initial prompt. • Quests: The new quest and completed quest popups are now toast notifications (small displays at the top of the screen that don't block you from doing other things and go away on their own).

11/18/2020• Multiplayer Chat: We've added a chat window so you can have side conversations while playing multiplayer games.

11/17/2020• Cthulhu Model : For at least the month of November, the Cthulhu model is now available to try as a game wide setting! In your settings, you can toggle it on to try it out as your default AI model.

11/16/2020• Worlds Screen UI Change: We are testing a new UI for the worlds page that only some users will see where worlds are sorted by genre. • Refresh: Added a refresh option to the right menu while playing. This should help for cases where an action gets missed or duplicated, especially for less reliable internet connections.

11/11/2020• Email Reminders!: You can now see your email address on the Change Email page, so you can check your current email address easily.

11/10/2020• Confetti!: A new confetti animation when you purchase scales

11/7/2020• Energy: We've listened to your feedback and have an update for you concerning energy. • Energy: We've posted an announcement about a new mechanic that has started rolling out to users. For more information see

11/6/2020• Edit Profile: The edit profile button is back up so you can change your profile bios!

11/3/2020• Game Text: We've adjusted the game text to scroll up from the input bar instead of down from the top. This seems to help new players a bit with understanding how to interact with the game.

10/30/2020• Banned Words: In an effort to increase user safety, you can now add banned words in game settings for words that may be triggering to you for any reason. This also means that if you have banned words and you are hosting a multiplayer that the ban is enforced for that story, but not for multiplayer stories you play that you do not own. This allows an individual level of censorship for individuals, with having no banned words being uncensored as it is now. • Placeholder Text: Fixed an issue where placeholder text across the app was the wrong color and was in the wrong place. • Story Button: Believe we've fixed the issue where the Story button could become massive. Let us know if you're still seeing that after updating. • Command Buttons: Reversed the order of the command button pagination to keep high use icons easily accessible.Fixed an issue where hidden command buttons still counted for pagination.Fixed an issue where changing your hidden buttons wouldn't take effect immediately.

10/29/2020• Command Buttons: You can now cycle through command buttons during play. Be sure to also select which commands you want to show up in settings.

10/27/2020• Currency Store: We are testing out our new in-app Scales Currency on the web version of the app! There are a couple cool new worlds that you can purchase. Check out this link for more information on why we added Scales to AI Dungeon: • Styling Overhaul: We've standardized layouts and margins across the game. This will make the product feel more consistent and will help us build new features faster, but there are a lot of changes, so we may have missed some places. If you see spacing that feels weird, let us know at

10/26/2020• Halloween: Halloween is here in AI Dungeon! Enjoy some spooky new worlds and other content that will be launched throughout the week. • Change icons: Now you can change the icon next to your avatar and name! go check it out in your profile header and click on your title, ('User', 'Supporter', etc)

10/24/2020• Stat Leveling: Made stat leveling slower at higher levels. • Stats on Old Adventures: Stats on old adventures should now work (it will add stats when you turn on the RPG stat system). • Stats: Fixed an issue preventing the new Stats feature from being used for older adventures.

10/22/2020• Story Summary Prompt: The story summary prompt will now only show on new stories. • Explore: We've added better searching functionality for tags in Explore. You can now search #tag or click on a tag to search for other cards with that tag. Still needs improvement, but it's a first step! • Story Summary Prompt: You will now be prompted every 10 actions to provide a summary of your story. This summary is included in the AI context to improve memory. It will also be used to train the AI to be better at remembering in general. You can opt-out of this either per-adventure or for your whole account if you don't want to share your stories with us for training the AI. • Experimental RPG Stat System: Premium members can now try an experimental RPG stat system that detects what stat your action uses, how hard it is and decides whether you are successful based on your current stat levels which slowly go up as you succeed at actions. To try it out turn on 'RPG Stats' in the edit adventure screen. It's still in very early stages so we welcome all your feedback. :)

10/21/2020• Notifications: Notifications now infinite scroll, so you can see more than the last 20. • Notifications: The "commented on your adventure / scenario" line now links to the adventure, scenario. • Comments: Comments are updated in real time, so no more need to reopen the app to continue the conversation. • Comments: You will no longer get a push notification for comments you post on your own content.

10/19/2020• Scripting: You can now download and upload scripts from a scenario for easier sharing or editing on your computer. The script window is also resizable. • Comments: Added a push notification when someone comments on your content (at most once every hour). • Multiplayer: Fixed the links for multiplayer notifications so they'll open the right game again. • Posts: Fixed an issue where posts could not be created or edited on mobile devices. • Comments on Comments: You can now comment on comments on comments on comments...turtles all the way down. • Posts are Here!: We've noticed the AI Dungeon community wants to discuss problems, questions, ideas, and feature inside the game itself, and not just on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, or Feature Upvote. We think that's a great idea, so we've added the concept of "Posts" throughout the game, so you can have those conversations without creating extra Scenarios.

10/17/2020• Fix: Fixed an issue where several screens (including viewing scenarios and editing scenarios and adventures) wouldn't load correctly on mobile devices. • Explore: Recent adventure and scenarios in explore now sort based on when the content was first published, not when it was created.

10/16/2020• Notifications: Fixed a problem that could cause multiplayer notifications to be sent even after leaving the game.

10/15/2020• Report Button: Moved the report button to the left (on web), since it's lower use than retry, undo, etc... • Report AI Output: You can now report the AI's output in your stories. In web there is a command icon, for now in mobile you can simply type '/report'. We plan on training on the data we receive to help the model be more user friendly. • Notifications: Fixed an issue where you would get multiplayer notifications for every turn. Going forward, multiplayer notifications will be send not more than once per hour.

10/14/2020• Worlds: Fixed an issue where Worlds were crashing on Android. • Multiplayer: You can now play multiplayer games you've joined from My Stuff content cards and the View Adventure page.

10/13/2020• Scripting: info.characters is now available for multiplayer games and state.message can be sent to a subset of characters - see • Comments: Added the ability to turn off commenting for individual published scenarios and adventures.

10/12/2020• Contribute: Removed the Contribute page until we're ready for more training data. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

10/9/2020• Leave Multiplayer Games: From your MyStuff adventures page you can now find a leave icon to remove you from any multiplayer games you have joined.

