Making MythoMax the Main Free Model in AI Dungeon

Making MythoMax the Main Free Model in AI Dungeon

Making MythoMax the main free model in AI Dungeon

Since MythoMax and Tiefighter have been released, we’ve received overwhelming player feedback about their quality gains over Griffin.

In the community, players have said that “MythoMax is amazing” and “so good compared to Griffin.” Another player said that they “recommend MythoMax or Tiefighter if you’re free-to-play.” Our most recent player survey found that over 80% of responders prefer MythoMax and Tiefighter as their free models.

Our AI comparison data backs up this sentiment. Six times as many players are currently using MythoMax or Tiefighter over Griffin. In recent preference tests, MythoMax responses are chosen 50% more often than Griffin. In fact, MythoMax is even beating Dragon in our evaluations!

Given the positive player response to these new models, and how much better they have been performing in our AI comparison testing, we will be changing the default free model to MythoMax later this week. This means that most free players will automatically have MythoMax set as their main model.

If you’re a fan of Griffin, don’t worry—it’s not going away right now! This change is an effort to help players who aren’t aware that newer models are available. Any player who has selected Griffin as their model in the last week will not be changed to MythoMax.

We’ll be watching for your feedback as we make this transition. Please let us know on Discord, Reddit, or through our support email if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


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