What happened to Steam and the Travelers tier?

What happened to Steam and the Travelers tier?

What happened to Steam and the Travelers tier?

Previously, players were able to purchase AI Dungeon on Steam with more included benefits:

  • Faster Griffin AI model speeds
  • 2x context (memory) size
  • Access to Advanced Settings
  • 500 credits for image generation

When we removed ads from the free-to-play AI Dungeon experience, we made the Steam experience free-to-play to mirror the web and mobile apps. This version only included basic unlimited access to the Griffin AI model and no other benefits.

At that same time, we started offering the additional benefits as a one-time purchase option through Steam. This was called “Travelers”.

Now, we have decided to delist AI Dungeon on Steam. This means the app will still be available for those who purchased it, but it won’t receive regular updates, nor will it be discoverable by new players. You can read more about this decision in our blog post, Sharpening our Focus on AI Dungeon.

Players who purchased AI Dungeon on Steam (when it was a paid download) or who bought the Traveler tier add-on will still keep ALL of their benefits.

The Steam purchases permanently upgrade your entire AI Dungeon account, and those benefits—like larger context, faster AI speeds, and advanced settings—can still be enjoyed on web, iOS, or Android. Your account’s membership status will continue to display “Travelers” as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please reach out to support@aidungeon.com.


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