10/8/2020• Multiplayer in My Stuff: We have made the wording more clear on multiplayer stories showing up in my stuff. Check out the multiplayer stories that you have played in through myStuff

10/7/2020• Duplicate Adventure: By popular request, you can now duplicate adventures from the Adventure Edit page. • Multiplayer: You can now find the multiplayer games you've joined or are hosting in My Stuff. • Multiplayer notifications: You should now only get notifications for updates on your multiplayer adventures if you are subscribed to the multiplayer list in the notification settings. Everyone should be subscribed by default. • NSFW vs Safe Mode: Separated out the NSFW tag on adventures/scenarios from safe mode. - The NSFW tag is just to mark whether a scenario or adventure is NSFW and only affects whether it will be displayed in explore for someone with the explore safe mode flag on. - Adventure safe mode (which starts out at whatever the scenario settings is) determines whether or not the AI will use explicit words in generation. • Multiplayer: We've updated the multiplayer "Do, Say, Story" buttons to be consistent with singleplayer's, and updated the placeholder help text.

10/6/2020• Comment Editing: You can now edit your comments!

10/5/2020• New Doctor Scenario: We added a new doctor scenario under mystery! • Notification settings: We're working on having better communication in the app and that requires settings so you can control what you want and don't want. Find them under your account settings and watch for more communication coming your way soon! • New Fairy Scenario: Added a fairy scenario option under fantasy!

10/3/2020• Repetition Reductions: We have a new feature that should help the AI repeat itself a bit less, and also allow a little more story to fit into the memory.

9/30/2020• Android Subscriptions: Android Subscriptions are back! A native release finally got approved that fixed Android subscriptions so anyone waiting for that to work can now subscribe to Premium.

9/29/2020• Memory Lookback: We've deployed a new feature that will attempt to pull lines of history into the context shown to the AI when they match nouns used in the last line of the story, if 1) the memory + already matched WI entries aren't over the 1000 character limit, and 2) no WI entries already matches those nouns. Experiments suggest a small increase in coherence. • Duplicate Actions: Fixed a problem that could cause actions to show multiple times in the app. • World Info: You can now download and upload world info entries from adventures and scenarios (only on web at the moment). • Button Fix: Fixed the issue that caused buttons/icons not appearing correctly. This was a weird one that was tricky to track down but should be resolved. We're implementing improvements to prevent this kind of bug from happening again. • World Info: World entries are now sorted when they're shown to the AI, prioritizing matches nearest to the end of the story.

9/28/2020• Scripting: You can return { stop: true } from an Input Modifier now to prevent input from being sent to the AI. The docs have been updated accordingly. • Slowed World Event: Slowed world events by 1/2 as some reported them happening too frequently. • Disable Suggested Actions: Some users have reported suggested actions that were generated by the system that were not acceptable as suggested actions. Until we can fix that we are disabling them. We hope to be able to fix this and bring suggested actions back in the future when we are able to fix the issue.

9/27/2020• Verify: The Play screen will now prompt you to login and verify in order to continue playing. • Verify Email: Added a Verify Email button to your Account Settings to make it easier to verify your email. • Login to Play: Because of consistent DDOS attacks, we're now requiring an account in order to play AI Dungeon. For now, you'll be able to access the app without an account, but to actually play a game, you'll need to register or log in and verify your email. • World Events: Made it so world events won't affect your story if you turn world events off. (even if some have already been generated) • Action Buttons: We've updated the order of the action buttons on the play screen to better reflect how often they are each used.

9/25/2020• World Entries Button: Turns out there is a difference between listening and hearing. My bad. The world button now goes to world entries rather than info on the world the adventure is in. The difference is subtle but not really. • View World Command Button: Use the view world command button (the one that looks like a world). To view the details about the world where your adventure is taking place. If your adventure is not in the world you will see a prompt with a link to start an adventure with a world. • Show/Hide command buttons: You can now select which command buttons you want displayed while playing. Visit the game settings to check it out.

9/24/2020• Errors: Improved the error message for "Cannot query field" issues (this generally means you need a newer version of the app). • Free Trial: We've discontinued the 7 day free trial on the web version. We'll be replacing it soon with easier ways for everyone to try out the Dragon AI. • Scripting: Last Model Input has been expanded to show recent script logs and errors. You can access this view with the brain icon in the upper-right of the scripting page. • Scripting: When using the testing tool on the scripting page you now have access to the scenario's worldEntries, quests, memory, and some (fake) history. Try: console.log(worldEntries, quests, memory, history) • Bug Fixes: A bug with the display of prompts has been fixed. Also an issue with whitespace getting dropped at the front of output was fixed.

9/23/2020• Saved Items: Saved adventures and scenarios are now displayed on the My Stuff page • Actions: AI Dungeon now sends changes to actions rather than the full list of actions, which should drastically reduce how much data the game uses on mobile devices. This change has a lot of moving parts, so if you see something that doesn't work quite right, let us know! (on Discord or at

9/22/2020• Comment Options: You can now delete comments other people have made on your stories and you can report comments. • Scripts: There is now a Shared Library tab when writing scripts that is included in all of the modifiers. You can use this to prevent duplication. • Action Count: Action count in search results should be accurate now. • AI memory back to normal: The longer memory experiment didn't show improvement so the behavior is back to normal. • Android: The Android app had a crash that was preventing updates, so we've released a new version to the Play Store. It make take a few hours for the new version to appear in your region. If you have 1.1.38 as the version in the left menu, then you're on the right version.

9/21/2020• My Stuff: Added a published / unpublished filter on My Stuff, so you can quickly find your published adventures and scenarios. • Scripts: Errors in scripts should now show up when playing instead of being ignored.

9/20/2020• Look At: We're trying an experiment that will hopefully give better descriptions when you look at or inspect something. • Input Box: The input box will no longer be cleared after altering the previous text or changing the memory. • Action Count: The number of actions in an adventure is now shown on the adventure card. • Copy: You can now copy the entire text of an adventure on mobile from the View Adventure page (as long as accessibility mode is turned off in the Display Settings). • "AI Doesn't Know What to Say": Fixed bug where AI output would sometimes reflect text that had been edited. • My Stuff: Fixed an issue where some old stories and adventures couldn't be viewed or edited. • Scenario Options: Fixed a problem where you couldn't go back from a scenario option to the parent scenario. • My Stuff: Improved cacheing behavior for My Stuff, so deleting scenarios and adventures and creating scenarios should be visible right away. • Delete Buttons: Added quick access Delete buttons (with confirmation) to content cards and view pages. Delete Button will only be visible for the owner of the content. • My Stuff: We've added a Reset Search Index option in Settings -> Account Settings, to help in case the list of Adventures and Scenarios in My Stuff gets out of sync. • My Stuff: Clicking on content cards in My Stuff will now open the content in View mode, rather than Edit mode. You can still access Edit mode from the Edit button on the content card, or from the Edit button on the View page. • Search: Searching in My Stuff and Explore will now default the time range filter to All Time. You can still narrow down the time range after searching. • Scripting: Last Model Input now also shows the script state at the bottom of the text area for debugging. • Scripting: You can now set a Context Modifier which can change the text sent to the AI model. This is useful for implementing advanced Scenarios. See the scripting docs for info & examples ( • World Issue on IOS: Fixed issue with worlds on IOS• "AI Doesn't Know What to Say": Made an improvement that should reduce how often the "AI Doesn't Know What to Say" issue happens.

