What are the basics of AI Dungeon?

What are the basics of AI Dungeon?

AI Dungeon: The Basics

Choose Your Adventure

Quick Start a new game using the Play button and choose a setting, character, and name, then watch as the AI fills in details for your Adventure.

Or, pick from hundreds of community-published, predefined Scenarios to start your Adventure. The Discover section is a great place to explore and find content you want to play.

Take A Turn

This is a roleplay experience, so Take a Turn giving your character Do or Say actions. Or, write your own text with Story to move the plot along how you want. It’s your Adventure: anything you can type, you can do!


The AI will generate responses from your inputs and can advance the story to introduce characters, world events, and other elements for you to interact with during gameplay.

Every story is unique and unexpected.

Make it Yours

You are the main character and director of your story.

Use Undo, Redo, Retry, and Edit to control the action. Use Plot Components and Story Cards to keep the AI coherent and consistent. 

Live out your wild ideas however you want: you’re in charge!


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