What are Worlds?

What are Worlds?

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What are Worlds?

Worlds are structured AI-driven experiences in which the AI uses information given to it by the World’s creator to build and run a somewhat complex setting around the player.

Adventures started with Worlds are different from Adventures started with Scenarios or Quick Start in that they have far more AI generation involved at the beginning, and are typically built not around a specific scenario-introduction the creator has set up, but a more abstract setting which the AI and player generate a story in.

Interacting with Worlds

To find a world, you can either scroll down on the Home page to see what’s popular right now, or use the Search feature, accessible or by just clicking the looking-glass icon above the Worlds section, or from the left sidebar
To start a new Adventure from a World, simply click the arrow beneath the World’s entry in whatever list you found it, or click on the options on the World’s View page: “Quickstart” or “Create Character”.

When you start a World, it will usually ask you some questions about what kind of character you want to play and where to start. It will then generate the beginning of a story, and use it to begin an Adventure which you can continue to play as normal.

The original Worlds created by the Latitude team also have “World Events”, which are 1 to 3 sentence blocks of text describing of things happening somewhere else in the setting. World Events are pre-written for the worlds they are in, and are inserted independently of whatever’s going on in your story, and are given to the AI


Like any other Adventure, an Adventure started with a World can be put into Multiplayer mode via the right-sidebar. However, only the player who starts a World will get the character creation screen. If you want other players to join your Adventure in a World with their own character-generation text, you will have to do a workaround.

Some suggested workarounds are…

  • Use Story mode to type the beginning of a character description, with the name and race of the character: the AI will generate the rest of the description for you.
  • Start the same World separately, with the same location, and copy the Character Creation output (second paragraph) from one to the other.
  • Just write the whole description yourself and continue from there.

Remember that it is recommended to put an Adventure into Third-Person mode (also on the right-sidebar) when using Multiplayer.

Creating your own Worlds

WARNING: Worlds are not automatically saved! In order to save a World you are working on go to the summary screen, and click the save icon in the upper-right corner. Be sure to do this regularly!

To create a new World, go to your My Stuff page from the Left Sidebar, click on the “Worlds” tab at the top, and click “Create World”. You will be taken to the World-Builder page on an empty World, where you can start writing or using the AI to generate information about it.

Unlike a Scenario, Worlds are built entirely out of World Info entries, which the AI uses to dynamically generate content around the player’s input. This includes a character-creation screen built from selected entries.

Making World Info Entries

To create World Info entries for a World, go to the tabs at the top of the World-Builder page and select the kind of information you’d like to add. General Info, the first tab, will ask for a Genre, which will be visible to the AI when generating other entries. The other entries will request names for things like races, classes, factions, and locations.

AI Generated Entry

The default method of creating World Info for Worlds is to have the AI generate the entries for you.  Fill out everything but the “Description” field with information you want the AI to consider when writing its entry, then click “Generate”, and the AI will write and add an entry for you.

Note that World Info generations use the genre and text of the World’s main “Info” as context for the AI, meaning any mention of the concepts in there will be factored into the entry it is generating, which (usually) leads to generations that work well with existing ones.

Manually Typed Entry

Alternatively, you can manually generate a new entry by scrolling down to the bottom of the section-page and clicking “ADD CUSTOM…”, which will create an empty entry ready to be edited. Remember, these are World Info entries, so it may be helpful to review the instructions on creating those.

Adding Entries from your Library

You can also add World Info entries from your collection: go to the little World Info icon in the top-right corner to access your Library, go to the other tabs, find the entry you want, and click the ADD button to bring it in.

If the entry’s Type is set to one of the categories (race, location, faction, etc), it will appear in that section, and even be available at character creation. (You may need to save, then refresh the page to see them)

When you have made an entry, be sure to click the little dot to make sure they’re made available to the player!
Reminder that worlds are not automatically saved! Don’t forget to click the save icon in the upper-right corner of the Summary screen. Be sure to do this before you leave the page!

Finishing and Publishing a World

When you are done adding World Info entries, and want to set the World as playable, go to the Summary tab, from which you can review what you have and change some options for how it will show up.

You will see the title of your world, and below that, an image for it. You can click the “CHANGE IMAGE” button below it to swap it with another AI Generated Image from your World Image Collection. This image will also appear as the background of the Character Creation screen.

Below the image will be a set of dropdowns for the various categories of World Info entries in the World, so you can check them over quickly. Below that is the “ADD WORLD INFO” button, which you can use to access the regular World Info page, and manually change the entries themselves or add additional entries.

Protip: you can use this to add entries which are not listed on the character-creation screen, by simply not giving them a type. They will be referenced by the AI when their keys come up.

Tags are searchable keywords which can help you, or someone searching for it on the public Search page, find your World.

Click the Flagged NSFW switch if your world contains or is intended to generate NSFW content, as defined by our Community Guidelines.

Turn on the Publish switch when you are ready to share your World with the rest of the AI Dungeon community, though be sure everything else is set properly before you do: you don’t want to release it in an incomplete state!

After you click the Publish switch, the Unlisted switch will appear: this will allow you to hide it from the Search and anywhere else it might appear, so it is only available via direct link. You can also click “PLAY WORLD” to give it a test-run.

Don’t forget to Save!

Note: World Events cannot be manually added to player-created Worlds at this time. This feature has not been implemented outside of AI Dungeon’s own World creations.

Tips for Creating Worlds

Remember that you can always find more information on this, or any subject, by asking on our official Discord Server or reading the Wiki.

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