What happened to Steam and the Traveler tier?

What happened to Steam and the Traveler tier?

About Steam & the Traveler tier

AI Dungeon launched on Steam in July 2022 as a one-time purchase of $30, our Traveler tier. It was the first time players could use unlimited Griffin without energy or ads limiting play.

Later, we optimized AI costs to the point where we could let ALL free players use Griffin for free without limits, and we made the Steam experience free-to-play to mirror the web and mobile apps. At that time, we gave our Traveler players extra benefits like faster AI speeds, more context, advanced settings, and credits, along with two free months of our Hero/Champion plan (a $30 value).

Then, we offered the Traveler tier as a $10 in-app purchase. This let Steam players get access to the faster speeds, larger context, advanced settings, and image credits. We stopped offering this tier to players in September 2023 and retired our Steam app in early 2024.

Traveler purchases permanently upgrade your entire AI Dungeon account, and your benefits can still be enjoyed on web, iOS, or Android. Your account’s membership status will continue to display “Traveler” unless you sign up for a subscription.

We recently optimized our AI costs once again and can now let all free players use more context and advanced settings.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please reach out to support@aidungeon.com.


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