What is ChatGPT through Microsoft Azure?

What is ChatGPT through Microsoft Azure?

What is ChatGPT through Microsoft Azure?

AI Dungeon relies on AI language models to drive game experiences. Each of these models has been developed independently and has different characteristics.

ChatGPT is a well-known large language model that is now integrated to AI Dungeon. It performs extremely well in Adventures and has the potential to greatly improve areas where other models have struggled in the past, like memory, repetition, and creativity.

Microsoft is the only company besides OpenAI to have access to the ChatGPT model. We chose to use Microsoft Azure for a few specific reasons, the most important being their privacy and security reputation. This is crucial to our players’ experiences in AI Dungeon, as well as to us.

Some players may wonder if Azure sends data to OpenAI and they do NOT. Microsoft hosts the OpenAI models within their own Azure infrastructure, and all customer data sent to Azure remains within the Azure service. This means that data processed by Azure is never sent to OpenAI. Microsoft runs ChatGPT on their own servers with strong security and privacy protections they’ve developed as part of the Azure stack.

Subscribed players have unlimited access to ChatGPT. Non-subscribed players receive a limited amount of daily ChatGPT actions.


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