9/19/2020• Model Feedback: Fixed a bug that prevented model feedback from showing up. • World Event Selection: Made it so you can choose whether world events will be on from the create character page.

9/18/2020• World Events Improvement: Improved world events to have more of an impact on the story. • Races: Fixed an issue with races not working. • World Races: Added ability to choose a race in worlds. (only effective in the second world) • Worlds: Fixed a problem where worlds would load forever without starting. • Experimental Features: We're going to disable auto remember for the next little while due to its high costs. We've learned a lot though and hope to be able to train a cheaper model to do auto memory in the future. • Android: Fixed an issue causing the Android app to crash on the Explore screen.

9/16/2020• Action Window: Based on user feedback, we've reduced the action window for mobile from 100 back to 50 for better mobile performance. • Action Window: Added a Show More button when you get to the top of the action window while playing a long story. • Action Window: The action window while playing has increased and now depends on the platform (1000 for web, 100 for mobile).

9/15/2020• Action Window: Fixed an issue which caused the action window while playing to return the first 50 actions instead of the last 50 actions. • Adventures: Fixed a problem where some adventures had the same public IDs, which means they couldn't be viewed, edited, deleted, or played correctly. As a result, a small number of adventure have new public IDs, so some older links may no longer work. • Quick Links: Adding quick links to view, edit, or play content right from the Explore, My Stuff, and Profile screens. • World Events: Updated world events so you are notified when a new world event happens. You can also turn world events off if you want. • Adventure Menu: View an adventure from the adventure menu will no start you at the end of the adventure, so you have easy access to the most recent context. • Adventure Menu: Added a direct link to view your adventure from the right adventure menu, accessible while playing. • Action Window: Increased the action window size from 20 to 50 to give a bit more context on the play screen. • World Info: Fixed a problem where world info could crowd out the story. • Action Window: We're testing having an action window for adventures while playing. For the moment, only the last 20 actions will be visible on the play screen and editable using the pencil button. You can still read the full adventure by opening the reading page (book icon from the Edit Adventure page). This change should drastically improve performance and reduce network traffic for mobile devices. Let us know if you feel the 20 turn window is too small. • World Events (Experimental): Added experimental world events. Now when playing in a world periodically events will happen on the world scale that can affect your story. You can see what world events have happened by clicking the top right menu, then world events. This is very much an experimental feature however, but we think it has some cool potential. :)

9/14/2020• Scripting: We've added a button in the upper right of the Scripts page that allows you to see the last input sent to the AI. We hope this starts to make scripts easier to debug. • Worlds Update!: We have now added a new way to play AI Dungeon and took another step forward in our vision of creating infinite and alive AI powered worlds. We've released our first AI generated world that you can play in. Premium users can access this first world by clicking on "Worlds" in the sidebar menu. We expect worlds to become more and more complex and interesting over time, this being the first step on that journey. • Scenarios: Title, description, prompt, and scripting code will now never go back to an empty value after being set (this will help prevent data from being lost). • Adventures: Opening on adventure in My Stuff now takes you straight to the edit screen. To read the adventure, click the book icon on the top right. • Duplicate Scenario: Added a duplicate scenario button on the edit scenario screen that will let you make a full copy of a scenario you own. • Saving: Added explicit save buttons while editing adventures and scenarios. • Scenarios: Fixed an issue where saving scenarios could remove data. If this happened to you, check if you played an adventure from that scenario. Most of the data from scenarios gets copied to adventures when you play. • Performance: Made significant changes throughout the app overhauling security and performance. You shouldn't notice anything different yet, so if you do, let us know on Discord or at • Author's Note: Author's Note is now available in the Remember UI for premium users to provide writing style hints to the AI. The provided text will be shown to the AI before your next input. Good examples are "The rest of this story is scary." or "The rest of this story is written in a descriptive and elegant style."

9/12/2020• Suggested Actions: Fourth suggested action no longer causes invalid input bug. • Music: Fixed an issue where adventures with music would load a black screen. • Suggested Actions: There is now a fourth suggested action (instead of a type your own link). Suggested actions now default to off for new users. Suggested actions are now more intelligent on new adventures. • Mobile Crashes: Finally fixed the mobile crash on playing scenarios (trickiest bug this month). Everything should be working again.

9/11/2020• Multiplayer: You can now join a multiplayer game without first creating an account. • Forgot password fix: Forgot password page will now correctly let you know when the password reset email has been sent successfully. • Navigation Fix: Fixed navigation issues that wouldn't let you get to the menu if you navigated to scripting page directly. • Suggested Actions: Made "Suggest Actions" setting that can be turned off to prevent actions from being suggested. Everyone will have access to suggested actions now. • Scripting Fix: Fixed an issue with scripting not showing top buttons. • Suggested Actions in Android: Fixed suggested actions not working in Android.

9/10/2020• Suggested Actions Test: Doing a test with free users where some will have suggested actions and some won't to see how it affects the player experience. Premium players will be unchanged. • Comment Deletion: Added the option to delete your own comments. Still working on adding real time updates. If you click the trash button and then refresh your page the comment should be gone! • Improved Actions: Improved some issues with the suggested actions including undo/redo breaking it and extra quote at the end issues. • Suggested Actions: Made a new mode that gives you suggested actions that you can choose from when playing. Initially this will be available only to premium users while still experimental, but we expect to make it available to all users after we work out the kinks. You can turn it on with the list icon on the very left of the play icons (undo, redo, alter etc...)

9/9/2020• A new scripting feature called 'authorsNote': In scripts you can now set Author’s Note, a comment that is shown to the AI three lines back in the story. This is useful for pushing the story in a certain direction or changing the writing style. For example, setting it to "the following paragraph is scary" will push the AI in that direction. See the scripting docs for examples. • URLs: Standardized how we build adventure and scenario URLs to make them more reliable and more secure. Some previous links will break because of this change (can't be helped). • Guest Users: We made some significant changes to how we handle guest users today to help prevent problems where links don't work unless you're logged in. Logged-in users shouldn't see a difference.

