What’s the difference between Scenarios and Worlds?

What’s the difference between Scenarios and Worlds?

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Scenarios vs Worlds

Scenarios and Worlds are two different ways for you to start an Adventure, or, conversely, two different types of templates you can create for other users to start their own Adventures.


Scenarios contain pre-set Prompt, Memory, World Info, and (sometimes) Scripting, all defined by the creator. This can be as simple as a short prompt to begin an adventure, as in the quick start menu, or a vast sweeping sandbox that uses scripting to change player input or randomly generate activity in the background as it goes on.


Worlds build their own introduction automatically, which typically starts with a character-creation screen, where the player is asked to select things like a name, gender, race, location, etc. Rather than a dedicated prompt, worlds use a collection of world info to generate the beginning of the story through a combination of procedural text and specialized AI. This world info is entered over various screens in the editor, built to guide the Creator through the process.

Comparing Scenarios and Worlds

Scenarios give creators more freedom and control in terms of what can be done with them, but are also more complicated when trying to build something with the scope and complexity of Worlds.

Technically, it is possible to implement everything available in Worlds in a Scenario, however, this can take more work as Scenarios are built for a far wider set of functionalities. In this sense, scenarios are simultaneously better for simple prompt based introductions and also for far more complex structures. Worlds, for their part, are meant to streamline the creation of a specific type of adventure: a sandbox.

This can be replicated in Scenarios, with user inputs in the prompt and scenario options, but the current implementation in Worlds is far more streamlined.


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