How to Upload Custom Images

How to Upload Custom Images

Upload Custom Images

The ability to upload custom images for Scenarios and Adventures is now available on and the mobile apps!

Custom images give you additional ways to express your creativity, showcase your content, and make your stories more personal to you. It’s fun to see how custom images can be used to bring your content to life!

How to Upload Custom Cover Images

To upload a custom cover image for Scenarios or Adventures, click or tap on the three dots ··· in the upper corner of a content card and select ‘Edit’. You can also click or tap on the content card itself and select ‘Edit’ from the content view screen.

From the ‘Details’ tab, use the pencil icon to open the cover image library. Use the ‘Upload’ option in the upper left corner of this popup and follow the on-screen instructions. On mobile, the ‘Upload’ button may take a few seconds to appear. It may also take a few moments to update the image after uploading.

You can also upload a custom cover image for an Adventure from the in-game settings. Open an Adventure in the game screen, click or tap on the gear icon in the top right corner, and select the ‘Details’ tab under ‘Adventure’. Then use the pencil icon to open the cover image library, select the ‘Upload’ option in the upper left corner, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Recommended Upload Requirements

We suggest uploading images no smaller than 300x250 pixels. Images may be automatically resized for our various platforms (mobile versus desktop, app versus web), so we encourage using images with the subject center frame, as the sides could be cut off.

We’re starting with a daily limit of 25 uploads per player. We’ll monitor the use of custom image uploads and make adjustments (or remove) this limit over time.

Moderating Custom Images

To ensure a safe and respectful environment for all our players, all image uploads will undergo moderation through Hive (—a trusted technology we've successfully implemented in other features such as Safe Mode. We've also revised our content publishing guidelines to include specifics for custom images. You can read the updated guidelines here →

As we roll out this feature, we're adopting a cautious approach to image moderation. Your feedback is crucial, and we plan to iteratively improve this feature based on your insights and the data we collect. As a small team, we're leaning heavily on automated moderation, but we're always here to listen and adjust. We encourage all players to be mindful of our new guidelines when uploading images and report any content the Hive filter may have missed.

For any concerns or questions regarding image moderation, please feel free to direct message ryan_lat or matu on our Discord server. Your input is invaluable in shaping a more engaging and enjoyable gaming experience in AI Dungeon. Together, we can make this new custom image feature an enjoyable update for the entire community!

Thanks to all of you for the feedback you shared with us about images. The demand for a broader and more relevant range of images was a consistent theme in your suggestions. Custom image uploads is a direct response to your feedback, and we believe that adding the ability to personalize your content with fun, relevant images will create a richer experience for everyone.


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