9/8/2020• Landing: Fixed a bug sending logged-in users to landing page instead of home page. • Scenario Buttons: Added buttons to make choosing scenario options easier. (can still type the choice however) • Updates: Fixed a problem where you could get stuck on the new updates page. • Scenarios: Fixed an issue where clicking on one scenario would sometimes loading a scenario you opened earlier instead. • Special Characters: You can now use *, @, &, ^, and ~ in actions and prompts. • Local State: Changed how we manage local data to help prevent bugs. You shouldn't notice any difference, so if you do, let us know at!

9/7/2020• Votes: Fixed voting for comments • Votes: Fixed a problem with votes on scenario and adventure pages.

9/5/2020• Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where following a multiplayer link before logging in would not prompt you to log in or register before playing. • Custom: Fixed an issue where custom scenarios with no prompt could not be played • Search: Fixed an issue where scenarios or adventures flagged as third person would not appear in My Stuff, Explore, or Profile unless the Multiplayer filter was turned on. • Profile: Fixed an issue where if you saved a scenario or adventure that was later deleted, your profile page would crash or not show saved adventures.

9/3/2020• Experimental Memory Features: We've added a toggle on the adventure edit page for premium users to enable new experimental features on a per-adventure basis. These experimental features will be changing frequently. Currently, when enabled, the AI will try to update the adventure memory and world entries every 10 actions so that the AI forgets less. Start a new adventure, edit its settings, and enable the experimental features to try them out! We're looking forward to your feedback. • World Entries: Made it so that a world entry won't be added to the context passed to the AI if the entry can already be found verbatim in the last 20 actions. For example if you put the description of Larion in the prompt and in the world entry it won't be added to the context (reducing repetition from adding twice in a row) until more than 20 actions have past.

9/2/2020• Quests: Quests for Adventures have moved from the Edit Adventure screen to the Quest Log, accessible from the right menu while playing. Quests for Scenarios are still available on the Edit Scenario screen. • Quest Improvements: Added ability to remove quests. Also improved performance so quest adding and removing is instantaneous.

9/1/2020• Fixed Quest System: Fixed some issues with quest system and changed how it works. Now you can have multiple quests from the same time and select the current quest in the quest log. Only the current quest will be checked to see if you have completed it. • Saved Posts: You can now save your favorite scenarios and adventures for later! Just click the save icon on the bottom right corner of any post. To view your saved posts just click on the "Saved" tab on your profile. • Back Button Fix: Fixed issue where refreshing on web could sometimes lead to an inactive back button.

8/31/2020• Multiplayer Links: Fixed multiplayer links for the web version. • Fixed scenario editor : Added guards so the scenario editor won't delete any of your scenario info. You should be able to create and edit scenario's again safely!

8/28/2020• Update: As some of you may have noticed we experienced a bot attack starting this morning. We've now implemented additional safeguards against this and have re-enabled anonymous user accounts and disabled captcha for the time being. We'll keep our eye out to make sure the new safeguards are working properly. • Mobile Multiplayer Links: Changed the link you get on multiplayer to just be the app link so it's easier to just copy on Android or IOS. • Anonymous Users: We have temporarily disabled playing without an account (to help mitigate a current ddos attack).

8/27/2020• Added Profile Bio: You can now add a profile bio when you click on "Edit Profile" on your profile page! • Web Urls: We updated our infrastructure navigation to allow url paths on the website. This also opened up some easily shareable URLs that should be more consistent when sharing any content with friends, or using the multiplayer features.

8/19/2020• Music: Made it so that you can now edit the music theme in existing games in the "Edit Adventure" screen.

8/19/2020• Featured Scenarios: Reworked the new game UI flow and added a featured scenarios page! This page has well made scenarios people have made that we've curated. Enjoy! • Quest Bug: Fixed an issue with quests disappearing.

8/15/2020• Randomness: We've noticed many users getting confusing AI results because the Randomness setting was too high or two low, so we've reduced the range from 0-5 to 0.5-2.0. If you really loved one of those high or low random settings, let us know, we'd love to hear how you found it useful. • Randomness: Reset randomness to the default of 1 for users who had it set to 0. We recommended randomness of 0 to mitigate an issue with Dragon a while ago. That issue is now resolved, so a randomness closer to 1 will give a better experience in almost all cases.

8/13/2020• World Entries: Changed how world entries are stored and hopefully fixed some of the cases where world entries were getting deleted. If you can't delete world entries, make sure you update the App.

8/10/2020• Music turned off by default: We have turned music off by default and reset everyone's music setting to off. If you want music for the few scenarios that currently have it, you will need to go back to settings and turn the music back on. This is in preparation to add more music/sound effects without annoying those who prefer a silent experience.

8/7/2020• Clearing text input: The input box will no longer be cleared after submitting an alter or pinned entry.

8/6/2020• Remember box limit counter: Added a counter when using the remember box to better communicate how much the AI will remember. You can still go over the limit, but hopefully this will better communicate how much the AI will remember.

8/4/2020• Remember Box Limit: Due to popular request we've removed the limit on the remember box. The AI still fundamentally cannot remember more than ~1000 characters (in addition to the most recent part of the story). This was the reason behind putting an explicit limit to make that clear, however we've decided to remove the limit and simply communicate that limitations to users here and in the help page. • Hardcore Mode Reversible: Made it so that you can switch back out of hardcore mode after enabling it. (Before it was a permanent change)

8/3/2020• Fixed the remember in game length: Fixed a bug that was allowing the remember in game length to increase past it's limit of 1000 characters. • "Keys is not Iterable" bugfix: Fixed issue with world entries that would give a "keys is not iterable" error message. • World data in game: World data is now editable in game, and scenario creators have the option to hide world data from players.

8/1/2020• Fonts: Added Times New Roman as a font since that was the default on web before the font fix.

8/1/2020• Model Change Issues: Rolled back changes that caused issues with AI output quality. Should be back to before the change. • Font Issues: Fixed font settings not working correctly • Model Change Issues (In Progress): A change to the model engine on OpenAI's side caused an unintended reduction in model quality. We're working with them on fixing this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. • Upped Prompt and Memory Limit Back Up: Realized there was a bug with how we were estimating how big the prompt and memory limits can be so we increased them back to 1k and 2k. • Multiplayer Tips: Added multiplayer tips to the Help page

7/31/2020• Following: Click on a player's profile to follow them! View the list of people you're following and see who's following you on your own profile page.

7/28/2020• Character updates: Added princess and witch characters to the fantasy setting.

7/21/2020• Explore Fix: Fixed sort algorithm issues on the explore page.

7/20/2020• Bugfix: Fixed Australian Male voice. • Explore Trending: Explore will now default to trending content. The trending sort is currently weighted on when the content was created and the amount of upvotes that it has.

