Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

AI Dungeon Community Guidelines


The purpose of these guidelines is to build a safe, fun space in which we can all find, create, and enjoy AI experiences within Latitude products.

We reserve the right to update these Community Guidelines at anytime with or without notice in line with our efforts to protect the integrity of our community experience. Any disputes or gray areas will be handled at the moderators discretion.  For questions regarding how to best abide by these guidelines, email — Thank you!

Community Conduct

Harassment & Bullying

Do not participate in or encourage the harassment of anyone, especially of other users. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Targeted harassment or personal attacks
  • Inciting or promoting violence or abuse against others
  • Unauthorized sharing of personal information (also known as “doxxing”)
  • Sexual harassment

Threatening Behavior

Do not make threats to harm others, including threatening another’s life, safety, reputation, livelihood, or well-being.

NSFW Content

Primary examples of NSFW content include:

  • Content that either references or depicts outright sexual content or behavior. This includes but is not limited to...
    • Graphic depictions of a character’s body
    • Explicit nudity
    • Sexual intercourse or elements of the same
  • Content clearly intended to fulfill/satisfy a sexual fetish
  • Content that depicts graphic descriptions of violence or gore. (For example, an overly detailed description of dismemberment.)

This is not an exhaustive list, and represents an effort to communicate our intent regarding the classification of NSFW content. When in doubt, use the NSFW tag.

Unpublishable Content

Spam, Plagiarism, and Content Manipulation

We consider spam to be:

  • Identical or near-identical content being repeatedly published
  • Posting / Publishing another user’s content that is not your own
  • “Zero-effort” or exceptionally low-quality content that serves no purpose in being published
  • Attempts to manipulate content or votes
  • Impersonation of individuals or organizations on or off of Latitude’s platforms — more especially in regard to individuals or organizations affiliated with Latitude, Inc. and/or with the intent of deceiving or causing harm to anyone.

Hateful Content

Do not publish content that depicts, encourages, promotes, alludes to, or contains discrimination against other people based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.

Fantastical depictions of fictional discrimination (ex. Dwarves loathing Elves) are exempt.

Violent Extremism

Violence in stories is permitted, but glorifying violent extremism is considered unpublishable.

Self Harm

Do not publish any content that glorifies or promotes self harm or suicide.

If you are experiencing distress and are considering self harm, help is available through the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Mature & Sexual Content

Do not publish any content which depicts, encourages, promotes, alludes to, or otherwise contains any of the themes listed below. Our moderation team will utilize their discretion in applying and enforcing these guidelines.

Underage mature content - Mature content involving individuals under 18 years old, fictional or otherwise. The following are examples of what is not allowed:

  • Depictions of minors participating in sexual activities.
  • Changing a character's age to be 18, while alluding to a context in which they are underage. All high school (secondary education) students are considered to be minors.
  • Sexual content based on established underage characters found in media (movies, TV, videogames, books, etc.).
  • Content that glorifies the exploitation of children.

Necrophilia - Sexual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses.

Bestiality - Sexual relations between a human and a below human intelligent/non-consenting species. A centaur would be considered to have human level intelligence while a horse would not.

Incest - Sexual interactions between family members or close relatives.

Sexual violence - This includes non-consensual sex acts, rape, sexual assault, or sex trafficking. Consent is key. If a character does not have control or is coerced into a sexual situation, it will be considered a non-consensual sexual act. Examples of situations that could be considered non-consensual include:

  • A boss using their authority to have sex with a subordinate.
  • Potion, spell, or ability that manipulates a character's mind into having sex with another character.
  • Sex slavery
  • A scenario in which a character’s survival depends on them having sex.
  • A character getting drunk (of their own volition) leads to non-consensual sex.
  • A scenario where a character uses violence or abduction with sexual intent or resulting in a sexual interaction.

Professional Advice

AI Dungeon has NOT been calibrated or trained as a tool capable of providing:

  • Professional advice
  • Financial advice
  • Legal advice
  • Medical advice
  • Mental health advice / therapy

Do not publish any content containing the above, or professing the ability to deliver the same.

If you choose to leverage text returned by the AI within the AI Dungeon experience for any of the purposes above, you do so at your own risk. Latitude, Inc. cannot be held responsible for actions taken in line with recommendations provided by the AI. You are encouraged to seek the counsel / advice of actual industry professionals — AI Dungeon is a game experience.

Custom Image Upload

While the above guidelines apply to images, here are some specific details around images (which are different than text alone).

“See” mode will not generate NSFW images for the foreseeable future.

Do not upload images that include the following content:

  1. Pornographic Imagery: Any explicit depiction of sexual acts, nudity, or other imagery intended for the purpose of sexual arousal.
  2. Sexual Content: This includes but is not limited to:
    • Imagery depicting sexual acts, fetishes, or sexually suggestive scenarios.
    • Use of sex toys or other objects in a sexual context.
    • Images that are intended to be sexually gratifying or provocative.
  3. Violence and Shock Content:
    • Images depicting extreme violence, cruelty, or harm to individuals or animals.
    • Graphically violent or gory content that may be disturbing or shocking.
    • Imagery designed to provoke discomfort or distress through its violent nature.
  4. Vulgar and Lewd Content:
    • Use of vulgar, offensive, or lewd language in images.
    • Imagery containing obscene gestures or actions.
  5. Misleading Imagery (Clickbait):
    • Images designed to mislead players into believing the content is something other than what it actually is.
    • Any form of deceptive imagery that tricks users into engaging with content.

Content with images that violate these guidelines will be removed, and, like with other guidelines, repeated violations may result in further actions, including but not limited to account suspension or banning.


Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, any combination of the following actions, with or without notice to you, may occur:

  • Blocking the publishing of content that violates our guidelines
  • Applying an NSFW setting on the offending user’s untagged NSFW content
  • Temporary or permanent restriction of an offending user’s ability to publish content

Attempts to circumvent an account’s publishing restriction, temporary or permanent, are prohibited. Users may petition for the removal of a restriction, as directed in the account restriction notice, or wait until the expiration of the temporary restriction period.

These guidelines are subject to change and may be updated periodically to address emerging trends and concerns within our community. Any examples used in these guidelines are for illustrative purposes and not intended as an exhaustive list of what is or is not allowed. Moderators will use discretion when enforcing the community guidelines to align with safety expectations of the broader player community.

Players are welcome to email our support team ( if they have any questions regarding a moderation decision, or if additional clarification about a specific guideline is needed. Our team is also happy to provide input prior to a creator publishing their content.


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