What is the content rating system?

What is the content rating system?

All About the Content Rating System

Every creator is expected to set content maturity ratings for published content based on the content maturity ratings below.

Setting clear maturity ratings helps everyone on the platform have a better experience and greater control over the types of content they can find and view. Our rating system is based on the ESRB rating system, with slight modifications to reflect the literary aspects of AI Dungeon.

Moderating content is an inherently subjective process, and it’s expected that different people may have different expectations of what content falls into what categories. If it’s unclear or debatable which rating a piece of content should fall under, it will be bumped up into the higher rating. If you are unsure what the proper rating is, please reach out to one of the Latitude Community Team moderators on Discord or email us at support@aidungeon.com to help you determine what rating should be assigned.

Everyone (E)

Content suitable for all ages. May only contain mild violence or language.

Teen (T)

Content suitable for readers aged 13 and above. May include moderate violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Mature (M)

Content suitable for readers aged 17 and above. May contain mature themes or triggering content, including intense violence, gore, sexual content, and/or strong language. May not contain disturbing content. May not contain explicit sexual content.

Unrated (U)

Unrated content is content that has not yet been rated or is not appropriate for a mature content rating. Unrated content must not violate any guidelines that would make it unpublishable.

To learn about what content is considered unpublishable, please refer to our Community Guidelines.


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