7/18/2020• Scenarios: Fixed share links on scenarios for iOS (on version 33 which is approved and should be available in the App Store soon). • Multiplayer: You can now join a multiplayer game on a guest account. Also fixed some issues where players joining a multiplayer game were not prompted for a character name. • Adventure Menu: The buttons from the top of the play screen have moved into the adventure menu, which you can open from the top right of the play screen.

7/17/2020• Death Fix: Fixed issue with death not updating, also should fix state.message being a turn slow as well. • Multiplayer Bugfix: Fixed fantasy start for multiplayer having an extra newline in the prompt • Multiplayer Bugfix: Fixed bug where pressing the plus to invite friends didn't work

7/16/2020• Increased Premium Price: Increased the monthly premium price to $9.99 to help with increased costs of Dragon. For existing premium users your price won't change until the beginning of next year before which we'll send an email update letting you know.

7/15/2020• Multiplayer Model: Made it so that in multiplayer games the AI model is whichever AI model the host has. • Davinci Issues: Undid previous fix for AI being stumped as it seems to have caused other issues.

7/14/2020• Decreased Chance AI Being Stumped: Dug into why what caused the AI to be stumped and fixed the largest issue. It should happen far less often now. • Empty Outputs: The game will now show the player's action even when the AI doesn't know what to say (this is especially helpful in multiplayer). • Safe Mode: Since the Safe Mode user setting no longer controls AI generation, it has moved from the Game Settings page to the Display Settings page. • Safe Mode: The AI will now generate NSFW content only if the adventure is set to NSFW (rather than if the user taking a turn has Safe Mode turned off). This gives the host control of the NSFW setting for multiplayer games. • 1 Billion Actions: Found and fixed the cause of the server performance problems we've seen over the past day. Turns out there are things that work with 100 million actions that do not work with 1 billion actions. Congratulations for passing 1 billion actions in AI Dungeon! • Performance: Still seeing server instability, we're actively working to get everything stable again. • Server Upgrade: Fixed server issues due to high traffic and upgraded to a beefier server.

7/13/2020• Adventure Deep Links: Share different adventures with friends with the new adventure deep links! • Multiplayer Deep Links: Invite your friends to your new multiplayer games with deep links to bring them right to the app!

7/12/2020• Remember: Fixed a bug where the remember context wasn't updating correctly.

7/11/2020• Mobile Browser Issues: Fixed issues on mobile browsers where settings and quest button didn't work from the play screen. • Quests Now Free: Adding quests to adventures and scenarios is free now! • Multiplayer Now Free: Multiplayer is now a free feature! Enjoy crazy AI generated adventures with all of your friends now! • Dragon Model: "On silver necklaces they strung The flowering stars, on crowns they hung The dragon-fire, in twisted wire They meshed the light of moon and sun .... The fire was red, it flaming spread; The trees like torches blazed with light. The bells were ringing in the dale And men they looked up with faces pale; The dragon’s ire more fierce than fire Laid low their towers and houses frail." - J.R.R Tolkien

7/10/2020• Black Screen: We've made another assassination attempt against the dread black screen of death. We think we got it this time, but if you see it, let us know. • Feedback: Updated feedback categories to help there be a stronger difference between good and really really good. • Tutorial: We built out a tutorial! We're currently AB testing it but expect to roll it out to all new players soon (you'll be able to skip it if you want) but it should help new players better understand how to play AI Dungeon • Refresh: Added a refresh button on the play screen, so if your app seems to be hanging, you can give it a nudge.

7/8/2020• Actions: Empty actions in adventures are no longer saved. Altering an action to delete the text will remove the action.

7/6/2020• Bugfix: Death comes to all, but not to players in Creative mode. (Fixed a problem where the logic was reversed.)

7/4/2020• Remember: Simplified how we store the remember context. You shouldn't notice any difference, so if you do, let us know. • Undo / Redo: We've slightly changed the model for undo and redo. Undo now always undoes the most recent action. Redo always redoes the action that was most recently undone. Give it a try for a few days and send your feedback to

7/3/2020• Android Crashes: We think we've fixed the tricky Android crash many have experienced over the past few days. If you're still seeing a crash, let us know! • Performance: You all keep surprising us. We've tripled our server capacity to keep up with your enthusiasm, game should feel much faster now.

7/2/2020• Retry: Retry will now only redo AI actions (so it won't eat your inputs when you don't have an AI action). • Theme Saving Issue: Fixed issue where the theme would reset if you refreshed. • Loading Indicator: Changed the loading indicator to a more stable one. • Adventure Mode!: Added Adventure Mode! Adventure mode enables death (though you can still undo/retry) and disables alter. Adventure mode is the starting mode for default scenarios. You can also switch between modes in the edit adventure page, however you can't turn off hardcore mode once it's been turned on. Hardcore mode still disables undo, retry, and alter. Death is also permanent. Hardcore mode cannot be disabled from an adventure once enabled.

7/1/2020• Adventures: Added an action length count to the detail page for Adventures. • Bugfix: Adventures and Scenarios in My Stuff will now not save until they've finished loading (to prevent data from disappearing). • Bugfix: Quest model now fails gracefully.

6/29/2020• Model Test: Testing some new models. Let us know if you notice a big difference! • Login Fix: Fixed issue where logging in or out wouldn't update until you refresh.

6/29/2020• Auto Tagging: We will do our best to tag NSFW stories that are published appropriately. This way users who are trying to avoid NSFW content will have an easier time exploring. We still encourage you to tag your own stories as NSFW as our auto tagging only catches the basics. • Performance: Fixed several performance bugs and scaled up servers, app should be more responsive than it's been for the past few days.

6/27/2020• Scripting: Made it so that you can access the user defined memory using the keyword 'memory'. See the scripting docs at for more info. • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with phantom newlines appearing. • Bugfix: Fixed bug where keyboard would disappear when selecting options when starting a new game.

6/25/2020• Slow Typing Bugfix.: Fixed slow typing on long adventures.

6/25/2020• Long Adventure Performance: Improved performance on long adventures. Typing speed will still be slow so we recommend setting it to instant on longer adventures, but scroll speed and other performance issues should be improved.

6/21/2020• Unsubscribe Fix: Fixed an issue that caused the unsubscribe functionality to temporarily break. Unsubscribe should work again. If you were charged because you were unable to unsubscribe please email and we'll process a refund for you.

6/19/2020• Double the Memory!: AI Dungeon has double the memory! If you didn't hear, we recently upgraded our AI. With that upgrade the AI can now remember twice as much!

6/18/2020• Accessibility Mode: Made a setting called "Accessibility Mode" that should make swiping through turns on the game page much easier. • Undo/Redo Bugfix: Fixed an issue that broke redo if you pressed undo twice in a row. • Scenario Start Bugfix: Fixed bug where starting a scenario would sometimes bring you back to whatever scenario you had started earlier. • Continue bug fix: Fixed a bug where just pressing enter would cause an infinite spinner. • Play Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where you'd get a white screen clicking on play from the start page.

6/17/2020• State.message fix: Fixed issue with state.message not showing when using scripts.

6/16/2020• Performance: Fixed the cause slow server performance, servers should be much more stable now. • Adventures: Fixed the source of duplicate adventures and turned conversion for old adventure formats back on. • Adventures: Turned off conversion of old adventure formats temporarily to avoid creating duplicates.

6/15/2020• Collapsible Side Menu on Web: Made it so you can hide the side menu on web (and open it similar to before) You can change it from the settings page. • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with settings not saving properly. • Paypal Fixes: Fixed an issue where people would lose premium benefits right when they cancelled (instead of when the period was over) • Renamed "Adventure Mode" to "Hardcore Mode": Also fixed a bug where you weren't able to use the "say" option in hardcore mode. • BugFix Week: We're doing another bug fix week, so send any bugs you find to We'll be awarding a free month of premium to top bug reporters (based on how bad the bug is and whether we've found it already, not number of bugs).

6/11/2020• New featured Scenario!: Made a new featured scenario with adventure mode. You can find "Island of Death" a horror survival scenario on the home page. How long can you survive? • New Adventure / Hardcore Mode!: Added a new mode where death is automatically detected and permanent. You also can't alter, redo, or use story mode. • Explore Page Revamp: Revamped the explore page so it's much easier to read. Also added avatars and usernames to each post! To add an avatar just go to your profile page and click on your profile image.

6/11/2020• Performance: Long stories are now performing well on laptops and desktops, but are having problems on mobile. Adventures will again display only the last 500 turns while we sort out the remaining performance issues. • New Model!: We've upgraded to a new model using OpenAI's API service! (Actually it happened a week ago, but we just couldn't tell you) It's vastly improved over the old model! • Performance: Improved performance for long stories and removed the turn limit. If you're still seeing performance problems for long stories, let us know at • Text Slowness: We're looking into reports of slow typing text in the app. For now, if you're seeing slow text, you can set the text speed to Instant in your settings to resolve the issue. • Adventures: Still seeing some performance problems with long adventures and older adventures. As a temporary fix, long adventures are limited to the most recent 500 actions and older adventures are not playable. We're aiming to get this all fixed this weekend.

6/10/2020• Improved Quests: Added a notification for when you have a new quest.

6/4/2020• Explore: Due to lack of demand, we've removed the ability to play other people's adventures from Explore. You can still play other people's scenarios in Explore, read other people's adventures in Explore, and play your own adventures and scenarios in My Stuff. This change will let us simplify the game and make it more stable. • Play Without Registering: Made it so new users can jump straight to playing and don't need to register unless they want to save/load stories or comment/vote. • Adventures: Some older adventures may not be playable for a few days. We'll bring them back as quick as we can. • Speed: Fixed a major cause of app slowness, let us know if you're still seeing things slow down (

6/3/2020• Made retry a free feature: Moved retry to a free feature! :) • Quests: Subscribers can now add, edit, and remove quests on adventures while they play. • Longer Titles and Descriptions for Scenarios and Adventures: Titles can now by 70 characters (up from 40) and Descriptions can now be 400 characters (up from 140). • Quests!: Subscribers can now add quest objectives to scenarios they create. Anyone playing a scenario with quest objectives can now see their current and completed quests in a new quest log, accessible from the backpack icon at the top right. The AI will detect when a quest is completed and mark it complete. It may sometimes get things wrong though so please give us feedback when it does. • Typing text: Typing text has been improved. Hopefully we wont see anymore crazy text generation issues and your stories will be printed out nice and smooth.

6/2/2020• AI Generating Nothing: Did some fixes for the test model that should reduce the chance of it generating nothing. • Scripting Improvements: Made it so you can log anything (not just strings). Fixed state.message issue. Added ability to read from and modify "worldEntries" parameter from scripts.

6/1/2020• Mods/Scripts! : We now have an experimental way to write custom scripts for your scenarios! If you are a premium member and are on web you can scroll to the bottom of the edit scenario page and choose the "scripts" option. When you publish a scenario with custom scripts make sure to add the "scripted" tag so that others can search for and try out your scenario. Looking forward to all the awesome things you'll make!

5/29/2020• World Info!: Now when making scenarios you can add info about the world and keys that will add that info to what's fed into the model whenever those keys are detected in the last input and output. There's a lot of cool ways you could use this: to define secret organizations that might pop up, describe cities, nations, characters, species etc... Excited to see what people make with it! • New Model Test: We're running a large model test of 50% on a really promising test model and 50% on production. Let us know how your model is doing using the feedback button!

5/27/2020• New Themes: Due to popular request we added an amber terminal theme :)

5/27/2020• Reporting: Reported adventures are being more heavily enforced now. Please be responsible with your reporting!

5/26/2020• New user onboarding: New users will now be presented with the Help screen upon creating their account to help them get started in AI Dungeon. If you haven't read through the help screen yet, click the ? at the top right while in a game and you might learn something new! • Email Verification Fix: Fixed an issue that prevented people from being able to verify their email and publish/comment • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where typing '/alter' or '/remember' would make it stuck on those in the input • Fixed Audio Narration: Fixed a bug where Audio narration wouldn't play with the newest update.

5/25/2020• Fixed Retry Issue: Fixed issue where retry would use info from the previous result to generate. • Paypal Support: We now have Paypal support for premium!

5/23/2020• Bug Fixes: Fixed various bugs for new system including text typing retyping previous sections, mobile not being able to choose a character in multiplayer, and starting custom games adding a > symbol • Multiplayer is Back!: Multiplayer has returned greatly improved! There are some big differences you'll notice. 1. Inviting friends is a much easier process. You simply press the plus button and share the link with them which they can use to join. 2. You can play in either third person mode (defaults) or invite friends to normal second person games where you all play as the same player. 3. You no longer have to wait for the next player to do a turn. There is a queue and each action will be processed in the order it was received in the queue. Thanks for your patience while we did this overhaul!

5/21/2020• Themes: We've added new themes to the app! By popular request there's a terminal theme as well as various requested colors. Enjoy!

5/20/2020• Multiplayer: Temporarily took down multiplayer while we finish migrating to the new multiplayer system which should be a much better experience! We should be able to have it back up within a couple days.

5/18/2020• Music Theme: You can now add a music theme when editing and creating scenarios. The selection is limited now but we plan on building it out more. good luck!

5/16/2020• App Crashes: Fixed a problem where apps would crash when opened and revert to a previous version.

5/14/2020• AI Tests: You can now opt back in to an AI model test at any time (from the feedback button on the game screen).

5/13/2020• Text Color: Now that we have dark / light mode, we're removing text color as an independent setting. If there are specific colors you love, let us know, and we'll consider adding them as part of a new theme. • Light Mode: AI Dungeon now supports light / dark mode! You can change your mode in Settings. • Comment Button: Added the number of comments to content cards and headers. Comment icon now links to a new comments page (no more scrolling to find the comments).

5/12/2020• Search: Fixed an issue where votes were updating the Explore ranking. • Vote Buttons: Simplified the vote buttons and added them to the content cards, so you can vote from explore and profile pages as well as adventure and scenario pages.

5/11/2020• Performance: Solved a problem that made servers slower the longer they were running. Performance should be much more consistent now.

5/9/2020• Performance: Overhauled performance across the app. Most actions are now 2-10x fast than yesterday.

5/8/2020• Reporting: You can now report inappropriate content from any content card. • My Stuff: My Stuff will now automatically convert old stories to adventures and refresh your search index when you open the page (and will show you the progress!). • Color: In case you didn't notice, AI Dungeon is not quite as dark as it was before... • Explore: You can now search for Adventures and Scenarios directly on the Explore page.

5/7/2020• Subscribing Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where navigating to wouldn't prompt you to login • My Stuff: You can now search your Adventures and Scenarios in My Stuff! New adventures are indexed automatically, but for older adventures, you may need to refresh your search index at Settings > Account > Refresh Search Index.

5/5/2020• Scenario Sharing!: You can now share links to scenarios you publish! • Adventure Link Sharing: Rebuilt adventure link sharing to take you to the actual app! Scenario link sharing soon to come!

5/2/2020• Settings: Fixed a very strange bug where the settings of several thousand users were inexplicably shared. The hive mind has been dissolved, and all users should now be able to control their own settings. • Scenarios: Scenarios now have a "memory" field that lets you set the starting memory for the scenario. (Equivalent to using the /remember command right after you start). • New Lines: The Return key on mobile keyboards will now insert a new line instead of immediately submitting the action (just like your favorite texting apps).

5/2/2020• Settings: Added new settings that allow you to change the default font, hide the Do / Say / Story button, and change the default Do / Say / Story mode. • Placeholders: Scenario placeholders now work with special characters. If multiple placeholders are the same, the use will only be prompted once. • Scenario Search: Fixed a problem preventing scenarios from showing up in search. Missing scenarios will show up the next time they are edited. • Premium Free Trial!: We're now offering a 7 day free trial for people who want to try out premium! • AI Tests: Took down the model tests for now while we do some changes. Everyone is back on the production model.

5/1/2020• New Model Test: We're starting a new model test! These models should be better than in the last test, but we've also added an option to opt out of the model you get assigned and go back to production (accessible from the feedback popup) • Scenario Options: Fixed a bug where scenario options weren't being created correctly. Also made them slightly easier to understand and navigate.

4/30/2020• Help: Major update to the help page to make it a bit more... well, helpful.

4/29/2020• Weekly: New weekly is live, and it is madness. • Feedback: Added optional comments along with the emoji when you let us know how the AI is doing.

4/28/2020• Text Size: Fixed some text size issues and made text size larger on web. • Revert: Fixed the issue that wouldn't allow more than one /revert in a row. Revert now counts as an Undo, and can be reversed with the Redo button. • Settings: We finished rebuilding how settings work, so they'll take effect everywhere without having to log out and log back in again. If you see any problems on the newest version, let us know at! • Settings: We've redesigned the settings page a bit to make it easier for you to find your favorite settings. • Prompt for Feedback: Made it so you will occasionally be prompted for feedback on how the AI is doing. This will help us know which models are better. • More Music!: We're gradually rolling out more music to other scenarios (besides the weekly horror) We'll be doing AB tests on it though so even if someone else has it you may not (only temporarily). • AI Experiment: Starting today you'll randomly get either the original AI model or one of three new AI models that were testing. Use the feedback button at the top of the screen to let us know how they do!

4/27/2020• Updates: Updates now give a prompt to install rather than an automatic white screen. Updates also load each time you come back to the app, not just when you force-close and open it again. • Settings: Fixed a bug that was causing settings to not save correctly.

4/26/2020• Save Buttons: We've removed the save buttons throughout the app. Now, changes you make to Settings, Scenarios, Adventures, and Stories should save automatically. • Settings Page Accessibility: Made toggles and sliders more accessible for screen readers on the settings page. • Saving: Removed save button for saving settings, scenarios, and adventures. Instead it should save automatically. Also fixed some bugs with scenarios not showing that they have saved.

4/25/2020• iOS Reverts: We finally figured out why iOS kept reverting to broken versions (and it wasn't a crash). The App Store release fixing the problem is waiting for Apple approval, once you have that installed, you'll likely never see the version revert again.

4/24/2020• Character Names: Fixed the bug where Android and Safari users would see ${} in the prompt instead of being prompted for their character's name.

4/23/2020• Gremlins: Several tribes of gremlins have been causing crashes throughout the AI Dungeon (especially on iOS and mobile). Today we exterminated all 419 members of the largest tribe of gremlins, we'll be watching to make sure none survived. In other words, hoping to see fewer crashes on the newest version tomorrow. • Scenarios: You can now add placeholder for your scenarios. For example: "You are ${}, a knight living in the kingdom of ${Enter a country...}." • Alter / Remember: Fixed the issue where adding a new line in alter or remember would also continue the story. • Undo / Redo: Simplified undo / redo so they only affect your history (what you see on the screen) and not your memory (set using the remember command). Should be more stable and have fewer bugs now.

4/22/2020• Command Icons: We've replaced the text buttons with icons (to better support small phones). In order, the icons are undo, redo, alter (pencil), remember (pin), and retry. • Undo / Redo: We've removed the Revert button and replaced it with Undo and Redo buttons. Undo will undo the last thing you did and Redo will redo the last thing you undid.

4/20/2020• /Commands: Added back the ability to use slash commands (/revert, /alter, etc...) and made it so hiding the command buttons is a settings option. You can also now switch between say, do and story mode by typing '/story', '/do', and '/say' and then pressing space and it will automatically switch. • Fixed Input Interface: Fixed a bug when starting a custom prompt where it would have the do, say, story interface and would delete any You's you add. • Bug Fix Week: We've made a lot of changes in the past few weeks, so this week we're focusing on stability and quality. To help out, send any bugs you see to We're fixing EVERYTHING (or at least trying to).

4/17/2020• Music Rework: Fixed music bugs and reworked music system in preparation for any adventure being able to have music.

4/17/2020• Cleaner Input Interface: Changed the input interface to allow you to switch between "Do", "Say", and "Story" modes. In do and say mode we add "> You " and "> You say " behind the scenes as well as a new line. But with "Story" we don't do any modifications (kind of like the ! command) except we also don't add a newline after so you can do things like "A man appears and says" and it will just keep generating off of that. • Adventures: Adventures are now displayed the same everywhere you see them. • AI Therapy: The AI has finished its first round of therapy and seems to have stopped spouting Gibberish. If you do see more gibberish, let us know. • Volume Control: Added volume controls for music and audio narration.

4/16/2020• AI Counseling: We've put the AI in therapy, and seem to have reduced its tendency to spout gibberish. Hoping for better stories here on out. • > You : To be even more clear, we've added the "> You " prefix directly to the action bar rather than adding it automatically. You can remove the prefix if you'd like to narrate instead of take an action. • Continue: We've added a Continue button, which lets you ask the AI to write more. • Submit: We've added a submit button next to the action bar, just in case Enter doesn't work for any reason. • Remember: Remember actions not give a popup box, so you can easily add line breaks. • Alter: Alter actions now give a popup box, so you can easily add line breaks, edit inputs, and cancel. • Stories: Stories can again be played. When you click Play on one of your own Stories, it will automatically convert to an Adventure.

4/15/2020• Home Page: Transitioned the home page to the new game engine. (If you see any problems, let us know in the #help-web-and-app channel on Discord).

4/14/2020• New Weekly: Abandon all hope. • Scenarios: Scenario options are now much easier to create and are playable! You can now make your own menus like the ones in the core game. • Fixed Safe Mode and Direct Dialog: Found a bug where if one user's request on a gpu had safe mode on or direct dialog off it would affect subsequent users on a gpu. Both should work much better now. • Bugfix: Fixed problems where text was smashed together without spaces. The AI should be somewhat less befuddled now.

4/13/2020• Scenarios: Added scenario options, so creators can build menus like the ones of the main game page. Right now you can set up scenarios with options, but can't play them (that's coming tomorrow). • Bugfix: Fixed the bug that was causing chapter breaks of time jumps on empty inputs. • Avatars: Added 14 AI generated avatars for you to choose from! To select your avatar click on your username in the sidebar, then click on your profile picture and choose your favorite :)

4/11/2020• New Voices!: Added new voices for audio narration! You can now change what type of voice narrates your adventures from the settings page. • Cleaner UI: Moved the feedback and help buttons to be icon buttons on the top bar to make the game screen a bit less cluttered on mobile. • Bugfix: : Fixed some bugs with starting an adventure not generating properly off of a prompt

4/10/2020• Adventures!: When you play a Scenario, it now creates an Adventure instead of a Story. Published Adventures can be played by anyone with all actions available (including revert, alter, and retry). Playing someone else's published Adventure creates a new Adventure just for you (so you won't mess up their stuff). • Released Premium!: Released Premium along with a bunch of new features! Supporters can host a multiplayer game, change advanced settings like temperature and length and turn on audio narration (web only till we fix an issue in mobile) and any player can join someone else's hosted multiplayer session.

4/8/2020• Menus: Added much nicer menus for My Stuff, Explore, and Search. • Scenarios: Renamed Adventures to Scenarios as we prepare to give you more tools for creating your own scenarios (like the ones we have on the main page).

4/7/2020• Reworked Explore Page: Reworked the UI for explore page and added a Top of all time option • Custom: Custom mode will no longer be saved as new adventures (so you can use it for prompts you're not sure you want to keep). • My Stuff: Added a create adventure button (plus sign at the top right) • Profile Layout: Added different sections in the profile so it's easier to navigate

4/6/2020• My Stuff: Added pagination for Stories and Adventures in My Stuff (for those of you with hundreds of stories and adventures). • Layout: Combined My Stories and Creator Studio into a single My Stuff page. • Explore: Updated layout of the explore page to get rid of the broken Picker. • Achievements: Added more achievements for exploration, contribution, and mastery.

4/4/2020• Achievements: Retired the Captain Nemo achievement (2000 stories). 1001 Arabian Nights is plenty for anyone. • Achievements: Dropped top story achievement from 20,000 to 2,000.

4/3/2020• Product Updates: New updates now get shown when you open the app, as well as log in. Previous updates are still available on the About page. • Custom Scenario: Playing the custom scenario will now save your scenario as a draft adventure in Creator Studio. • Achievements: Fixed progress for Next Achievements

4/2/2020• Achievements: Added new achievements for winning and losing in AI Dungeon. • Weekly Adventure: Each week we will have a new adventure that we make for you. the adventure will be around for a week and then be switched out. enjoy. • Profile: Optimized the profile page so it loads much faster. • Achievements: Added an achievement leaderboard on the profile page. • Achievements: Added nicer achievement cards to the profile page • User Profiles: When looking at a published users stories or adventures click their name to view their profile page.

4/1/2020• Error Handling: Added better error handling and crash reports, so we can figure it out when things go wrong. • Achievements: Added notifications when you get an achievement.• Search: Rebuilt our search database from the ground up, should be much more reliable now (and faster).

3/31/2020• Achievements: Added points and completed dates to achievements. Also added support for daily and streak achievements and fixed a bug for collection achievements.

3/30/2020• Achievements: Added several achievements around scenarios. Can you find them all? • Status Page: Made the status page ( more robust in detecting when there are server issues. • Autosave on Settings: Made it so settings autosave when you exit and removed save button • Achievements: Added a next achievements section to the profile page, showing your current progress. • Achievements: Added completed achievements to the profile page (click on your username to see it). Don't worry, this will get prettier over time.

3/28/2020• Gibberish Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where only some users had crazy gibberish due to temperature being the wrong value.

3/28/2020• Changed "Confusing" feedback to "Seems Broken...": Some people weren't sure what "confusing" as feedback was supposed to mean so we changed it to "seems broken" to make it a little more clear. • New Updates Page: We've reworked the sidebar menu and also added a new updates page! You can reach the new page from the "About" page. • Model Testing: Tested model changes that will allow dynamic temperature modification in preparation for premium. • Feedback on Repetition: Added a "too repetitive" button for feedback to help us get more understanding around whether models are better or not. • Cyberpunk Expanded: Expanded cyberpunk and added several different roles to start out as.

3/27/2020• Conspiracy: Something strange is going on in the depths of the AI Dungeon, can you find it? • Cyberpunk: Added cyberpunk as an official game mode.

3/26/2020• Product Updates: When you log in after we've made updates, you'll see a screen like this describing the new updates.

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